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  1. Changes to Jad

    Right now, the reward for beating Jad is abymal. There's 0 reason to do it. Now, I get it cant be dropping fire capes 100% because it would be insane BM, but adding the pet to the drop table, and a 25% (or so) chance to drop a fire cape would make it worth doing, and let new players get a fire cape (a basic cape for a pvp server) a lot easier.
  2. Reason server wont grow

    I think the PK events should be more common. The ones where you get bonus loot for pking in certain brackets. It brings activity to different areas of the wild and it's just generally really fun. Also, removing some of the items from the BM shop would help. T bow, elder maul, AGS, and a bunch more should be removed. The BM shop should have decent gear, but no BiS gear. BiS gear should come through PVM or maybe rare PVP drops during events.
  3. Sign up to join the staff team!

    In-game name: Zabimaru Country you live in: America Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): (GMT -5) Weekdays 8 am-9 am then sporadically 4 pm - midnight / Weekends sporadically all day Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: How many hours can you put in per week?: Probably 30-40 as a conservative estimate but I tend to be on late night a lot when there aren't many (if any) staff online Past experiences as staff?: None that's applicable. I was an Admin on Massacrescape, a server with less than 10 active players at any time over a decade ago. Age: I'm 24 Other: I'd have no issue being on way more than 30-40 hours per week, right now I only really log on when I'm actively playing this game but I play a lot of Madden and could just have the client open on my laptop while I play that. I could also have it open while doing my school work. There are only about 75ish hours per week I cant be on including sleep. I'm also fun to be around. At least that's what my mommy says. I've also been around for quite a while so I've gotten a feel for how the server works and found a lot of small details and could help new players with most things.
  4. I think it would be cool if we could use multiple xp lamps every day, but only the first 2 used will give full xp. But after those 2 are used, every lamp loses 10% effectiveness. So if you get 1m xp per lamp currently you would get 1 million xp for the first and second lamps, then 900k for the 3rd lamp, 800k for the fourth lamp, 700k for the next, 600k for the next, then bottoming out at 500k xp per lamp. So you *could* buy lamps to max your account super fast, but it would cost 2x as many vote tickets to max in a day. Other option, add a second xp lamp for the same vote ticket cost but it gives half the xp as the main one but it can be used as many times as you want. Same effect, 2x the votes required to max.
  5. Sale

    magma helm: 12.6k Serp Helm: 10.9k DFS: 36k AGS: 50k Elder: 50k b rings: 3.6k D boots: 450 Prims: 20,250 tents: 4.5k tortures: 14.4k ACB: 22.5k BCP: 11,250 Tassys: 22.5k PM me ingame if you want to buy anything: Zabimaru
  6. Elder chaos druids are supposed to drop a ton of herbs and to be frank farming sucks. Adding another source for herbs would be nice.
  7. Jad should at least have a high chance (like 1/10) of dropping a fire cape, and should have the chance to drop the pet as well. Right now pet hunting for the fire cape is best done by camping another boss (like cerberus) that rewards a lot more BM and using that money to buy fire capes. The best way to get the pet should be hunting it at the right monster.
  8. seriously..?

    I didn't lose 200k, I lost the 3m+ I donated for.
  9. seriously..?

    Then I lost everything.
  10. seriously..?

    All I know is if I don't get my stuff back I'd really like a refund. I donated what I consider a significant amount last night.
  11. If it is I likely won't continue playing to be honest. I lost 3m from this rollback and the donation I made last night.
  12. All Things Considered

    Couple things, first the person doing it posted a picture of a sonogram that appears to be his. Second, it's not that the police would drop charges against the person doing it, but rather it brings the "victims" crimes to light as well. Is it worth pressing charges against a guy that ran up and punched you in the head if it's going to bring your own assault into the light?
  13. trying to help the server

    Oh wow I'm a pretty early adopter then. Today is my 1 year anniversary. I was going to do something special like a big giveaway or something today to celebrate it. Fuck the DDOSers.
  14. Dragon Claws 17 KC

    Nice man, hopefully you can enjoy them some more when the server is back online
  15. Loot from 100 Zilyana

    Thanks, it might be my favorite pet I've got so far. I have the Revanent Dragon, Dharok, Cerberus, and Zilyana pets and my favorite is either Cerberus or Zilyana.
  16. Donator Zone Improvements

    It would help if there was some sort of GE. Having to buy supplies from other players would slow down the game too much.
  17. Exp Lamps

