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  1. October Update?

  2. Were on a roll

    408 on, but less then 100 people in wilderness. Must all be pvming or something
  3. Guys

    180m... ouch
  4. Tragic 'Account offers'

    Still pretty bad. The best offer I've gotten so far is 20$ for 500ish tokens.
  5. Veteran Rank

    No thanks. Useless rank.
  6. hi

  7. Paying for Customs On Death........

    Lol, please change. Custom ely's cba in multi
  8. So you're a pure clan, but the title says mains? Anyways are you active on this server? If so feel free to message me if you'd like to set up a fun friendly war with my clan (blacknans). We're a maxed combat multi clan that would be willing to match ops the best we can, or just a full out free for all war.
  9. I'm back!

    Hi! Feel free to hit me up with a pm in game to chat.
  10. Taylors Bitches

  11. Casket Items

  12. Cool updates man! Can't see what's next!
  13. At a 100-150 capes so far. Still no pet
  14. click this

  15. Buff god spell accuracy

    Charge+tsotd casts it now so maybe it'll just naturally be stronger now. @armadyl it's good for solo pkers at revs, mage arena, and strykworms. (I believe I spelt it wrong.)
  16. selling cosmetics!

    I'm willing to buy most berets, boaters, and muskateer hats 2kea if you'd like.
  17. Pet List and Rates

    Nice guide. Was helpful.