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  1. lmfao awesome vid, @Jaehaerys im guessing this is why people were alching their pets recently
  2. Expand Hunter Area

    yup +1, was quite annoying
  3. r0bin


  5. Great video man, the no arm surprise gmaul spec was awesome
  6. Bug fixes 22-03-2019

    LOL rip people who alche their pets 😭
  7. Fix Your Staff & Rules

    Well, I'm sure this goes for any server, different staff handle things in different ways, If theres any mod in particular you're speaking about you can always make a report and it would be looked into of course. As far as the Head mod role, it is meant of course to manage moderators/supports and make the rules to the server. As far as any changes to the rules recently, the only rule that has been changed is the spec/tabbing rule which is now just considered ragging if its done over and over again. Also, I'm not sure how you have assumed someones age when you say: doesn't exactly make any sense
  8. #Alpaca

    Rip brain cells
  9. vohcals legendary donator rank request

  10. Hunter Guide

    is it really?
  11. Lucky Duck vid 3

    Smooth switches, nice video man
  12. Yup. Too many complaints on it

    That’s a lot of editing but great vid man
  14. The pk Tab

  15. Small DP

    damnnnnittt, missed it
  16. Blood Key and Mini Blood Key

    Believe I’ve seen someone get an elder maul from it once as well
  17. Community Manager event ideas needed

    A lot of great ideas on here, I’d love to see HP Events happening forsure, the 1m osrs token idea is GOLD, can’t wait for that! To make forums more active I’d say bring some more fun ranks on here, veterans, myth, forum mods, etc. Last man standing is a great idea or like @Broy00said a fight pit would be great. I think some rewards that can also be beneficial to the server would be some PVP armour rewards to increase the number of them ingame to where people can PK with it and post awesome videos. (Imagine a PVP armour only hybrid tourny) as for teams I like what @Gachdracmentioned about the tournament and something to show off their winnings would be really cool (a cape, a trophy mount, etc) Maybe also implement a section on forums where they can battle each other and also post who wins, i was in a clan back in like 09 on OSRS called TLP and we had sharkbrew I believe where we would battle eachother and also post winnings / losses and try to be the #1 pure clan, was fun.
  18. The Grand Exchange

    Would be really nice. +1
  19. 6x streak at the gambler

    Well brb lol jk, that’s very nice dude some lucky there.
  20. I'm Yellow Hat

    Hey man welcome, Broy gave some good tips. Make some money gamble and pk a bit and enjoy
  21. 1 hour of revscavesers men

    Is good broderman
  22. Allow these items to be noted

    Doesnt do any harm
  23. Mystery Boxes?

    Sometimes the boxes are on sale so yes they will be in the main tab, but as far as the difference in each box like @Phuccmentioned is the items inside and the chance of getting a high valued item, starts off Mystery box being the least expensive having less rare items, then Super Mystery box, Legendary Mystery box, and the box with the most rare items Mega Mystery box (which was introduced with PVP armor). As far as pricing, I would say Mystery box goes for about 50K, Super Mystery box for 150K, but the ones that are sold the most often are Legendary mystery boxes (300K Ea) and Mega Mystery boxes (500K Ea).
  24. although I don't mind the first option it would cause a lot of ragging, the second option would make deep wilderness pking almost impossible lol.
  25. Help the Poor

    I agree more bosses would be nice, alot of PVMers out there. as far as the gambling, nothing we can its all on luck
  26. Dawntained Revival

    Reeeeee let’s do it!
  27. Buying Dinh's Bulwark

    I was joking lol but the offer still there!!
  28. Buying Dinh's Bulwark

    1m and sold