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  1. Vikings Clan Recruitment This is why i'm a Viking

    This is why im a Vikings Welcome to vikings
  2. Information about our Vikings Clan. We are a multi pk clan we do pk events, Blood key events, And tournaments, We on the occasion will do a discord clan giveaway we split all max sets evenly / Blood keys as well with discord members only. Fill out an application See down below for the Application 25k blood money fee entry payment to Ags u2 0 hp, Serpents, Gucccii. Discord is a requirement microphone not needed but headset is for callout. 250 hybrid kills or 1.25 kdr. Must be active for at least 2-3 hours a day. At least 100k bank value. Minimum of 7 days played. Application Do you have discord? What previous clans have you been in Dawntained?: If we are in a war what style of pking would you prefer?: A. Tribrid B. Tank / rag-bolt C. Tber / tribrid Screenshot of your in game played time by doing ::old: