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  1. (POLL) Morrigans and Zuriels

    Would be lovely to see those items in action, as to now days you never see them at all! If they do get added that would be awesome & more action in the caves

    Nice attempt man, better luck next time! Also nice vid
  3. Dab On The Haters

    Nice vid man
  4. Macbook Pro or Gaming Laptop?

    If you already have a desktop setup, go for the laptop with the specs above (Acer Pred 17.3) and return the macbook id say.
  5. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Thanks for the warm words brothers! As 1 pk in 22 said, will also do my best to proceed helping @Mlh @Jaehaerys @Harry
  6. Good idea, would be cool to see this implemented
  7. Spectral Boy PvM clan chat

    Sounds cool, im down!
  8. Some new stuff

    I support this, i spend alot of my time pvming! Seeing a new boss ingame would be awesome
  9. Ghrazi Rapier Prices

    To be honest, the doubler can both be a pain and a good thing for the eco, sometimes the prices will crash and sometimes they stay as they are. Its just the natural of the market. Also i think prices going down like this is cool/good for the community/playerbase that dont have too much money, and gives them a chance to try out the high-end tier items.
  10. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    I vouch for this guy
  11. Development

    Welcome! Looking forward to this =D
  12. PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

    This is a good idea, i fully support this!
  13. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    In-game name: Dualboot Country you live in: Norway Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): How many hours can you put in per week?: I can put up to 50+ hours a week - I usually loggon at 0800 AM or 20:00 PM after work Timezone UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Oslo, Roma, Wien Why do you think you should be promoted?: Im well known in the community, and i also try my best to guide new players into the right path every day! I do put in alot of hours where i get to witness what is going on in the game almost at all times. By becomming staff i can reach out more, than just being a regular player on a daily basis. Past experiences as staff?: I have alot of experience with higher player bases, from being helper on soulsplit back in the days.