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  1. Price guide

    Good update but you will never be me
  2. Dawntained Revival

    It will be never like it was gl on it too looking forward to it
  3. Price Guide

    Thanks boys for the assistence <3
  4. Price Guide

    Sup guys i took a little break i have a kid irl so couldn't play that much. Im back now
  5. Summer of '18 staff feedback.

    Admins - MGT Madness- Big Fat arab guy oil monies Head mod - Tony- dont know Moderators - Mrjustin- dont know Red- Broy00- dont know Runite bar- dont know Rap- Love 4 this guy Thirst- dont know Deb applez- dont know Believe- Big fatass sucks on 4 nite but big love for my homie Zachery- Love 4 this homie too Supports - Hephaestus- Dont know Thuggahhh- Big love for this homie too Hat- Dont know
  6. Price Guide

  7. Staff Feedback

    Mgt Madness: Great Owner no words anymore for mgt, running the server perfect. As a Person very kind and funny to talk. Platform Loyal mod, very kind, helping everyone who needs help out of problems and a very good friend in game my homie. Vippy You were nice helping people out when i remember you as a mod, normal player and as a Server Support i hope you will be a mod again:) Connor Nice straight guy dont talking to much what vippy said missing the old days when you were more active. 4-FMP Great helper active in the community and going a long time in the community Shattered Good rich server support :) Believe Active very good server support and a nice guy to talk with Wizzop Promoted to fast as a server support and as a mod.
  8. Price Guide

    Price guide deleted due to being outdated - MGT Madness New one is here https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/13582-price-guide/
  9. Donator zone/Dungeon Guide

    Donator Zone Guide The donator zone is only available from Super Rank that means you have redeemed "400 Donator tokens in the donor Shop" Skilling All the skilling pets have the same base drop chance which is 1/25million XP, which means that following the rate you will receive the pet in such skill after gaining a total of 25 million XP. Fishing Anglerfish and Darkcrabs: Requirements: Extreme Rank Possibility Pet Reward: Heron Pet Thieving Requirements: Legendary Rank Possibility Pet Reward: Rocky Thieving Blood Money Per Hour : 35k+ Woodcutting Magic trees Requirements: Extreme rank Possibility Pet Reward: Beaver At the donor zone you can check your max hit. Donotor Dungeon
  10. Price Guide

    Nice price guide leo,
  11. Rated's Introduction

    Welcome mate hope you enjoying