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  1. Hand cannon

    This definitely has my support! Can't wait to blow some heads off!
  2. [Eco] Ultimate Money Making Guide [Stats]

    I really respect all the effort and love you have put into this. Remarkable!
  3. Hello staff and community, Lately I have been experiencing some problems regarding the server. Sometimes I get disconnected for no obvious reason. ( & No it is not my connection. ) As I watched the ::yell chat, I saw that there are quite a lot of players encountering these same issues. Is this a uprising problem? I would like to invite players to comment below when they have problems regarding the topic named above, so the staff has an better understanding of the problem, and perhaps could find a solution faster! Because this is a delicate problem and could take a while to fix, everyones input is appreciated! Sorry if this isn't the right spot to post this, but I didn't know where to put it then.. - Nasi
  4. What it feels like to play dawntained

    That song that starts at 1:15 lol..