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  1. Please

  2. Austin Pks

    Welcome to the server bro if you ever need help in game Message me ! Ingame name : Bars
  3. Petty server save your moms money

    I even clarified before you bought what tony told me I was unsure and made sure before you bought unban, any items that could be purchased with this RWT incident are removed and you are left with 1m max.
  4. My name's Kert

    Welcome man, ever have a question or need help message me on forums or in games , IN game name : Bars
  5. huh

    l0l thought that was Will Smith.
  6. Were on a roll

    This is why we love you MGT hahah
  7. Were on a roll

    Hey everyone ! Looks like we hit our goal of 400 players , but can we get it to 500 now ???
  8. 1/30 Droprate btw

    What is this l0l never in my life have I seen someone get this good of luck cheers bro !
  9. eminem responded :o

    50cent and lil wayne Did a mgk diss too ..
  10. Whats up!!!

    Hello and welcome to Dawntained ! If you Want in game just type ::Drops to see what items are dropped by what bosses Also pure pking is quick if you want to pk for bm , add me in game if you have more questions ! IGN: Bars
  11. No Bullshit Gorillas Guide

    Great method for players starting out , I've killed almost 1k demonic gorillas and have had a ton of loot ! Nice guide bro keep up the work !
  12. cant login new account

    Hello could you possibly make a new account and add me in game ? might be able to help you if you remember your account name simply in game type this ::recoverpass Lostaccountname (This will give your password/bankpin) If you can't seem to figure this out add me in game IGN: Bars
  13. Howdy

    My questions to the community: A) What is your favorite skill? Why is it your favorite? B) What is your least favorite skill? why is it your least favorite? C) How the community maturity level? 10 being great 1 representing not so great. Why do you think the aforementioned? A) Skill : Fishing, the fish always come in use on this server sense it is a pk server mainly B) Hunter because the items are in the game but I cant hunt yet ): C) Some player still have not read the ::Rules on average id say 7 most of the time the server is running smooth without toxicity . Welcome to the server if you ever need help feel free to message me in game ! IGN: Bars
  14. Few Days Carnage

    Nice video man love the content !
  15. First Vesta Longsword in game?

    Gratz man ! cant wait to see these roaming through the eco !
  16. eminem responded :o

    killed it
  17. Thinking about new things

    Alot've skilling items can be sold to the skilling shop at ::skilling but then again there is some skills which do not make anything which makes it very unsatisfying ! and also if everyone started with a little bit of money someone could just keep making accounts and farming free blood money this method so unless it was a "1 time per ip address" I think this might not help much. but if somehow we could do this for new players and only new players that they would have a better chance at sticking around and trying out the server , could actually do good . Ill all in with these ideas if there are slight adjustments with them
  18. Update voting rewards

    I've seen a few other people with these issues , maybe try deleting your browsers cache for moparscape , idk if itll work but worth a shot
  19. Update voting rewards

    Maybe keep track of every ones votes weekly and every time someone votes 10x per week they get a regular mystery box

    Appreciate the love man ! ever need me you know what to do !
  21. Hello There

    Welcome back to the server
  22. Hello everyone First off id like to say thank you to the staff members for picking me to be a part of the support team . I will abide by all the rules and will continue in my best power to help everyone on the server, Don't hesitate to pm me in game or on discord for help ! Also my name is no longer "1p g4ng" I decided to make it more simple and less confusing for everyone . feel free to add me ! In game name - Bars Discord Name - Bars #5301
  23. Update voting rewards

    Yeah it could be counter intuitive but we are looking to raise the player count currently so I feel like this might help improve the amount of voting that happens per day.
  24. Update voting rewards

    I think one thing this server could really use is a lot more people voting , I know there's a winner picked each month for tokens and a chance to win extra blood money or even an ags or dragon claws. this is nice yes but I think even a chance of a legendary mystery box from voting or something else that would encourage all players to vote. The more votes the better !

    Nice work man keep it up Bump
  26. Help me out!

    You won the lottery, Congratz !
  27. Hello

    Welcome to the Server ! if you ever have a question add me in game id be glad to assist you ! INGAME NAME - Bars
  28. Amazing work keep it up , Love it all ! Lets hit that 400 players ?!

    Thanks man appreciate the support !! do you do your own gfx ??
  30. My biggest accomplishment

    Jeeze bro this grind lol must've been a fun one!