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  1. Hey @Jason and team, This was not a suggestion I could've thought of and something that definitely sounds interesting. Dawntained is primarily a PvP server and adding a global PK event makes sense - it will boost the wilderness and PvP environment, as well as inject more fun activities into the game, which is bound to bring more players; old and new. I fully support this idea and have no doubt about the potential which will come from this being implemented into the game. Nice work.
  2. K R O K E T rank request

    Applied on here and Discord, congratulations!
  3. r0bin

    Very nice.
  4. Bustdown Are Back & Recruiting

    Best of luck with your clan recruitment, would be good to see more clan on clan action.
  5. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    "Best offer wins" - his is currently the best offer.

  7. mex youtube rank

    Awesome video, rank granted.
  8. The pk Tab

    Not doing too bad, hook l0c ty
  9. forum

    Rank granted, thanks.
  10. Youtuber rank application

    YouTube rank granted, great video.
  11. Dawntained Revival

    Pogchamp, Dawntained Revival is real!
  12. Request for YT rank

    Nice video, thanks for making it! Rank granted.
  13. Display Format

    That's just how fullscreen mode shows on this version of RS unfortunately, we're not able to customise in-game.
  14. Hello broder’s

    Hey, unsure what your original message was but glad to see you on the forums.
  15. risk fighting/claim the wildy

    Nice video as always, keep them coming.
  16. Current staff members

    Updated the Staff List to reflect @spectral boy's unfortunate resignation - a valuable member of the team who will be missed.
  17. Target drop table

    How so?
  18. Server is now back online - please close and re-open your client.
  19. New Sig

    That's amazing, nice work @MoeGraphics!
  20. Pure Pking Fundamentals

    Very nice guide, thanks for taking the time to write this for our community.

    Very nice piece of work mate, good luck with your last day's offer.
  22. Nice video! Loved hearing the mechanical keyboard.
  23. Give us an update plz MGT

    Unexpected interrupts can take place within the development of an update and I doubt it was intentional - the most we can do is allow time to pass.
  24. In sorry

    Highest streak I've seen, and now the saddest streak I've seen being ended. RIP.
  25. Update should be released sometime this week, apologies for the delays.
  26. In this instance, the best thing would be to record the player harassing you in the wilderness and sending it through to a Support/Moderator on Discord, which can be joined by typing ::discord in-game.
  27. Donating and Acc offers

    Thanks for creating this thread @Frederik - I'm sure this will provide some clarity to players who are unsure of account offers and the ::donate07 xx feature in-game.

    Nice videos! The editing was awesome.
  29. rank me pls :d :D

    @1 pk in 22