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    hey staff I couldn't figure out how to edit my original I was messing with it for a couple hours. so I downloaded light shot and took the pictures that shifu had asked me to attach to my application I hope everything on my application suits your requirements. I intent to put much more game time a day in then what is displayed on the picture. I am actually surprised it was that little. like stated on my application I love helping everyone and have sence I started over 200 days ago. I want to make help make dawntained a more delightful experience with you fellow staff members. I am fully commited and dedicated to put in over 40 hours a week for this game. I love playing the game its a non issue for me to always be on even in the middle of the night past midnight im a insomniac I stay up at all hours of the night run off of little sleep just how I function. I know that everybody in dawntained would be happy with the decision to make me part of your staff member team. it is very important to me and means everything to me , to become a staff member I know I will exceed all expectations.