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  1. Corp pet

    Nice staff rng
  2. Current staff members

    Huge congratz to @Brittney (lync) that got 1 of the 2 new Support roles available. Well deserved to say the least! Remember guys, there is 1 spot left to be filled. We would love to have YOU on our staff team! As mentioned above, Staff applications are currently open, feel free to apply to our staff team here: // Frederik
  3. Ultimate - lyncs

    Gz lyncs - rank given
  4. somethang for yall

    That's what she said
  5. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    Appreciate the head's up why the update is delayed, and I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of the players too. Keep up the good communication
  6. [YT] New Series: ChallengeTained #1

    thanks for another fun video m8
  7. Rank Request 01357.

    Rank given! Ty for another fun video
  8. wild unban pls

  9. youtuber rank request

    Youtube rank given. Congratz and keep up the good work
  10. youtuber rank request

    I presume your account "tryme" is the one you want youtube rank for? in your request it says "tyme" - correct?
  11. Dawntained pk video #1

    Nice video man! keep it up
  12. Days since you last masterbated by yourself?

    Hence i'm walking around with a giant horse-like testicle. It's like muscles, use them, and they grow big
  13. Days since you last masterbated by yourself?

    Taking the no nut november to a whole new level
  14. Sign up to join the staff team!

    Staff applications are now back open! Make sure you make an elaborate application to give yourself the best chances possible for a spot on our staff team. We are looking forward to reading your applications! // Frederik and the rest of the Dawntained Staff team.
  15. Bug fixes + Development blog! 09-04-2019

    The increased amount of updates and bug fixes lately is really enjoyable to see. Also the communication between the hard working team behind all this and the players seems to get better and better in general - really good job guys!
  16. Finally back

    Happy to have you here!
  17. First Dawntained Video - Facecam @ end

    Appreciate the work you put into this m8. Nice!
  18. Current staff members

    Thanks guys <3 @Hatorade , @Jaehaerys, @Mlh
  19. Who needs $70 anyway? Pfft.

  20. what is ur job ?

    Service technician @ tesla what about you?
  21. Time to say hello

    Definitely seen you around! Welcome!
  22. Recording Tutorial [Camtasia]

    my man
  23. Pvp Weapons

    I agree with @Hatorade and to some extent with @Food stamps too. There is currently no vesta's ingame but when there is, it's just sitting in some bank somewhere collecting dust. Having it being dropped, very rarely/rarely by bosses / monsters in wildy so more ppl get their hands on armour and weapons like this. Yes this would make prices drop but it would still be fun and create a new level of highrisking. Maybe even add it as a very rare drop from killing targets in wildy?
  24. Broadcasts, bug fixes & much more 04-04-2019

    This looks so sick! Really excited about it all and especially the loyalty rewards. I think this is pretty unique on a private server. And it will benefit new and old players in a great way! Awesome job guys
  25. Big Drop party Event!!! 19-4-2019

    Thank you for this. As i said yesterday, appreciate the honesty and what you do for this community. What you did was wrong but it seems like you came out of it as a better person which is ultimately the best thing. You have my respect
  26. New PVP weapons

    i gotchu, say no more fam
  27. Hello , looking for a sugar daddy

    Tbh you kinda lost me at the " no nudes " part :C
  28. Hello , looking for a sugar daddy

    **getting my purse out** poggers
  29. 😢 Revive Dawntained 💖

    Awesome vid as always man. Appreciate the amount of work you put into this!
  30. Current staff members

    Glad to have @Hat back on the team! And ofc sorry to see Shifu leave us