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  1. Coming back

  2. sanguinesti staff


    Imagine trying to hide ur name.
  4. Sign up to join the staff team!

    My Question is why are server applications open still, With the currently player base I think you guys have enough staff
  5. Road too michigan989

    imagine caring enough to take kill pics.
  6. Sign up to join the staff team!

    There is a difference between demotion and resigning. And if you think that's toxic Jesus why are you online lol.
  7. Sign up to join the staff team!

    Imagine crying about getting bullied over the internet, ignore list was added for a reason. And this isnt steam why you -rep lol Raven would fit in the current staff i zupport
  8. Sign up to join the staff team!

    Regardless of his smelly nan and freak outs at me because I'm just the best, bank should be promoted.
  9. Current staff members

    Hey everyone, I've updated the staff list because of my resignation.
  10. Staff Feedback May, 2019

    God forbid we have some banter as a staffteam, sorry that was lacking when you were a mod lol. We take things serious when needed to be, and we are humans and we like to have a little fun. what's wrong with that?
  11. Staff Feedback May, 2019

    Owner: @MGT Madness nice most of the times Head Moderator: @Subarashii eh weeb noob but kewl Developers: @Owain useless af delays the banger mlh is cooking @Jonny great @Optimum great @Jason great Moderators: @Gramatik Missing in action I repeat. @Hatorade Snorting that good Colombian sugar @Mlh Boxing those Kangaroos @Hat Acting like a nerd and studying @Frederik Playing with his 1 nut praying his 2nd comes back @Jaehaerys I don't know who the fk he is <--- @Ameer69 OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK Better engrish Server Supports: @talks (moneytalks) Nice active lad Pm him for help btw. @michigan989 Same as talks, Pm as well Thank you, Dawntained Staff Team Regards, Jaehaerys
  12. Road to all pets


    welcome back
  14. Dawntained - #1 RSPS - I Pk Max Jr

    Nice video, keep them coming
  15. Giveaway!

    Closed, Goodluck to all the winners. Winners are: @Higginz99 @Notebola @Friendss list Please contact Ameer69 for your winnings

    pretty cool
  17. Giveaway!

    nah im the best, jaehaerys
  18. PIT Graphicx

    fast and good work thansk
  19. Current staff members

    Hey all, I've updated the staff list because of @Ameer69's promotion to moderator congratulations well deserved.
  20. PIT Graphicx

    Hi moe.
  21. Graphics Shop Cheap

    sure, lets see what you got. added
  22. Pk Video 6!

    pretty cool
  23. I like most of these ideas, keep them coming
  24. fix this shit

    oof @Jason @Owain
  25. ty sir, good catch on the tournament
  26. ty for helping out
  27. somethang for yall

    still never understood how you can pk on that client @w e s t side
  28. Today was a very important day for me

    lol nice
  29. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

    ty sir
  30. phats sale

    still have 100m vault btw lul