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  2. Dab On The Haters

    I was doing a dab train, but you and Mlh ruined it :[

    haha that video
  4. What I've been doing all day :D

    damn making videos fast, these setups will be helpful to some players thanks
  5. New show/movie pls

    Well give it a try thanks
  6. Dab On The Haters

  7. The giveaway winners/money making guide! 2019!

    Good video, congrats to all the winners.
  8. New show/movie pls

    Oo I love Designated Survivor glad netflix brought it back, Iron fist and the other marvel shows i've finished hopefully they come back in the future the rest, i'll give them ago thank you for the suggestions
  9. Increase Price

    I was wondering if @MGT Madness can bump up these a little more I got 200m in woodcutting and I made more selling the logs back and its faster then doing 200m crafting Maybe bump it up to 20ish or more Also could you add a sell back price for these items? Could make more skills profitable for those who like skilling
  10. Macbook Pro or Gaming Laptop?

    I played on a laptop for good 4 years, but I turned to a desktop and its 10 times better IMO
  11. Mikki [ WATCH 1080P ]

    nice video and congrats on the rank

    goodvideo and welcome back
  13. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Admin MGT MADNESS: Been enjoying the updates of late can't wait to see more. only thing I can say is be a little more active with the community in-game and on forums Head Mod: Subarashii: Great head mod. Respectful and helpful when needed. Puts a lot of effort into this server keep up the good work Moderators 1 PK IN 22: Let me tell you Tyler has been an outstanding Moderator, He is respectful, helpful and over all polite to people that need help. He doesn't give out special treatments to any of friends. Hands down a great friends DualBoot: Brother, I don't know what to say. I am glad you got moderator. what a great addition to the moderators you are and extremely active which is a bonus. also not abusive congrats on a well deserved promotion glad we became friends btw at first thought your name was dualboat whoops Thuggahh: First mod to help me out back when I first started in August was very happy to see him as a mod still when I returned and now hes been helpful when I needed it and when other's did. I wouldn't mind seeing him as a head mod Queen Pker: Good Moderator glad we got to know each other. not biased at all does his job fine but is a very unlucky when it comes to gambling Clark: Can't give an opinion since I don't interact with them Gramatik: Can't give an opinion since I don't interact with them Hatorade: Can't give an opinion since I don't interact with them Supports Josven: Twinnermen! Glad you became a support always friendly and helpful great add to be honest! keep up the hard work! I can see you being a mod in the future Spectral Boy: Not quite sure to be honest its a mixture of good and bad. You seem nice but fairly new on what to do because the other day at a tournament that you were at there was a lot of flaming and toxic and you seem lost on what to do but your new to the role. The good is I've seen you help people out time to time and are semi active compare to some supports in the past.
  14. Xbox?

    Yeah haha. I like cs anyways better then cod
  15. Agility and Farming

    yes, farming was very click intensive I swear I was getting carpel tunnel from doing it lol
  16. dawntainedrsps pking #2

    okay video, still seems laggy could be my internet,
  17. dawntainedrsps pking #2

    was kinda laggy for me.
  18. Dharok's tournament

    If I can get the money I'll join this for sure but I think it should be first place winner and second place, I don't think we should have a 3rd place winner IMO
  19. Dharok's tournament

    I say around 2-3 Eastern would be better seems to be the peak.
  20. Looking for kalphite queen guide

    Full verac's for both stages should be enough.
  21. Price Guide

    might need to add cosmetics like skele and mummy suit in soon, but other then that thanks for keeping it updated.
  22. New show/movie pls

    I'm in need of a new tv show/movie until Game of Thrones is back. Please help I like anything
  23. Road to 1k DH Sets

    Goodluck you can do it!
  24. Accounts

    Log in to game with an account and do ::Recoverpass (Name) or msg MGT Madness only ways.
  25. Gamble rules, we'd love your feedback.

    I agree with the 6th plant, some people spam click and lag and end up planting extra shouldn't be everything looks good.
  26. Tekashi69

    weird you would think there would be some news.
  27. Spectral Boy PvM clan chat

    Nice! Good luck on loots!
  28. Just insane RNG

    nice video
  29. Xbox?

    ever since i threw my xbox one i've stuck to my pc.
  30. Mysterious Emblem Upgrades

    Time too shine some light on this suggestion again, I like this and it would be worth I support.