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  1. Fun video and good loot but I feel like it would be more impressive if you guys showed you doing more fights vs clans and winning instead of 20v1's and 20v3's. Also lol @Friends List saying you never flame people and you guys post a video showing you calling people retards and fags
  2. PJ Timer in deeper wilderness

    I'd support a pj timer after you kill someone. Nothing like getting claw rushed and killed half a second after you kill someone at revs.
  3. Price Guide

    Could you add the tormented bracelet to the price list?
  4. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    I don't really meet the requirements but I thought I may as well apply anyway. In-game name: Airspitter Country you live in: Canada Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): 4PM - 12PM (EST) Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: Same as the previous. How many hours can you put in per week?: Probably around 15-20. Why do you think you should be promoted?: I work as a software developer and am proficient in Java, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, C#, and Javascript. I'm mature (most of the time) and can help with professional level work as well as player disputes and basic tasks. Past experiences as staff?: None.
  5. Buying elder maul

    Buying an elder maul. PM me ingame to discuss: Airspitter
  6. Selling PK gear below market

    Need to sell the following items, all below market price. PM me ingame: Airspitter 3x gmaul 1x anguish 1x dark bow 1x berserker rink 2x whips