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  1. support, would love to see some more instance bosses.
  2. Sign up to join the staff team!

    In-game name: Food stamps Country you live in: USA Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): 8:30 am- 4pm Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: How many hours can you put in per week?: 35-40 sometimes 12+ on weekends. Why do you think you should be promoted?: Enjoy helping, Enjoy seeing people satisfied after being helped, I know this server very well, mostly everyone knows me or knows of me, i am trusted, have never will never scam for any reason. ive had some bad days on here, but ive cleaned up for the most part, reason why i am giving this a shot again, i can shoot the standards of what a moderator/support should be and do, i set the bars higher than what they need to be. I do not take sides due to friendships, right is right, wrong is wrong. Punishments should and will be given to anyone who deserves it. I know what it takes to keep people here and to also to bring more into the game. I am available to host events for the community and to make the server all around more fun for the people, i can help clean some of the toxicness up, i like to be able to help dawtained grow further and be better. Past experiences as staff?: Yes, Soul split helper, recklesspk moderator, fatality614 moderator, Rovascape Moderator then promoted to admin, Was active staff for more than 2 months + on all these servers. But these servers simply do not exist anymore. I was never demoted from any of them. Thank you for reading my application, and i appreciate all feed back and support. - Food stamps.
  3. Delete Accounts

    It's nothing major to suggest, But what does everyone think about mgt or the development team Deleting Un-active Accounts, so the names of those accounts could be used again, would release Low letter names , Example( 1- 3 letter names) back into the game, Because all of those are taken but those accounts are not being used anymore, doubt they even still play.
  4. support 100% more pets and bosses please!
  5. Tzhaar re-work

    Support, Jad should drop more than 150 bm, adding tokkul drop to use in the shop would be nice.
  6. Hydra Update

    Support 100%, make the drops boss only and not from boxes please!
  7. Spectral Boy PvM clan chat

    Joined, lets make this big.
  8. Some new stuff

    I'd like to see some more pvp aswell, the dragon knives would be a awesome addition imo, the spec bar on those things is immaculate, combos for days.
  9. Buff revs and the weapons

    +1 support, would love to see revs get a better drop table.
  10. Some new stuff

    Hello, for a pking server there is plenty of pvm that can be done, but can we get some more bosses added? examples being 1. Thermonuclear smoke devil 2. Abyssal Sire 3. Alchemical Hydra Also can we add the new dragon knives and Dragon lance to game. The drops for the bosses could be as followed, Thermo- occult, pet, etc. Abyssal sire - Bloudgeon, Abyssal dagger, whips noted, pet. Alchemical hydra - Dragon lance, Dragon knives, Ferocious Gloves, Pet. Adding the hydra could be a good addition to introduce the new items in game. (The bis gloves, Lance, And Dragon knives) Also Could maybe look into Buffing zulrah drops? its not that great. (maybe make scales worth something?) Could add Blowpipe to drop table aswell. Yes i Understand this is a pk based server and PKing updates are priority, But please consider some of these. Thanks for looking
  11. Uber rank

    In game name: Food Stamps Screenshot proof of your Donator rank in-game:
  12. Shout out to Vos gfx

    Thanks for the signature, hit him up if you want something dope.
  13. Name Request Ingame

    message mgt on discord, he did it for me, charged me 10$ though.
  14. PvM Update: Expanding Instances.

    +100, WE NEED THIS.
  15. My Staff application

    I have been here for 107 days, @ 600 hours playtime :), Message me if you need help <3
  16. Hello everyone!

    nice to meet you brotha, glad to have you!
  17. My Staff application

    I've updated my staff application because i felt as if it was to short and not detailed enough. I hope you guys could take the time to look at it. It is located on the staff application thread, Page 7, 4 down. Thank you for looking and i appreciate all support and advice, Also feel free to message me on here, discord, or in game if you need some help or have a question
  18. Maybe?

    you might be onto something, i support. Skilling should have some kind of re work.
  19. Hi everyone!

    Welcome brotha, glad to have you here and enjoy your stay.
  20. Goodmorning dawntained!

    Welcome brotha.
  21. Hand cannon

    Support, would be cool. Wouldn't mind seeing korasis on here ether .
  22. No custom items in wild

    Would be wrong to take those items from those people, The idea of them having to pay a fair amount for them on death, or even rewarding the player a fair amount upon killing them would be the better option.
  23. About Food Stamps

    Hello, My name is allen. My in game name is food stamps, im sure a lot of you know me if not come say hi, I've done a lot of things in this server some being wrong and a lot more being right. I ask for forgiveness and a new start per say, I am applying for support at this time and maybe i will have a chance to be mod one day. There are a few people id like to apologize to, @Clark sorry for being disrespectful to you and hope we can start over. @JedzioEven though you have some major problem with me im sorry for talking trash to you and "flame baiting" you. @PlatformME and you already talked on discord mic, but again im sorry for the things i said. and to anyone else I've done wrong too i apologize, things will be different now even if im not able to be support, the toxic part of me will be gone, and ill just be here to have fun and chat with you guys. I've completed a lot of things on this sever from my short time being here ( 101 days now) - Got over 100m + bank - 27 pets - Almost all Pking achievements done - Working on doing all Pvm achievement - Maxed account - Ultimate donor My next goal is to get even more pets, and become a supporter for this sever. I want to help more and do more for the people of dawtained. - Thanks for reading, have a good day. i appreciate the People who do support me, and i cant thank you enough.
  24. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    i have done some things wrong, but i have also done a lot of right things, thanks for viewing my application though, have a good day <3
  25. Next update?

    Hopefully soon, im thinking Christmas time, beacuse im sure he's going to do a deal on d tokens.
  26. Making Rev Cave Active like OSRS

    Support this idea 100%.
  27. Food Stamps Ultimate Donor rank.

    In game name: Food Stamps Screenshot proof of your Donator rank in-game:
  28. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    Deleted my application. People get picked by favoritism and not from actually helping, so theres that. GL every1 below me.