    Honestly I think we should be able to use 2 per 12 hour period. Maybe even nerf the second lamp you use to only give 50% of the experience they normally give. That way we can pay to get some extra experience, but it wouldn't just straight up double the experience you can get. Then again I say this as someone with about a 3m bank that doesn't want to do skilling content and wants a max cape so I may be just a little bit biased.
  18. raids

    If they add raids to the game I would prefer Chambers of Xeric first, and if it's added I would want the Twisted Bow to be removed from the shop to prevent such a huge amount of raw Blood Money added to the game from those drops. That drop would be 525,000 raw blood money added to the game from one drop since that's the sell price to the store. Or if it's not removed from the store, it shouldn't be able to be sold to the store.
  19. All Things Considered

    He said the owner knows his name and address and shit. The problem is I'm pretty sure private servers technically infringe some sort of copyright so going to the police or even civil court might not be possible.
  20. Loot from 100 Zilyana

    Well I just lost my t bow so it's gonna be a little bit before I get beck into these.
  21. ::blueskull

    What if they added an area like castle wars where you don't skull for attacking people but you also cant use protect item?
  22. ::blueskull

    I had this idea for a "blue" skull that I think could be really useful. The way it would work is kind of like an unskulled redskull. You cant use protect item, but you'll still keep 3 items. If you attack another blueskull player you don't skull, but if you attack any other player your blueskull would turn to a redskull. My favorite setup to use is one where I use the msb (i) with a torture and bring an ags, g maul, and an elder maul with me. But doing that I don't really risk anything. I'd like to be able to disable protect item and show my risk being my g maul despite only having 4 items. I feel like at pures a lot of people that unskull bring 4 items because even getting to 4 (which I mostly do so I at least risk a smite) can be a little tedious.
  23. It's already in the shop, the price is pretty much set.
  24. With the introduction of Corp is has become much more useful, justifying the price increase. And right now K'ril Tsutaroth is the worst boss to kill in the godwars dungeon by a fairly large margin. Graardor has the tassets and chestplate drops, the tassets are nearly 4x the price of the spear, and the chestplate is nearly 2x. Zilyana has the Armadyl Crossbow which is also nearly 4x the price, and Kree'arra obviously has its hilt which is >4x the price of the other hilts, and armadyl armor which is also significantly more valueable than the zamorakian spear. Another option is to add the staff of the dead to its drop table, also at 1/128. Both drops would be significantly less than the drops from other bosses, but the increased odds would make it balanced. Graardor: An average of 375 is added onto every kill for the chestplate and tasset drops Zilyana: An average of 343 is added onto every kill for the crossbow and sword drops Kree'arra: An average of 274 is added to every kill for the crossbow for the chestplate and skirt drops K'ril: An average of 55 is added onto every kill currently, with the added staff of the dead it would still only be an added 117 per kill for the staff and spear drops. K'ril: An average of 55 is added onto every kill currently, with a price increase of the spear to 25k it would be an added 195 per kill. K'ril An average of 55 is added onto every kill currently, with a price increase to 25k, and the staff added it would be an added 257 per kill (still the lowest, but more in line with other bosses)
  25. Loot from 100 Zilyana

    No hilts but I'm glad I got the acb's instead since they're worth more. Also no shard 1's dropped. The 2 blades dropped as complete blades.
  26. I think option 3 is best to prevent people from getting cleaned. It will still allow uber rich players to take money from players that dont have the kind of money to compete with them, but it won't let anyone get cleaned there. The other side of the coin though is that if someone wants to gamble to clean they can still just go risk fight their bank in edge.
  27. Items are valued much higher than they're actually worth which makes the "5% of your bank" thing really restrictive. I only have about 150k in cash right now and I wanted to do a 50k stake but I couldn't because it's not enough of my bank. It really makes staking shitty because if you have a lot of items in your bank it means you have to do bigger stakes than you might be comfortable with. My bank value is probably about 300k more than the actual value of those items. Another solution is to change the value of items to the value the shop will buy them back from you for.
  28. The twisted bow is supposed to be insanely strong (it is), but it's also something that not everyone should be able to attain after playing for a week or 2. There are bosses that are easy to get 25k/hr from, if you camp one of those for a week you'll have a twisted bow easily. On the other hand in OSRS, if you camp Zulrah efficiently for the same amount of time it would take you to get a twisted bow on here, you would make 120m. That's about 10% of a Twisted Bow. Which is why I think it ought to be removed from the shop and only appear in legendary mystery boxes until a fitting boss is added to drop it at an insanely low drop rate. Like 1/10,000.
  29. This includes the BM dropped from minions. Without the cbow drops, the minions probably would have made me more money. Edit: I just saw I can see minions kc, I had 65 Bree, 56 starlight, and 54 growler kills in the 100 kc.