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  1. For the last couple of months my account offers have all been in the region of 5-10$ donations for an extra 200-800k blood money. The last time I donated IRL money it was because I had an account offer of 10$ for 12 Legendary Boxes. This was around the time account offers were released. Have account offers been massively reduced since then? I'm just saying if you give people better offers on average, you'll get more donations on average... But what do I know, my name is Pooboy.
  2. No Bullshit Gorillas Guide

    Made video private. It's public again now. I have anxiety hi.
  3. No Bullshit Gorillas Guide

    Also at 0:40 I said "to contrast" where I should have said 'to match' because I'm an uncoordinated mess of a human being.
  4. Fantastic update, I hope the ancient armours stay rare. If the majority of people have them, the people without them will just be fucked. I love that there's new methods of obtaining Ancestral pieces. Perhaps we could add Raids 2 weapons to 50+ Wildy creatures? I.E. Staff from Scorp at 1/2000 and Scythe from Chaos Ele at 1/2000? PUT SKOTIZO IN MULTI-ZONES.
  5. No Bullshit Gorillas Guide

    Bring 3 items, don't skull, don't bring a +1 You need two attack styles, range and magic are easiest Don't let them get in attack range and you'll use no supplies Enjoy the lootations
  6. No Bullshit GWD Guide

    Get yourself a nice beefy blowpipe preset setup Kill the shit and survive until the minions lose aggression If you're low on HP, make them all die at the same time so you can use your preset Once the minions lose aggression you can put your DPS outfit on and AFK the boss for easy KC. ????? Profit
  7. The one at 1:20 was quite skilful. Rest were RNG or ZZZ. Nice though. Respec.
  8. The people voting trash are the people who gambled and lost their only AGS then cried because they could no-longer get easy PKs. Fuck off, don't gamble if you don't want to, leave it in-game.
  9. Suggestions...

    Row(i) collecting blood money is already on the future updates list. I'd love to see that too. As for the ancient warriors armour (Vesta, Morrigans ETC) I think it changes far too much. I would be open to seeing them used in a tournament or two though.
  10. Holy!! This is good drumming !!

    The exact kind of shit I'd get kicked out of class for.
  11. gf eco

    Clearly knows his Fibonacci
  12. Blowpipe at corp.

    This shouldn't be meta
  13. 200 IQ.

    No, he's a legend here.
  14. gf eco

    FR, I tip my Hats to this guy.
  15. 200 IQ.

    5$ says his dad owns microsoft EDIT: And his uncle is a JMod.
  16. 200 IQ.

    You didn't ask to be born but you were.
  17. 200 IQ.

    Context: I'm at GWD, he's calling for help in the CC and nobody see's it. He rages at the clan, telling us we must be 'def'. He says he's gonna get me banned for flame-baiting so I thought I'd post my perspective before he has chance to get his clearly enlightened opinion across.
  18. ::corp ::dks

    Necessary EDIT: Also make Row(I) collect blood money dropped by npcs. EDIT: Also re-balance Scorp / Chaos ele drop table to bring more activity to 50+
  19. Blowpipe Auto-retal

    When auto-retaliating against an NPC with a blowpipe your character will often run into melee distance to hit. I haven't tested whether or not this also happens in pvp.
  20. Blowpipe at corp.

    Outdps's Zamorakian Spear. Shouldn't. Fix. (Mild buff to ranged defence)
  21. Can we get a fix pl0x? NVM apparently it works.
  22. https://www.twitch.tv/skumdt
  23. If you're using a popular VPN it's possible that you were on the same IP address as somebody else that uses it.
  24. Inactive Staff?

    Glad you posted pictures or I'd never have believed you.
  25. The end of an era.

    Track name and artist? EDIT: Nvm found it.
  26. Another "Mistake" Made #ActualFlame

    I don't have the best eyesight but all I see here is 15 plebs attacking a decent player while spamming the chat like Boaty fanboys. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  27. rs nh

    Overedited but still nice clicks