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  1. yep you killed me once while i was in pvm gear, props to you kid nice cringy staff application brother..
  2. Yeah at the moment it is really hard to obtain infernal cape/Imbued god capes due to the playerbase.. They should lower the req. Maybe 500-750 for the infernal cape and 30-40 hybrid kills for the god cape. If eventually the playerbase picks up again i don't mind it being changed again.
  3. Never trust "Quick Specs"

    Appreciate it bro. Honestly i think he has the rank only to abuse and make people believe he's a trustworthy person since i'm not the only one he has been scamming. I hope it gets revoked.
  4. Never trust "Quick Specs"

    Seems like you aren't the only one that has been scammed by him, he's literally asking anyone to lend him items to scam them eventually.. Appreciate you bro.
  5. Basically this "friend" asked me to lend him my dfs and he ended up never giving it back. That's how sad/toxic some people are in this community. The sad thing is that this shield is 75 percent of my bank at the time and he doesn't care. Please someone consider removing his youtube tag, in my eyes a player like this doesn't deserve it. After a while i had to log out so i asked him the shield back since i had to go, he then refused which was already fishy at the time. I asked him to buy one from the shops for him to use and give mine back. The day after i asked my shield back again but then he started becoming angry and said he got cleaned and lost it all. (Also flaming me for no apparent reason) A day later after he's been ignoring me all day i've asked him yet again and he started flaming me again. Now a few days later he's telling me he already gave it to me which is a complete lie. I'm not crying about the 40k, it's just the principe.
  6. Selling rune bars

    Pm me in game, any amount. IGN: I Bundy I

    And now your deaths
  8. Why did he get banned lol?
  9. Yo when are you posting herblore & RC?