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  1. Weird. Can it log in game, and website says no ip found. Anyone else having issues? Only able to get on here using my phone
  2. Goals

  3. Hi Everyone

    Awesome! Welcome!
  4. Is this Really the Best for the Server?

    Yeah, pretty lame update that one. Definitly needs to be full strength. Would also be great to see those PvP items obtainable in other ways than just real life money.
  5. A small achievement! :)

    thanks guys
  6. Woohoo, finally! Thanks to the team for your hard work. Looking forward to the next update. Hopefully surge spells ;)?????
  7. Hello Guys!!

    Haha. Welcome.
  8. October Update?

    Oh so it’s not happening now? Wait till end of November now 😂?
  9. ring of wealth

    Is row even coded correctly haha
  10. Selling vestas plateskirt !!!

    What’s it worth haha
  11. Friday

  12. Hey Hey

    Welcome!! I’ll definitly have to fight you, I’m also learning to Nh haha. Catch you in game 👌🏽👍🏽
  13. October Update?

    Sooooooo, anyone know how this update is coming along? Haha.

    Can I have your RNG

    Haha nice but what’s up with all the weird stuff? Just show me the PKing :P! ❤️
  16. first legit nh kill roast me

    Haha what!!!! Keep up the grind man. Hit me up in game, I’m a noob trying to learn to NH aswell haha.
  17. Opening Legendary box and omega Doubling Loot

    Ouch haha, next lot HAS to make you bank
  18. A small achievement! :)

    Looking forward to the next 365
  19. I’m Completion :)

    Hat always be cheating ;)! Haha thanks @1 pk in 22!
  20. I’m Completion :)

    @Hatfor sure! That’ll be just 20m bm 😂😜 haha
  21. Some Suggestions

    Great thread. i personally wouldn’t like to see the bolas added to the game. I’m really not a fan. Unfortunately PVP armour is pay to obtain. So I would definitly love to see this obtainable some other way. I saw a suggestion post earlier about bounty hunter emblems, along with a bounty hunter shop. I thought that could be a cool way of implementing more PVP items. 100% give me bounty hunter teleports!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Cant wait for surge spells. Completion.
  22. Mega mystery box opening video

    Has this video been made? I’d love to check it out.
  23. Don't know about you guys but I feel lucky AF

    Lmao! Soooo lucky!
  24. Gambler OP!

    You’re nuts! 😂😜
  25. An odd glitch

    So this has been happening to me quite frequently lately. I have tried deleting all dawntained files on my computer and re-downloading, but hasn’t worked. Basically, I can’t post to the general chat (the stuff that goes above your head). I can PM just fine, and it’s definitly not a faulty keyboard. Check out a video of the fault here: https://vimeo.com/297531432 Anyone else had this issue? It’s driving me nuts! Haha. Completion ❤️
  26. started yesterday, some nice progress

    Wow! I’ve been playing near a year and haven’t ever had that much. Probably cause I stake too much 😫😂
  27. Very new, got lucky with RNG

    Lucky bugger!
  28. Bountyhunter

    Awesome idea! I’d love to see this implemented into the game. Could be a new way of introducing the PvP armours into the game. Even if it meant anywhere between 80-150 tier 10’s to a piece depending on what you wanted. I.e 80 for Morrigan’s s coif, 150 for Vestas Longsword. Completion ❤️
  29. PJ Timer in deeper wilderness

    Disagree I feel that it’s fine as it is. The nooby clans are all part of the fun when entering the wilderness! Completion ❤️
  30. ::autoskull

    Meh agree with Owain.