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  1. Pk Video 6!

    absolutely man Adobe#8172 bro, add me
  2. Pk Video 6!

    absolutely, i really only made vids on here so that i could edit something, any time you want i'll edit for ya man
  3. Pk Video 6!

    yo thank you man, ill be doing vid 7 pretty soon, idk for certain yet
  4. Pk Video 6!

    Hey thanks man, I will definitely check you out, I use Sony Vegas Pro 15.0/Adobe After Effects, for anything more than rs I tend to use cinema 4d with after effects (for like 3d text motion tracking) and just use vegas for the cutting/panning/cropping. I'm gonna go check out your channel when I get off work today
  5. Olvi's mini pk video

    Diggin the pk vid
  6. Hiei The Pk [Vid 5]

    Always 1st comment
  7. First mini PK vid

    Great job! love the vid!
  8. Hiei The Pk [Vid 5]

  9. I got trolled by npcs

    I was laughing so hard though
  10. Hiei The Pk [Vid 4]

    tyvm man <3 ty man
  11. Hiei The Pk [Vid 4]

    Comment your username on here or on YouTube for a chance to win 100k!
  12. Hiei The Pk [Vid 3]

    I get that, but i'm not really going for much more than practice in some of the software I prefer to edit with. People seem to enjoy them so I will definitely try for some more unique content, but my main goal is to never touch a gmaul unless im picking it up off of the floor lol
  13. Hiei Pk Vid 2

  14. Hiei The Pk [Vid 3]

    LEAVE YOUR IN-GAME NAME DOWN BELOW AND ON THE PREVIOUS TWO VIDEOS TO ENTER THE 600K 1 - 28 GOODIEBAG GIVEAWAY!!!! - Goodiebag finished! Thank you to everyone who liked and commented on the video and participated in the giveaway!
  15. Hiei The Pk [Vid 3]

    dude tyyyy and congrats on super donor!
  16. Hiei The Pk [Vid 3]

  17. Hiei Pk Vid