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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys! if anyone have another suggestion feel free to tell us about it.Clark
  2. Daybreak taking over Dawntained

    looking good man
  3. Tzhaar re-work

    I vouch for this
  4. Cartel 3-0

    Nice rng, 79-39 lol Clark
  5. Getting kicked off

    Try to fully delete it and redownload it from the webpage Clark
  6. Tekashi69

    Nope, dudes life is over..
  7. Selling Bulk Tbows

    Still for sale?
  8. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    The applications has been put on lock. Clark
  9. Some new stuff

    I support Clark
  10. Spectral Boy PvM clan chat

    Count me in
  11. Buff revs and the weapons

    I like the suggestion, but keep in mind it is a pk server so the main goal of making cash is trough pking Clark

    Nice vid man, Yt rank given. Clark
  13. RSPS - DawnTained

    Good job bud, looks nice quick lil guide Clark
  14. Dawntained weekly/monthly slapping #1

    nice switches Clark
  15. Gambling Guide

    Thanks for this, would like your ideas on our gamble rules in the post from yday. Clark

    Nice vid bud Clark
  17. Deep wilderness activity!

    Thanks for this idea @Y0ungkhal1fawell see what we will do with it! Imo we indeed need more deep wildy activity, I was for my self thinking about multipking tourneys where clans can win prizes osrs or dt $. But we'll see what the time brings us Clark
  18. Mobile?

    Dont think this well happen haha, will cost way to much for such a small target group Clark
  19. Tie on bj is always host win @Oh so potent Clark
  20. For all the gamblers, if you have any suggestions for new rules or on the rules that are not clarifying enough, we'd love some feedback. Dice Rules atm: - Host always rolls for the customer first. - If tie, host wins. - 55x2, 55 is host win. New Dice rules we want to introduce: - Better decides the advertised games, if it's not advertised refund. - Host is not allowed to roll before both parties agreed with the game. - Host is allowed to decline offers if he doesnt want it. Fp Rules atm: - Host always plants for the customer first. - If tie, replant. - Black/White = both parties replant. New Fp rules we want to introduce: - 6th plant never counts, no exceptions. (when you plant 6 instead of 5, the extra planted flower doesnt count for next 5). New Genral rules: - Dice hosts can not x2 the bet if it exceeds the vault. Team Dawntained.
  21. Who can beat me?

    Person who beats my dds gets ags
  22. dont update skilling

    Explain further? Clark
  23. Who can beat me?

  24. Xbox?

    PS4 only
  25. [Skill] Fishing Guide [Completed] [Stats]

    Nice guide mate Clark
  26. Tekashi69

    Never seen of heard of agian