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  1. Bug fixes 22-03-2019

    Thanks for the fixes MGT and developing team! Good to see frequent updates/fixes. Keep it up!
  2. Community Manager event ideas needed

    HP event would be a fun quick one. Kind of like Skotizo is but with better rewards. CM could host it and have 10k HP. Player to do the most damage gets the reward.
  3. Supreme rank flex

    Done ma dude! Enjoy!
  4. Dawntained Revival

    We got this <3
  5. Forum rank

    Rank has been given. Closed
  6. Bug fixes 15-03-2019

    Awesome! Glad to see the majority of the bugs being fixed. Well done @MGT Madness and the developing team!
  7. I'm back! :)

    Welcome back man!
  8. The Mighty 43

    l0l the pettiness of that vid though Nice loot with that max mage kill.
  9. gachdrac youtube rank 5

    Approved. Nice video, you're a damn good brid!
  10. staff dawntained

    When this thread is open, make a post here and follow the format of the application. -Closed
  11. Hunter Guide

    Awesome guide man! Glad someone made one for Hunter. Will definitely be redirecting players to this thread!
  12. risk fighting/claim the wildy

    Nice vid. Not a big fan personally of Gmaul-Emaul in pure NH, but thats preference I guess. Props for the music as well, keep it up!
  13. Vorkath 4 ways

    That DH method is badass. Nice video mate
  14. vrosphas youtube rank3

    Accepted. Nice video man!
  15. Quality of life suggestion thread.

    Definitely support most. Moderator event hosting would be awesome. Tournament pools definitely need a boost and the edgeville PK reward system does indeed need improvement. Hard to make bank as a new player or non-donator by PK'ing. @MGT Madness plz
  16. snoxh yt rank

    Rank has been granted.
  17. latest vid :D

    Rank has been given. Keep the videos coming (y)
  18. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Thanks for taking the time to respond and give us feedback!
  19. yt rank

    One of the YT rank requirements states that the video you use to apply must be 3 minutes minimum in length. Feel free to update this thread when you make a future video that is minimum 3 minutes long.
  20. Forum Rank

    Rank has been updated.
  21. Happy New Years 2019!

    Happy New Year guys!!
  22. vrosphas youtube rank 2

    Rank has been given.
  23. Zudara forum rank

  24. Doth forum rank

    Rank has been given.
  25. Development

    Welcome mate! Excited to see what you have in store for the server!
  26. Josven's Youtube Contest

    Love this idea! Very nice contest mate. Can't wait to see what more you got in store.
  27. PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

    I am under the impression that the majority of players, after making a certain amount of bank, stop doing PvP tasks. Personally, I do them quite a bit because I enjoy PK'ing with all styles. However, I feel for players that have developed and have played for a while and gathered some bank already, they just stop doing them entirely; if they ever even did them in the first place. I know everyone has a prefer style of PK'ing (Pure/Zerk/Tank/Main melee), but I think it would be good for the server to encourage players to try out all styles of PK'ing. My suggestion is to increase rewards of PvP tasks. Not necessarily with more blood money, but perhaps introduce a new PvP/PK point system. Players that complete PvP tasks receive X amount of PvP points that could be spent at the PvP shop. Items in the shop could also include PvP gear such as Morrigans/Zuriels/Statius/Vesta (which would be great because these items currently are simply for-show for the ultra rich in the game, rather than being used in the wilderness as intended. Would be great if you guys also suggest items that could be introduced in a potential PvP point shop as well. Let me know what you think of this. I believe it will make PK'ing more enjoyable and diverse overall.
  28. 500 tasks

    Oufff, and here I thought I did a lot of PK tasks with around 360. Well done man! Glad to see people doing PvP tasks; it mixes up PK'ing and makes it a bit more enjoyable
  29. Pure PvP Update

    Well I understand what you're trying to say, but Sara Sword cannot be removed from the game. Its an important weapon in OSRS and many pure NHers use it as well. Honestly, I don't see too many people camping it. New players have a tough time tanking even MSB to Granite Maul since Karambwans are relatively expensive for them. Sara Sword can get annoying but a solution wouldn't be to removed it from the game, in my opinion.
  30. Hand cannon

    I would prefer the Ballista gets a slight buff rather than bring in hand cannon to be honest.