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  1. Teleport timer after Teleblock

    I dont know about the timer, but the tb being reset after log out sounds fair. That would also make it challenging and fun to try to escape or get a gap on an attacker to try to log out etc.
  2. Doubler

    i'm pretty sure thats the x2, x3 is probably a lower percentage.
  3. Quality of life suggestion thread.

    Appreciate the time and effort put into this m8, would definitely benefit the server and the player base in general. Support
  4. Need help to recover my old acc

    best of luck =) And welcome back!
  5. Is Dawntained dieing?

    The player base usually rises quite drastically once the update is out which won't be long now
  6. Need help to recover my old acc

    My advice would be to make an appeal over at the "submit an appeal" section which can be found here: https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/40-submit-a-problem/ And see what happens if the :: commands shown in your picture don't work out for you. GL
  7. Sign up to join the staff team!

    Appreciate it my man <3
  8. who is this neckbeard

    by the looks of it that's 114 zeus 114
  9. Max Cape

    1880 d tokens is around 9m bm or so i'd say
  10. Make life easier here on forums? :)

    Thanks for the support !
  11. Make life easier here on forums? :)

    Great minds think alike
  12. Protection Timer after disconnection in Wilderness

    Do not support. 1st: You enter the wildy at your own risk. 2nd: You skull at your own risk, and even more so if you know you have a bad internet connection. You simply play the high risk game. Everyone can get a connection loss at any time (basically) And as some1 else said above me, It can be abused.
  13. Suggestion Format

    chill bro, watch your language!
  14. Shooting star

  15. Hey guys! Would it be possible to add some sort of "back to the top" button or maybe even let the " HOME, FORUMS, PLAY, VOTE, STORE, FAQ " - Bar ( as seen here: https://gyazo.com/65aa6be08ab1d2eb3f59fb4e02439a5a ) stay at the top of the screen at all times even tho you scroll down through posts and comments here on forums? I often catch myself scrolling for ages because there's either alot of pages or alot of comments to go through on posts. Just thought it would make life easier and more smooth for players who's active on here @Owain @MGT Madness

    Welcome back, I'm sure you'll make alot of people happy with your awesome designs!
  17. 5m Giveaway!

    The switches are strong in this one Great vid man and keep up the good work !
  18. Divine to Dawntained

    there's no divine in 07rs because the poll didn't go through when jagex asked their players. And since there's no divine in 07, there's no divine in dawntained Would love to see it ingame tho!
  19. Item Guide

    " no honour " pking AKA nh

    The real OG Fred
  21. -Account offer-

    i mean.. could still be a coincidence
  22. Max Cape

    I'm the kind of guy to have bought that scrool for 1880 d tokens could have spent that bm more wisely but yeah.... young, wild and stupid right?
  23. Giveaway winners!

    big congratz to the winners! And thanks alot for the giveaways on behalf of the server
  24. I’m back .... :)

    Already seen you around man! welcome
  25. Price Guide

    this is such a great thing to have. For new players and more experienced players too ^^ well done
  26. Divine to Dawntained

    Polling it sounds like the best idea indeed. But still nice with new content and new stuff added to the server
  27. Divine to Dawntained

    Hey guys, As most of you probably know, there's currently a poll on 07 going on whether to add the divine spiritshield to the game or not. Just wondering, when new items gets added to 07 like the divine (if it gets polled) how long does it usually take for the dev team on dawntained to implement it on here? =) Have a great weekend! Frederik
  28. -Account offer-

    I did indeed atleast as long as the bank lasted xDD
  29. -Account offer-

    Appreciate the info guys! It seems pretty clear but it would still be nice to see what @MGT Madness has to say about it -------------------- 3 Hours later and I just received my first ever acc offer $100 for 960 d tokens. Already claimed that bad boy
  30. New show/movie pls

    very true. Just the same old shit with twd lmao