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    Good luck to anyone who joins this clan, good to see more clans being created within Dawntained.
  2. What I've been doing all day :D

    Yet another great video, good tip with the MSB though - not everyone will know about that.
  3. Dab On The Haters

    Yet another good PKing video, please do keep them coming.
  4. Dawntained Community Events

    Might be worth talking to the staff team in order to organise something official.
  5. Nice video as always, thanks for the 200k.
  6. New show/movie pls

    Ertrugul is really interesting, definitely worth a watch.
  7. Mikki [ WATCH 1080P ]

    Nice little video you've made here, looking forward to seeing more of your content. Just a tip for the future, you can earn 150k BM for posting your YouTube videos per week, so long as they meet the requirements. Check out the Rank Request section here: https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/31-request-a-rank/
  8. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Glad to see the staff team are looking to see how the community thinks they're doing, always a good thing - you can find my feedback below. Admins - @MGT Madness - Mohammed seems to be doing a really good job at running the server, despite whatever negative feedback or thoughts there may be surrounding him. The server seems to be growing under his ownership and the Dev Team under his wing seem to be producing great content, as well as reaching out to players for feedback on future content. From my conversations and activity with MGT, I have nothing negative to say against him. Head mod - @Subarashii - Sub has been thrown into the dee-end with the role of Head Moderator, however, he seems to be doing incredibly well and is sensible with the promotions and staff picks which have taken place so far - he seems to be level headed and able to compose himself very well, handling situations without any known bias or preconceptions. Props to him. Moderators - Clark- I've had a lot of interactions with Clark and I have nothing but positive words to say about him. He's helpful, mature and able to handle difficult situations extremely well. It's a short piece of feedback for Clark, however, that speaks volumes. @1 pk in 22 - As a relatively new Moderator, it's sometimes difficult to gain respect within the community, especially if you've befriended toxic/harmful players in the past, but 1 pk in 22 seems to be adapting really well to the role and is finding his place, day by day. I've witnessed this Moderator handling some tricky situations, while also remaining active within the community - again, nothing negative to say regarding 1 pk in 22. @Jedzio - Again, the same applies to Jedzio as a new Moderator, he seems to be doing well in his new role from what I have seen in the short amount of time and I look forward to seeing more activity from him in the future. @dualboot - Apologies for sounding repetitive, but Dualboot, as a newly promoted Moderator, seems to be doing well and has no issues with keeping his cool. Dual seems to be very level-headed and down to earth, and I haven't run into an occasion where I've witnessed any unwarranted negativity or abuse of powers, props to Dual for swimming in the deep end with the new Moderator position. @Queen pker - I've had a few interactions with Queen and I'm happy to say I have no issues at all with this Moderator, and the same applies across the board for all Moderators on the current team. Queen seems to be very helpful, able to handle situations well and stay unbias, which is something every Moderator should be capable of. @thuggahhh - All of the above would apply to Thuggahhh too, nothing more to say regarding this Moderator and the same goes for Gramatik and Hatorade. @Gramatik - Generally helpful, never had an issue with Gramatik and seems very quick to respond to messages, as well as being keen to assist when requested. @Hatorade - I could go on and on about how helpful Hatorade is and has been to myself, as well as other members of the community. Hatorade is definitely one of the best Moderators, if I had to give such a label, due to his willingness to help and going above in beyond when required in certain situations. This is one Moderator I will be looking forward to seeing progress through the ranks as it's definitely well deserved. Supports - @Josven (Player) - Unfortunately I haven't spent enough time around or with Josven to be able to give a detailed insight or any feedback for this Server Support member, as I believe their activity has dwindled in recent weeks due to exams and other things keeping him busy. I will say, though, that when I have seen him around the server, he seems to be helpful and polite, as well as keeping on a level playing field when dealing with situations. @spectral boy - Spectral is the latest edition to the Player Support team, but you wouldn't have thought that would be the case as I find Spectral to be extremely helpful, polite and able to diffuse situations with ease - something not everyone can do. I have nothing but respect for Spectral, not only for swimming in the deep end, but keeping calm and collective when faced with difficult players and situations. I very much look forward to seeing Spectral's progression within the Dawntained Staff Team. Thanks for taking the time to read through my feedback and to the staff mentioned, I hope you find it useful.
  9. dawntainedrsps pking #2

    Again, nice enough video - perhaps add a live commentary next time?
  10. dawntainedrsps pking #2

    Decent video, looking forward to seeing more.
  11. Tekashi69

    Nope, still radio silence at the moment.
  12. Just insane RNG

    Some of the best RNG I've seen to date, keep up the good content.

    Yet another nice video, the intro is a lot better too - best of luck to all entrants.
  14. Thanks for letting us all know, I'm sure it'll prove to be a useful update for some members.

    Good luck to everyone getting involved, should be a nice giveaway!
  16. selling green phat

    Thread posted 19 hours ago and seems to be no interest, that's pretty rough. Best of luck getting this one sold.
  17. Random video

    Nice little PK video, looking forward to seeing more of them from you.
  18. Firemaking

    Apologies for the confusion, it was just an example of players being able to burn an infinite amount of logs to earn a practically infinite amount of bloodmoney.
  19. Firemaking

    I think due to the fact Firemaking is such an AFK-based skill, adding the ability to earn bloodmoney from it would be something everyone would be doing and mass amounts of people would just hop onto start doing Firemaking. For example, if every log gave 1bm and someone worked their way up to 200m XP, they would have earned 200m bm just from Firemaking. I think it's fine as it is, but I like the fact you're trying to implement new ideas into skilling.
  20. Delete Accounts

    As the others have mentioned above, it's a really nice idea and I'm sure it would bring a lot of unique and short usernames into the community, however, due to the issues it would cause and potentially old members coming back and having to start fresh, I'm unable to put forward my support for this one I'm afraid. Really nice idea, just not viable.
  21. ranking up

    Wow that's a nice big hit, nice one! Hope you got some good loot too.
  22. Dharok's tournament

    Sounds like a really great event, good luck to all participants!
  23. Small Give away

    Sad to see you leaving but it was a nice video, looking forward to seeing you coming back when you're ready.
  24. Max Hit DH 100

    Damn, that's probably the biggest single hit I've seen within PvP, nice one!
  25. Agility and Farming

    Although the server is predominantly a PK server as the other mentions, I feel these two skills could do with either an XP buff or a complete re-work, you've got my support for this.
  26. Weekly/Monthly Slapping #2

    Nice video once again, looking forward to seeing the third one.

    Your videos are getting much better and the intro has improved too! Keep it up mate.
  28. While playing earlier today, I noticed that the blood key announcement has a slight spelling error, as shown below. "Dissapears" should appear as "disappears" and should hopefully be quite simple to resolve. Not a huge issue and not something which is game-breaking, but it's a little tweak which could be included in the next update.
  29. Failed to connect

    Hey @Oh so potent- it's likely to be that your college has disabled access to games and have determined the connection to be to a game, so the only way to get around this would be to use a VPN. Just be careful when using a VPN because there's a chance that a banned user has attempted to bypass a ban via a VPN, so you may run the chance of linking yourself to a banned player and get your own account banned. Hope this helps.

    Normally I don't enjoy watching Pure PKing videos but this one seemed really interesting and as @Hatorade has said, they're getting increasingly better - keep it up!