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  1. Blue Phat Giveaway!

    "Oopsie" thanks
  2. there are plenty better ways to eco sink without resorting to a slot machine on an osrs private server. the shop already instantly sinks 30% of all blood money spent. Point blank more people have quit because of it than people that stayed because of it. Remove it before it kills more players.
  3. Varrock PVP

    Considering edge ::pvp is empty most of the time, I don't see this one having many people at all. Maybe a new event? where varrockpvp opens for a specific time? with no rules like u say.
  4. ::autoskull

    agreee with owain and the others hoWEVERRRR I solo brings a bigly good point. Red skull should never disappear, there are those that may look to abuse this in fights.
  5. Buying onyx bolt tips and/or dragon bolt tips

    I got all you need, and all unfinished rune bolts for easy afk 99 fletching
  6. Tekashi69

    Wildddd, he says hes not guilty so we'll see what happens
  7. TerrorSquad A Toxic player/Scammer

    Similar story here, guy still owes me money
  8. World Events

    true, also by the time you've seen them because the game chat is so spammed i have to wait for a friend to tell me its happening.
  9. Afk Timer on Autotypers

    As title says, the same timer for your ::afk should turn your autochat off.. or maybe 5 minutes longer. but jeez its annoying to see someone leave it on and go on a hiatus for hours. As far as i've seen theres no timer to be auto logged off or to turn off the auto chat. side note: if we have set our autotyper's speed that'd be nice too, (maybe a regular, slow, and super slow)
  10. Special attack cooldown donator rank

    It's working for me
  11. PVM Rejuvenation

    This! i support this suggestion becasue of this. Outside of the +1 no one wants to risk 4m-10m+ to pk in a pvp armor set.
  12. Insane bulk !

    Did you make your account with the intention of doing this? Did you grind until you got one tbow and started chucking? Tell us your story
  13. the anti-bot system

    I agree with this, atleast have the lady come back and we keep trying until we get it right. instant 12 hour ban has gotten more real people than bots.
  14. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    In-game name: MACH D Country you live in: USA, East coast, Florida Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): I work the night shift so you can find me on during the day 9am-6pm EST. and most nights very late 2AM-4AM to catch the tourneys Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: vvvvvvv Almost my 50th-iversary Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: ^^^^^^^^^^ How many hours can you put in per week?: Honestly, my first weeks saw as much as 100 hours+ which is kind of insane. But I really am enjoying this server like no other. I havent played an rsps since I was 16, (I'm 21 now) and this is really bringing me back :). I'm about to take on more work irl so you can expect to see 30-40 hour weeks from here on out with 1 week being 10-20ish when I get really busy Why do you think you should be promoted?: This turned to be a reeallyy long read, so I decided to make bullet points. This game got me hooked for an incredible amount of daily hours. I've accumulated a great amount of pvm, skilling, and general game/rule knowledge during this time I'm approachable, My pm's are constantly filled with questions and I've never yelled it, probably because I always answer I like to host events when I'm rich and generally give back to the community. (this is why I can never keep my dice hosting bank) On the hosting note, I hate to see players quit and I never let them bet their untradeables/clean themselves. and usually give them dh sets if they did I go on pvm trips with noobs to teach them the ropes "DaddySuckers" and "Lets Do Dabs" can attest to that. DaddyS enjoyed the game so much he donated the next day to redeem his $44 for 6m-7m offer, which was wild. Point is: I truly enjoy this unique community and want it to grow. You can catch me populating tournaments and generally setting a good vibe. I'd just love to have some official-ness behind the good I wish to keep providing. Past experiences as staff?: No practical experience. I remember being a mod for a nameless server when I was 14 (7 years ago). But most rsps I played then didn't last long at all. Long live Dawn!