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  1. ?

  2. Broken mage 2 + infernal capes

    Something needs to be done. These items are near impossible to achieve with this player base.
  3. Jad pet drop rate

    Lmao got it first cape 😂
  4. Jad pet drop rate

    Anyone know drop rate of jad pet??
  5. Suggestions before the mass-unban

    - Keen for teleblock being removed if you kill the tber - I 100% agree customs are far too op. IMO they should have an added penalty if dying deeper than 20 wildy with their custom items to avoid their use deep wildy. Nothing more frustrating when I’m deep wildy in max and I stumble across a custom item pker. - Eco reset gets a heck no from me. Spent way too many hours achieving my current bank
  6. massunban date?

  7. Ameer scammed donation

    Cya Ameer 😘
  8. big hits feed

    Nice Adde!!
  9. Hard enough to get any kills. Especially for new players with no decent gear and the only option they have is to welf brid or fight dharokers. Ripppp
  10. Next update?

    Let’s be honest, it’s MGT we’re talking about🤦🏽‍♂️. It could be any time from tomorrow to next year.
  11. \o

    Welcome bud!
  12. Next update?

    Anyone got any info on when we can expect an update?
  13. sanguinesti staff

  14. I think 30-40 hybrid kills would be a little low haha. Maybe 150kills? 500 infernal kills would be nice.
  15. Wildy Slayer: - Ability to block tasks - Ability to extend tasks - Rewards for tasks in a row (+100 tokens for 10th task, +200 for 20th task, +500 for 50th, +1k for 100th) PvP / Bounty Hunter: - A (temporary) reduction in the requirements to equip Infernal Cape - A (temporary) reduction in the requirements to equip Imbued God Capes - A (temporary) reduction in Bounty Hunter store item prices - Target skip block for first 30 seconds after obtaining a target - Target skip block until 10 seconds after being out of combat *NOTE* Temporary reductions until server numbers increase Sanuinesti Staff: - To operate at Mage Arena (Currently says it is not a magic attack) Scyth of Vitur: - Increase accuracy Ty Heal
  16. Yooooooo Would be cool to have a spec bar on dragon crossbow (like osrs) so we have a cheaper option to 1 tick with rather than risking ACB. Idc if it has a spec or not, dcb spec sucks. ZAMMY HASTA! Plsss code it to work full damage like the spear does so we can take a shield to Corp Ability to pay to block certain wildy slayer tasks at the price of some wildy slayer tokens. ty :* heal
  17. a

  18. Selling Vote Tickets

    Sorry guys all sold
  19. ::shops re-design

    Ooo, slayer staff and event RPG would be sick :)!
  20. ::shops re-design

    Haha yeah I’m sure this was released just a few months ago. But 100% agree. I’ve also had people asking me and I’m not even staff.
  21. XP Lamp Skills

    I’m in this boat
  22. XP Lamp Skills

    Naah, I’m lazy 😜
  23. XP Lamp Skills

    How long is 1-99 hunter?
  24. Custom Item List/Guide?

    I think they go to Untradeables shop and you have to buy them back at like 20% price or something. The person who kills a player using them gets nothing I believe.
  25. 100% Support the TB logout update. So good 👍🏽
  26. Selling Vote Tickets

  27. ::claimvote based on voting alone

    This would definitely boost votes for the day. I visit three to four different sites daily and would vote at all places if I was rewarded for my time.