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  1. Divine to Dawntained

    ely spec tab already strong enough
  2. they massed and went grave with the 20 def infinity setup, there were no rules set so people progressively brung better gear was fun thanks for fight the last kill wasn't part of it
  3. bob the builder can we plank em?

    not in there and proud, gj you been inactive for a week or so though
  4. Dab On The Haters

    original comment
  5. Firemaking

    For example, if every log gave 1bm and someone worked their way up to 200m XP, they would have earned 200m bm just from Firemaking. I think it's fine as it is, but I like the fact you're trying to implement new ideas into skilling. no...? because logs don't give 1XP per log
  6. Weekly/Monthly Slapping #2

    thanks people ;p
  7. Single PK Lads - DDL

    discord add me + message ingame
  8. Single PK Lads - DDL

  9. 1 week of nh progress

    good for one week
  10. Single PK Lads - DDL

    discord me
  11. Single PK Lads - DDL

    discord me and pm me ingame and we will fight sir
  12. Single PK Lads - DDL

    closed only whales to recruit here
  13. agree in edgeville at least