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  1. lmfao nice subarshii scammed me for 51 m

    You seem upset still to make a post over it.
  2. Hows everyone been?

    nice fourm mod
  3. I'm back - SIKE

    i want tit pics
  4. Weird Statistics

    Cu michi Jajaja
  5. cya

    I know right man needs a haircut
  6. Sign up to join the staff team!

    ?? Imagine getting scammed. Also @Frederik @Mlh and I all resigned. please don't talk if you don't know what happen
  7. Sign up to join the staff team!

    both shut up. thank you.
  8. Because why not? I don't need them in my bank.
  9. Why would I do that when they are the same xp? And i can only string 14 bows per inv. Would take double the time to get 200m.
  10. Danieltatis - A new Clan

  11. "Idiot" yet you still complain about ur items after two months. What i was saying was to add price to the unstring ones aswell, there is no way in hell im stringing 70,000 bows when i already have 200m fletching xp.
  12. When doing fletching you make no profit as seen. I was saying add a price so people who skill can sell their items for bm
  13. Weird Statistics

    You'd have to ask mgt that, also not hard to be active on the forums when its dead. Please stop autoclicking.
  14. My bow sell back price!
  15. Behind the Scenes

    Where da fk is my hydra
  16. Where ( read )

    Because trust doesn't come easy to him. And he doesn't want to pay others. He is already paying 5 people.
  17. Where ( read )

    Once you are promoted to mod and are invited to the mod discord you will see how frequently he travels, atleast twice a month or so. We arent going to get players or old players come back after so many broken promises. Players have certain amount of patience before leaving. The OSRSgp tournaments sound fake in my opinion Mgt likes his money dont see him giving 1b osrsgp away like that. Next part: Should be ready "soon" I myself have been hearing that since March and it kept getting worse and worse. Went from 2 updates to 1 every 3 months because hes busy traveling it seems. I say dont put deadlines out if you aren't going to follow them. Puts stress on the developers and owner also other parts of staff when a player asks where the update is. 2) Makes players want to quit when its delayed a month+ shows the owner doesnt care. And for love of god remove pid.
  18. Where ( read )

    Promise weekly updates have been a thing since January we use to have updates 1-2 per month now its 1-2 per 3 months doesnt surpise me we havent seen an update yet.
  19. 99 Slayer * Picture Update! *

    Thieve? Imagine. Pig be gone Not my fault you didnt log in for 3 weeks i cba logging in lul
  20. Wondering ( question )

    Never said anything about it, just letting you know
  21. 99 Slayer * Picture Update! *

    Just saying nice lol.
  22. Wondering ( question )

    Most if not all the gfxmakers left.
  23. Suggestions ( updated 7/30/19 @ noon )

    Iron man mode - No not for a pking server imo Didn't @Broy00 suggest bone crusher a few months ago and you said you had it coded.
  24. 240$ Giveaway winners!

    rigged reroll!
  25. When is it?

    when did you become so professional
  26. When is it?

    Halloween of 2035 Just in time for the 40% bonus donation tokens