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  1. Price guide

    Good update but you will never be me
  2. Dawntained Revival

    It will be never like it was gl on it too looking forward to it
  3. Price Guide

    Thanks boys for the assistence <3
  4. Price Guide

    Sup guys i took a little break i have a kid irl so couldn't play that much. Im back now
  5. Summer of '18 staff feedback.

    Admins - MGT Madness- Big Fat arab guy oil monies Head mod - Tony- dont know Moderators - Mrjustin- dont know Red- Broy00- dont know Runite bar- dont know Rap- Love 4 this guy Thirst- dont know Deb applez- dont know Believe- Big fatass sucks on 4 nite but big love for my homie Zachery- Love 4 this homie too Supports - Hephaestus- Dont know Thuggahhh- Big love for this homie too Hat- Dont know
  6. Price Guide

  7. Staff Feedback

    Mgt Madness: Great Owner no words anymore for mgt, running the server perfect. As a Person very kind and funny to talk. Platform Loyal mod, very kind, helping everyone who needs help out of problems and a very good friend in game my homie. Vippy You were nice helping people out when i remember you as a mod, normal player and as a Server Support i hope you will be a mod again:) Connor Nice straight guy dont talking to much what vippy said missing the old days when you were more active. 4-FMP Great helper active in the community and going a long time in the community Shattered Good rich server support :) Believe Active very good server support and a nice guy to talk with Wizzop Promoted to fast as a server support and as a mod.
  8. Price Guide

    Last updated : January 26th 2019 Disclaimer: You will see items bought and sold for high/lower prices just depends on the timezone and that players demand BARROWS PIECES Dharok's Set: 4-5k Guthan's Set: 3-4k Torag's Set: 4k Verac's Set: 3.5-4k Karil's Set: 3.5-4k Ahrim's Set: 4-5k JEWELRY Ring of Wealth 500bm Seers' Ring 1k Archers' Ring 3k Berserker Ring 3k Treasonous Ring 1k Tyrannical Ring 3k Ring of Blood Money 50k Ring of Nature 50k Amulet of Fury 5k Berserker Necklace 2.5k Occult Necklace 5k Amulet of Torture 13k Necklace of Anguish 13k Ring of Suffering 13k GODWARS ITEMS Armadyl Godsword 50k Bandos Godsword 12k Saradomin Godword 12k Zamorak Godsword 12k Bandos Chestplate 10k Bandos Tassets 20k Bandos Boots 500 Armadyl Helmet 1.5k Armadyl Chestplate 18k Armadyl Chainskirt 12k Armadyl Crossbow 20-22k Zamorakian Spear 6k Saradomin Sword 4k MAGIC GEAR Infinity Hat 2.5k Infinity Top 5k Infinity Bottoms 4.5k Infinity Gloves 1.5k Infinity Boots 1.5k Master Wand 3.5k Mage's Book 7k Wizard Boots 1k Staff of the Dead 5k Toxic Staff of the Dead 10k Trident of the Swamp 3k Malediction Ward 12k RANGED GEAR Robin Hood Hat 1.5k Rangers' Tunic 40k Ranger Boots 17k Dark Bow 750 Toxic Blowpipe 12k Odium Ward 12k Heavy Ballista 45k Other Items Abyssal Whip 1.5k Primordial Boots 19k Pegasian Boots 18k Eternal Boots 6k Dragon Warhammer 65k Serpentine Helmet 10k Dragonfire Shield 32k Dragon Full Helmet 1k Dragon Chainbody 1k Dragon Platelegs 500 Dragon Boots 500 Abyssal Tentacle 4k Abyssal Dagger 7k Guardian boots 30-40k SPIRIT SHIELDS Elysian Spirit Shield 1.7m-2.3m Arcane Spirit Shield 600k-700k Spectral Spirit Shield 75k-100k Blessed Spirit Shield 2K Spirit Shield 800bm THEATRE OF BLOOD(RAIDS 2) REWARDS Justiciar faceguard 250k-300k Justiciar chestguard 300k-350k Justiciar legguards 300k-350k Full set 850k-1M Avernic defender 2-3m Sanguinesti staff 300-400k Ghrazi rapier 1.5m-2m Scythe of vitur 900k-1.3m Sinhaza shroud tier 5 200k PVP ARMOUR/WEAPONS Statius's Warhammer 8-10M Statius's Full helm 2-2.5M Statius's Plate Body 2.5-3M Statius's Plate Legs 2-2.5M Full armour set 7-8m Vesta's Longsword 8-10M Vesta's Chainbody 3-4M Vesta's Chain skirt 5-6M Full Armour set 8-10M Zuriel's hood 1.5-2M Zuriel's robe top 2-2.5M Zuriel's robe bottoms 2-2.5M Full set 6-7M Morrigan's coif 1.5-2M Morrigan's leather body 2-2.5M Morrigan's leather chaps 2-2.5M Full set 6-7M RAIDS REWARDS Dragon Claws 250k-300k Ancestral Hat 150-200k Ancestral Robe Top 300-350k Ancestral Robe Bottom 300-350k Full set 1m-1.1m Twisted Bow 600-650k Twisted Buckler 20k Dinh's Bulwark 200-250k Dragon Hunter Crossbow 15k Kodai Wand 150-250k Elder Maul 50-55k RARES 3rd Age Bow 50-100k 3rd Age Wand 50-100k 3rd Age Longsword 50-100k 3rd Age Pickaxe 50-100k 3rd Age Melee Full Helmet 120-150k 3rd Age Melee Platebody 250k-300k 3rd Age Melee Platelegs 250-300k 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield 80-100k 700-850k for a set 3rd Age Mage Hat 120-150k 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 200-250k 3rd Age Mage Robe Legs 200-250k 500-600K ish for a set 3rd Age Range coif 120-150k 3rd Age Range Top 200-250k 3rd Age Range Legs 160-200k 3rd Age Range vambs 40-50k 500-600k ish for a set Santa Hat 250k Black Santa 350k Inverted Santa Hat 1M Wise old man's santa hat 2-3M Blue H'ween Mask 180-225k Green H'ween Mask 180-225k Red H'ween Mask 180-225k Black partyhat 1-1.2M Rainbow Partyhat 3M White Partyhat 500k Yellow Partyhat 500k Red Partyhat 500k Green Partyhat 500k Blue Partyhat 500k Purple Partyhat 500k Donor Tokens 5K-5.5k ea Vote Tickets 300-400
  9. Donator zone/Dungeon Guide

    Donator Zone Guide The donator zone is only available from Super Rank that means you have redeemed "400 Donator tokens in the donor Shop" Skilling All the skilling pets have the same base drop chance which is 1/25million XP, which means that following the rate you will receive the pet in such skill after gaining a total of 25 million XP. Fishing Anglerfish and Darkcrabs: Requirements: Extreme Rank Possibility Pet Reward: Heron Pet Thieving Requirements: Legendary Rank Possibility Pet Reward: Rocky Thieving Blood Money Per Hour : 35k+ Woodcutting Magic trees Requirements: Extreme rank Possibility Pet Reward: Beaver At the donor zone you can check your max hit. Donotor Dungeon
  10. Price Guide

    Nice price guide leo,
  11. Rated's Introduction

    Welcome mate hope you enjoying