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  1. Hey there

    welcome back sir.

  3. Re work PVP tasks.

    Making it simple and clear @Owain Re work these. for the amount of kills you do and the little reward you get it's not worth doing. Give them the chance to get more money or some items as well make it actually worth doing
  4. Bug fixes, tweaks & upcoming updates 17-05-2019

    Looking good, alot of people will be happy they can lamp hunter soon.
  5. Notifications.

    Yes please.
  6. New Designs <3

  7. youtube rank?;D

    Nice video, if you want the youtube rank post it in the request a rank on the forums and should follow the following Must have a minimum length of 3 minutes. Must have "https://dawntained.com/" in the video description, left clickable by the viewers. Must have "Dawntained" in the title. Must be minimum 20 FPS recording Minimum 720p Quality The Video must not have white/black borders at the side when viewing it in full screen. Must not show the Top borders of the Dawntained Client where it shows the Dawntained Logo. 'Bandicam' text or any other video recorder watermark is not allowed, download Hypercam2 to fix this. Needs to be an exciting video that will attract new players to play the game. You do not need any subscribers to qualify.
  8. Some nice rng again

    congrats lol nice rng
  9. New Gfx Designs

    Maybe in your eyes but I havent seen enough of your work to say its worth 1.5m blood money or a osrs bond lol.
  10. New Gfx Designs

    What new forum lol?
  11. New Gfx Designs

    For a signature, lol still expensive
  12. New Gfx Designs

    Im good lol
  13. New Gfx Designs

    How much for a signature? In bm
  14. today was a good day

  15. Easter Event 2019 Guide

    Hello, Welcome to my Easter event 2019 event guide Before you talk to the Bunny, head over to ::Shops click the table - skilling and grab these set items Next head over to the event Icon Talk to the Bunny After that go down the hole Mine the chocolate deposits You'll need 10, once you've done that head over to chocolate crater and put them in one by one Once that is done use the bucket of chocolate on the egg mould Now you have completed that go back out the hole and talk to the Bunny Congrats on finishing the Easter event! *Bunnyman Mask is lost on death in the wilderness*
  16. [Spoilers] Game Of Thrones S8E2 Discussion

    I was shaking during the episode because they hyped it up as alot of main characters were going to die, but at the end we only saw Theon Jorah Lyanna and Red women and edd died I thought atleast Jamie and grey worm would die. I like the battle of the bastards more I honestly feel like the night king died to easy for a 8 year build up. I had a feeling Arya would kill the night king once the red women pretty much yelled BLUE EYES i had a feeling either him or the cersi It felt like dany and Jon didn't do anything this battle and that isn't in Jon's story line I honestly believe we will see the NK again before the season finishes I feel like episode 6 will be the war of dawn again.
  17. Ancestral Set Giveaway

    Goodluck everyone
  18. Current staff members

    Hello all, I've updated the staff team due to @hitpointz resignation Best of luck where ever you go.
  19. Blue Phat Giveaway!

    @josh7279 Congratulations on the blue phat.
  20. Current staff members

    Thanks Mlh. Thanks Usher
  21. Hello , looking for a sugar daddy

    LMFAO @Jam You thinking what I'm thinking?
  22. ideas to help server grow

    1, This is so people can actually pk and we as staff try make people aware we have ::blacklist 2, Should still say as a rule 3, I support. 4, lol 5, Could be a nice add 6, Could be a nice add but bots are easy to kill as of right now 7, I think Anti bot system should be reworked, and if you missed typed something and get a ban it should be 1-2 hrs at start not 12 8, I believe gambling limits are okay besides the duel one.
  23. Behind the Scenes - Global Wilderness

    I'm a skiller and a pvmer but I personally thing these should be a non safe place as-well but I've voted aswell cant wait to see this
  24. Vote Tickets

    I'd like more cosmetics and more value out of voting so we can get more people to vote nice suggestions
  25. 1st PK / Gamble Video Doctor Own + 500k Giveaway!

    Nice video, keep them coming goodluck to the winner
  26. [Spoilers] Game Of Thrones S8E2 Discussion

    That's a yikes from me.
  27. [Spoilers] Game Of Thrones S8E2 Discussion

    I can't wait for the battle, I want another hot scene so we can see Dany