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  1. Ratlords Are Recruiting

  2. Ratlords Are Recruiting

    Nice to see you missed out the part just after of me saying 'yea i dcd when i teled up, bitchmade of a member was so scared he refunded, haha
  3. Ratlords Are Recruiting

    Is this the same elvy? BTW: Impact already closed you dumbfucks on dawntained, bitch ass niggas (last kill was a dc, i got fully refunded by ronnie biggs) Rest of the dudes? who the fuck are they LOOl bye randoms
  4. Ratlords Are Recruiting

    Ratlords is RSPS' most dominant single team, up on every team on any game Ratlords are currently looking forward to opening on Dawntained within the next week. Stay up to date in the official Ratlords Discord : https://discord.gg/JaH4YuZ Note to moderators: This is not for advertising purposes this is purely to showcase our videos for recruitment purposes, feel free to edit/remove any content deemed unwelcome on your forums