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  6. In-Game Name : VROSPHAS country I live in : Denmark which time of the day am I on : all depends on the week, as I work shifts so one week I can be on from early morning till early evenings, or afternoon till late evenings I used to play RSPS back in 2012 till 2015, I started my adventure with Legacy614 which was a pretty good pk private server at those days, well i just played it for fun and spend a lot of time at it. When i stopped played Legacy614 I moved to Project Decimate which at that time had a player base around 150-250 players online most of the time, I played it a lot and got really interested by interecting with the community overall that's why after a few weeks playing I applied for forum moderator, Vbulletin forums if i can record well, which got accepted and started my staff adventure there, well the time passed by and eventually i went from forum moderator to global to administrator. I resigned at the end because Rsps were not meant for me anymore had a really long journey and was time to moving foward. In the time i played I started learning about GFX, and started to make simple things such as signtures and so. Well now moving to the real topic, I started looking around a few weeks back for a RSPS to join, not as a player but as a community support, (a staff member), to be active and helpfull most of the time while trying to gain back some team work and helping development skills, so you can consider this application for forum manager which is were i have the most experience since it was were i first begin Since my actual job is based on working at the computer and at university I can be online most of the time I think i am a good acquisition for the team. In realistic terms, you don't know me from no where, so I understand if this application gets imediatly closed which would be the normal thing to do. Addicional info: I'm 21 years old Thanks for your time Vrosphas,
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    Name:VrosphasColour:black and yellowTheme (if applicable):a whale
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    I disagree !
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