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  1. 240$ Giveaway winners!

    Congrats to everyone
  2. It's Ya Boi Varsity

    Welcome back man hope your enjoying where the serves at & heading
  3. Some nice rng again

    14 kills d claws
  4. Clue tab

    Great suggestion, anything that increases wildly activity is a +1
  5. Changes to Jad

    100% agree some more PvM updates need to be done
  6. Excited for these updates
  7. pk video its ok

    short but nice, good switches
  8. Hey there

    welcome back dude, see you around hopefully
  9. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

    good work
  10. Graphics Shop

    guys a beast, made my signature
  11. 492 xp drop with dh ???

    thats pretty high, my max is 89
  12. My goals for Dawntained

    lets get it
  13. Easter Event 2019 Guide

    guide is gud
  14. 1st PK / Gamble Video Doctor Own + 500k Giveaway!

    Great video man, gl to anyone who enters giveaway
  15. Vote Tickets

    Good ideas, +1
  16. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    I support this 100%, been trying to get this added ingame for ages. PvP armour should be used not just fashionscape, it’s too rare how it is currently.
  17. Corp pet

    Fk you
  18. Stop Lottery Sniping

    I’ve seen people chuck their entire bank and lose to someone with a 0.7 chance lol, it’s all on luck.
  19. New Casket Loot

  20. great updates, looking forward to the future of dawntained.
  21. yaaah yeet

    Not bad, keep em coming
  22. donor zones

    It’s already been in the works, I believe it will be coming soon.
  23. big pk sale

    boiii ill prob buy some claws if you still have
  24. PID Rework Suggestions

    basically this, I've noticed aswell the hitsplats are not in sync
  25. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    awesome update! can't wait to see the outcome
  26. [YT] New Series: ChallengeTained #1

    always great vids man, keep them coming forsure
  27. #Alpaca

    I like
  28. clue scroll item sale

    if you have any pieces of the darkness robes hmu ill buy them all
  29. When your #1

    big rip