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  1. I killed the Corp beast using only vegeance, ring of suffering and the Dharoks + Amulet of the damned set effect. The kill took me around 1 hour and 40 minutes so the clip is sped up by 20x. Song is 'Twenty One Pilots - Chlorine' I'll have a custom spirit shield set whenever you're ready @MGT Madness
  2. sanguinesti staff

  3. Moneytalks, some kills of last weeks

    You whacked me an 84. Kind of sad I'm not on there. (Aims)
  4. Corp Clan

    Make Corp Clan great again
  5. 200iq suggestion

    Make it so there's constantly a wildy PVM activity happening instead of every couple hours. Happy days for the PVMers, happy days for the PKers. Super easy update for the staff team that will bring more players to the wilderness. Also put more money into advertising ffs.
  6. Dawntained content update nearly here!

    Let me lamp hunter FFS
  7. Clue tab

    Add clue boxes to PVM?
  8. Please, please, please put some time/effort into advertising and vote reward initiatives. Let's bring the players to Dawntained for their summer break. IDEA: Free mystery box if you get a 7 day vote streak. Free super mystery box for 14 day vote streak. Free legendary box for 21 day vote streak. Free mega box for 28 day vote streak. All boxes obtained through voting will be untradeable versions. You can't sell it, you have to open it. You can sell the items though. Just go ahead and give me admin now. IGN: Aims
  9. Corp Clan

    Guess who's back.
  10. Fix the Corp safespot.

    I know. It says that in the above thread that you clearly didn't read.
  11. 5M+ Pked l Arcane Giveaway!

    Unimpressive. (Re: The clan videos) More solo PK'ing please, that's where the skill is.
  12. Tragic 'Account offers'

    Judging from these responses we can assume that account offers consider how much you've already donated and how much wealth you're likely to have?
  13. Fix the Corp safespot.

    Not only does it give out easy Sigils to undeserving noobs but lately I've been seeing a lot of flaming if I kill the boss legitimately because it forces other players to do it too. "OmG r u St0opId y rnt u safespotting u fukin nub omfg die irl" When I uploaded the video guide on how to do it, my intention was to force you to fix it ASAP. The outcome of the video was actually just a large amount of people abusing it and staff being so overwhelmed by it that they just gave up and said it's not against the rules anymore.

    Nice fingering skills, shame you'll never really be able to put them to use ;D
  15. Corp Clan

    How beautiful is this?!
  16. Daniels clan downed for 178k.

    Sad because most Daniels members are nice guys but the leader is an arrogant flamer which gives them all a bad name. EDIT: Congratulations on the loot though, I hope it's a nice bank booster for you!
  17. mods abusing powers

    First of all, this is not flaming or disrespect, I am stating my case clearly and without insult. I can confirm I was spoken to very disrespectfully then wrongfully banned by Tony. I don't at all think he's a suitable candidate for the staff team, let alone Head Moderator. Context: A member of Gimps attempted to trick me into giving him remote access to my PC. When I reported this to Tony, he began to tell me "u dont know what ur talking about pls dont pretend like u do". The attempted hacker was given a warning and I was banned (By Tony) for telling him how unfair and illogical it all seemed.
  18. Make pvp items have a small chance to come from pvp

    PVP armour needs to stay rare.
  19. Corp Clan

    Gz to Valkerian who just split a sigil and became ranked in the CC. Second sigil of the night in Corp Clan.
  20. Corp Clan

    Stop by for a Spectral or two when you got a minute.
  21. 1/30 Droprate btw

    Skum has received 2 arcanes, 3 spectrals and a pet within 150 KC. I don't think that record will be broken for a long, long time. Retarded RNG.
  22. Delete.

  23. Corp Clan

    CC Name: Corp Clan - No Signup Required Founder/Owner: Aims Clan Founded: September 8th, 2018 Clan ranks awarded ONLY by splitting a sigil drop. The only gear requirements are a Zamorakian Spear or Crystal Halberd and a Ring of Wealth(i) Bring a Bandos Godsword or DWH to help the team out if you can. Faster kills, more loot. Sigils split so far: Elysian: 0 Arcane: 2 Spectral: 5 Clan ranks (people who have split their Sigil drop): Skum (x5) Valkerian 1ce Winners who were there for the drop and got a share of it: 1ce Nicky Jam TB Patrol (x2) W Azza 3 Yung Tarik Jibby2018 (x3) Valkerian Skum Absolute cunts who didn't split their drop and need banning: Nobody! Rules: First and foremost, all Dawntained official server rules apply in the clan. If you get a drop, post a screenie in here so I can credit you for it. Get a task and bring Slayer Helm if you can. As long as you're respectful, you can relax in the CC without corping. ALL Sigil drops obtained with in/with the clan are to be split with everyone who was involved in the kill, UNLESS YOU ARRIVE WHEN CORP HAS LESS THAN 500HP. If you were in the CC but not in the cave for the kill, you WILL NOT get a split. Splitting a Sigil (with proof posted in this thread) will gain you a rank in the clan. Refusing to split will be considered scamming and I'll personally try to get you banned from Dawntained because fuck you. Spam #CorpClan in the yell chat if we get a sigil to let everyone know how big our dicks are. Have fun and stay friendly, team-work makes the dream-work! Pics or it didn't happen?
  24. Delete.