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  1. cya

    I dont think i've ever cringed this much before
  2. This is really really great for DT. For the first time ever, I am actually genuinely excited to read an update thread like this. Really good work lads @staff
  3. Ip Mute.

    Proof to mute a player is always needed.
  4. Road too michigan989

    poor michigan OMEGALUL
  5. :fred:

    1. Frederik


      You miss me ya cheeky cunt 

  6. Not a bad idea at all actually
  7. Weekly Update, small changes 08-06-2019

    Great stuff indeed! Appreciate the removal of the skeletons in wildy, im sure alot of people will share that thought with me
  8. Staff Feedback May, 2019

    Would love to hear how we are "currupt"?
  9. Giveaway!

    ign: Frederik, and i'll obviously win cuz you love me xx
  10. Things are looking bright for DT
  11. fix this shit

    Moved this thread to "suggestions"
  12. Hey there

    Welcome back m8, happy to have you ingame and on forums
  13. Bump more ideas welcome!
  14. thanks lads and great work on fixing the tournament cheat so quickly!
  15. Staff Feedback March and April 2019

    Appreciate the honest feedback m8, just as it should be! Have a lovely weekend
  16. The king of the hill idea sounds SOO cool. That would legit be unique to DT and such a fun and challenging thing for clans. Maybe some sort of challenge where a different boss each day has to be killed, and the person or persons (clan) who can kill the selected boss the fastest get a reward each day. This will make ppl and clans venture deep into wildy with great risk (gear) for max hits etc to try to get the fastest boss kill of the day. This would bring more life and more risk into deep wildy and make deep wildy pking more attractive aswell Looking forward to see what suggestions people will come up with ! Great initiative @MGT Madness !
  17. DT Quality of Life - Share your thoughts

    Great idea to post a thread regarding this Mitch, and looking forward to see what people have to say / suggestions in general
  18. Bug fixes, tweaks & upcoming updates 17-05-2019

    Looking awesome!
  19. Staff Feedback March and April 2019

    awesome feedback thanks! @Mlh more drop parties ty I included the dev's in this list as it is possible to see which dev is working on what in every single update. So maybe the players had a few comments on what the devs could do better or compliment them on something they have already done. When we tell people to off yell it is almost always ppl trying to flame or flamebait each other, such behaviour is not accepted over yell, hence the "off yell" phrases. Although, as you said, banter is important. But thank you for the constructive criticism, this is exactly what I wanted when I made this post - I appreciate it. Thanks m8
  20. Staff Feedback March and April 2019

    To join the staff team, you can make an application here: @T2B limitles Also, if you have any feedback regarding other staff members, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Hi guys! On behalf of the Dawntained staff team, we would greatly appreciate if you took a few minutes out of your time to reflect on how you think we are performing as a moderation team down in the comments below. Your feedback is highly valuable and allows us to make improvements where necessary. Owner: @MGT Madness Head Moderator: @Subarashii Developers: @Owain @Jonny @Optimum @Jason Moderators: @Gramatik @Hatorade @Mlh @Hat @Frederik @Jaehaerys Server Supports: @Ameer69 @michigan989 Thank you, Dawntained Staff Team
  22. My goals for Dawntained

    Really exciting stuff, can't wait to see what's coming
  23. Notifications.

    good idea owayn
  24. Bug fixes & Future updates 11-05-2019

    Alot of players has requested the removal of the stake limit, glad to see it go. Will bring more life to the duel arena for sure
  25. still perm muted

    fee paid, unmuted
  26. still perm muted

    @Subarashii has to deal with this as your username "hijab hitter" is offensive.
  27. today was a good day

    damn nice man
  28. Easter Event 2019 Guide

    Thanks for the guide m8