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  1. Yooooooo Would be cool to have a spec bar on dragon crossbow (like osrs) so we have a cheaper option to 1 tick with rather than risking ACB. Idc if it has a spec or not, dcb spec sucks. ZAMMY HASTA! Plsss code it to work full damage like the spear does so we can take a shield to Corp Ability to pay to block certain wildy slayer tasks at the price of some wildy slayer tokens. ty :* heal
  2. a

  3. Staff Feedback Feb/2019

  4. Selling Vote Tickets

    Sorry guys all sold
  5. ::shops re-design

    Ooo, slayer staff and event RPG would be sick :)!
  6. ::shops re-design

    Haha yeah I’m sure this was released just a few months ago. But 100% agree. I’ve also had people asking me and I’m not even staff.
  7. XP Lamp Skills

    I’m in this boat
  8. XP Lamp Skills

    Naah, I’m lazy 😜
  9. XP Lamp Skills

    How long is 1-99 hunter?
  10. Custom Item List/Guide?

    I think they go to Untradeables shop and you have to buy them back at like 20% price or something. The person who kills a player using them gets nothing I believe.
  11. 100% Support the TB logout update. So good 👍🏽
  12. Selling Vote Tickets

  13. ::claimvote based on voting alone

    This would definitely boost votes for the day. I visit three to four different sites daily and would vote at all places if I was rewarded for my time.
  14. Loot arrow location


    How much ea?
  16. Increase Spellbook swap usage

    500 brid kills = 20 swaps per day 1k brid kills = unlimited swaps 🤔?
  17. Looking forward to playing when I get home from work 👍🏽
  18. Update Issues

    Lmfaooooooooooo. What you been doing all MONTH mgt 😂😂
  19. Finally..! Hopefully next update is on time, and has sanguineste staff coded correctly.
  20. Ways to revive the server

    Biggest issue is lack of updates. Surge spells should have been ingame a year ago. Too many other RSPS are on the ball with updates and Dawntained isn’t keeping up.
  21. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    Can someone please comment on here when update is released in game
  22. Selling Vote Tickets

    Selling 5k votes pm me in game or comment here. @heal edit: 1657 left
  23. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    I was told a week two weeks ago 🙄
  24. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    Any updates?
  25. In sorry

    Even at 121 if you get one prayer switch wrong getting 1 ticked is still very possible. I envy your pking skills 😜!
  26. A question about Jad

    Well if this update ever comes🙄😂 I may just have a go haha.
  27. Price Guide

    Inb4 Sanguineste staff doubles in value
  28. A question about Jad

    Hopefully they leave the infernal cape buyable through kills as it is pk server, but would be awesome if you could also get through PvM. Either way I’m sure they will make it worth the while to complete the mini game
  29. A question about Jad

    Inferno release is exciting to hear. However I could never complete an inferno Thats why I play RSPS
  30. A question about Jad

    Anyone know what Tztok-Jad’s drop list is? Killed it 10 times but only got a small same amount of BM each kill.