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  1. Official - The Global Wilderness Event

    To have an auto log system? so we don't have afk players
  2. Official - The Global Wilderness Event

    @Jason Could we add an autolog system into game if this does come to the server, so if you don't move for let say 10mins you auto logs you out?
  3. Official - The Global Wilderness Event

    This is actually pretty good idea, I support it.
  4. r0bin

    COWS #1

    nice job cow leader
  6. Bug fixes 22-03-2019

    thank you for these now people won't be alching pets aye? @Hatorade
  7. Is Jaehaerys okay?

    I had the option of it being moved but I didnt want it to. Pk and I thought you were avoiding because your mute was racism which is extended by 8 hours but there as an error on our part and your racism mute didnt go through. Homophobic and racism are insta mute with out warning as far I was told when getting promoted. Thank u, Next.
  8. The pk Tab

    108 ags h00k ags pl0x?
  9. Wilderness Risk Requirement Suggestion And Alternative

    I think after a certain point in the wildy it should be removed.
  10. Is Jaehaerys okay?

    The reason why you were muted is this Homophobic slurs. you got muted before I gave you the warning on ragging pures, next time make sure you get it in order next time.
  11. #Alpaca

    why not cows @P R 0 X Y
  12. Community Manager event ideas needed

    Yes please, skilling is so un rewarding and yes the mb event sounds like a great idea i support. Instead of days, it should be hours IMO because people can make an account and come back after 100 days. but regardless I support this idea.
  13. Hunter Guide

    It is if you think about it you aren't waiting like 30 mins for chins to get trapped
  14. Hunter Guide

    Only reason why I did do imps is because my boxes were glitched i went from 5 to 1 box from 87-99.
  15. removed and reworked then released at a later date imo
  16. Price guide

    yeah, doesn't mean they are 80k ely shows i believe 630k
  17. Small DP

  18. Community Manager event ideas needed

    LMS pls
  19. 1 hour of revscavesers men

    u pvmermen im ashame go back to pkermen but nice lootermen
  20. Help the Poor

    I still don't agree with muting it because you can still see peoples reactions to it in yell and you'll still get tempted. Just have self control and you'll be fine if you don't want to gamble ban yourself.
  21. Allow these items to be noted

    I can see it helping out alot I support.
  22. Help the Poor

    I don't agree on muting the doubler its fine as it is, if your tempted but don't want to do it just gamble ban yourself. but for bosses Yes I would like to see more bosses and I'm a pvmer/skiller.
  23. Server Activity

    I just love opening caskets and seeing how my luck is maybe that's just me. And there just 5k ea
  24. Hello broder’s

  25. Server Activity

    Some agree some I don't the staff one on the 100posts now is kind of hard since forums are a little inactive unless you go back to old posts from 2018. Vouchs can be faked/bought easily. Voting I agree with this. Dzone. There is a new one being made for some time now. Slayer I agree. Cosmetics No thank you I like opening the caskets i wouldn't like just buying the items. Recoloured weapons not quite sure about this. We have customs for immortal+ which is recoloured weapons.
  26. ::shops re-design

    Table is less clutter at ::Shops i feel
  27. New FORTNITE video!! 15 kill solo win

    I lost interest to play fortnite in season 3, but congrats
  28. A small financial goal achieved

    100m POG

    Nice video