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  1. Account offers question

    wish the account offers were more common, haven't had any for weeks/months
  2. Custom Item Repair Costs

    +1 for it being to much.
  3. Lottery "warning"

    done the same thing, Just rebuilt and bam all gone haha. im a plus one for this idea.
  4. Selling 8x Stat legs.

    come get some fashionable leggings at the good price of 1800K's
  5. Trading post.

    POS would be the ideal thing, somewhere away from home. peak times the frames drop so hard walking round home.
  6. I won 99m from a 33m x3. then quickly lost it going all in lol, it should stay to be fair. can make easy bank but also cleans a lot of people mass items.
  7. Lag?

    It was my end. but I still don't know how I lost it haha. 75k seems steep personally
  8. Lag?

    Anyone else getting stupid amounts of lag? I was alive next to the wild next minute I know im logged out, log back in and im dead also where do customs go when you die as I somehow lost it? 75K to buy back a custom? who's idea was that LOL. also how did I lose it when it was protected using protect item?
  9. Why does it say I have a rainbow VLS. I only got a blue one
  10. :)

    At what ranks do you get custom items after immortal? I swear ive seen a post on forums explaining but I cant seem to find it now. thanks in advance Guess who found it...
  11. Luke Skywalker.

    yeah really stands out,
  12. Luke Skywalker.

    Here we go
  13. Luke Skywalker.

    Thankyou for adding the custom VLS. out here looking like a jedi.
  14. Next update?

    hopefully soon, I want my vls
  15. Custom item....

    Thanks for the reply lads. Also I hope its the vls being made
  16. Custom item....

    How long do these tend to take? just wondering as It was 2 weeks ago when I posted about mine. thank you