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  1. 3 hours worth of slayer

    nice broy00 keep up the good pvming <3
  2. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    thanks for the feedbacks <3
  3. Hello!

  4. remove the 12 hour ban

    screenshot it next time and look at the picture when u write it down
  5. remove the 12 hour ban

    next time screenshot it and write it after or next time just relog if u dont get the message and she will come back and tell u it again.
  6. [OPEN] Jedzio's GFX Shop

    price @Jedzio
  7. Easy change to make presets easier to use.

    i support this i like the idea of it tired of clicking that dialog box aswell
  8. Development

    welcome looking nice!
  9. suggestions for a mini game

    i like the idea sounds like LMS would love to see a minigame like that inn the game
  10. custom shop!

    well if people is scared of people abusing it make them pay 250k bm for swapping and item that way people wont swap unless they really want to change their custom item like if they had ely and want vls. i also think that if people want to risk they are risking unless their not skulling.
  11. custom shop!

    i wanted to suggest that we make a custom shop, we allready have a pet shop for pet donor points. but what if we made one shop for customs would make it easier for people to get their customs ingame when they recived their ranks not having to wait weeks or maybe month to get it. Make a shop with custom ingame items: can be only regular colours or maybe also different colours types player allready suggested, if someone wants another colour they can ask for this at forums to be made. make the shop so u can resell ur custom item to the shop so if u ever want to change your custom item you can sell it and swap it for another custom?? how is the system today? today you have to request for customs and choose colours pretty nice the sad thing with this system is you cant change ur custom item, and with this new shop old players that have recieved their customs back in old days can change it for new items that is added later to the game like now the vesta's, zuriel's,vls.
  12. Luke Skywalker.

    nice colour!!!
  13. Hand cannon

    support i love the hand cannon, we got ballista but the feeling of pking with handcannon was amazing back in the days
  14. Instakill's Return

    welcome back!
  15. Hi everyone!

    welcome to dawntained william i hope u will like the server! pm me or any of the ::staff ingame if u got any questions
  16. No custom items in wild

    first of all stop flaming each other, second of all there have allready been suggested that when u die with customs u got to buy it back for some bm in game and when u kill people with customs u get that amount of bm they have to pay back for customs. if this update is going to happen im not sure about but it will help the new people alot so we will just have to wait and see.
  17. Hmmmm


    @jordvn if u get on discord and share screen i can see if i can help you through it and explain what to do. i will be online in about 5hrs
  19. Varrock PVP

    well im not sure if im gonna support this i like the idea but it will make the other spots less active and we allready got problems in finding fights at some timezones well u can find fight if u wanne kill the same guy over and over again but then u wont recieve bm or kill for it so.... im not against it, i would love to see it in the future but i dont think it will change ragging/bans because the people that ragging will not sit at varrock waiting for someone to tele inn, they will probably just stay at edge and keep doing what they have been doing the last feew months. but good idea when the playerbase raises.
  20. What kind of offer is this?

    lool stop complaining its a bonus, i havent had one of does in ages
  21. dicebag when u sell it

    how about making the dice bag buy able again from untradeables u can sell today to shop for 70k make it buy able back for 300k or something???
  22. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    In-game name: queen pker Country you live in: norway Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): to be honest it all depends on the day because i litterly play from 8am to 6pm between that because i work 1 month in real life and then i have 1 month off work. Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: the first screen tells game playtime and arriving. [note it says 4hours last 7 days because i have been on vacation for 2weeks normally its between 30-60hours i have had some off time on server some times so hours/days dont say that i know that. How many hours can you put in per week?: between 30-60hours depends on my life time situations. my current situation with my work is that i have 30 days where i can play kind of whenever u need me online or when ever i want. but i also have 30 days where im at work and this is the part i cant guranteed when im able to be online this can be me playing 1-2weeks online all the time, and i suddently can have 3-5days where u not see me online because of network issues where i work since i work at the sea. But i always try to log on when i can if not i would be able at forums/discord. Why do you think you should be promoted?: there is probably more people then me with more past experiences as a staff, but i have been playing this game for a year now and i are friends/talking to most of the staffs when they are online i love to talk to everyone. i talk to everyone about the game/life problems and try helping out where i can, if i cant help i always direct them to staff members i been playing with for a long time that i know can help them with their issues. i really want more experience as a staff member and have more responsibility in the community of dawntained. i love to help people out when i can and i think with more responsibility as a staff member more people will ask me questions, and that means i get to help people. i am often online when no staffs are online and thats sad for new people that need help or guidence in the game or donating. i think there should always be someone online to help new and old players. Lately we have lost 10-20% of the population and we all know the reasons for that, but lets not lose our new people that join lets make them love the game like we all do! Past experiences as staff?: some experience but not alot i been staff three times before but it was on servers that had low playerbase 10-40players maximum online. so i dont count it as experience really. on a populated server with 200+ online all the time you need to be on point and be ready when they need u because there is always someone asking questions. what should i be better to if i become a staff member? be more active on discord and forums i been more active the last 1 month but its not enough, and i know when someone got problems they might not be able to log on to the game and thats when u need to be there for them on the forums and discord.
  23. remove the gambler npc the game is dieing!

    ofc he dont want it to die but it makes everyone go there instead of going against other people. making it like makimum u can bet to gamble a day would make it better for everyone likee if u have 1m maximum u cant do to the gambler is 250k or something so people dont sit there all day long.
  24. legit to be true this game is dieing more and more for everyday, before there was a little of community u could go places and talk to people but right now there is basiclly no community left, what are people doing on dawntained? 1 they pking and obvious cant talk because they grinding, 2 they sitting next to gambler and dont talk. before when peoplpe was gambling they atleast was talking to each other and shit now people just sit there allday, yes the eco gets better by the npc gambler but its destroy community and more and more people are leaving. if it contiunes like this i see this game dead in a 2-3months. i been here for over 1 year now and i just see how the player population on server dropping
  25. make a new rule in duel arena

    can you please make a new rule in duel arena that says tent only??? because like its stupid how people can change their weapon when u say tent only and they swap to other weapon and crush u down 4 some reason.
  26. support help sugestions

    like litterly it takes way to long to get anysupport at all on this servers people are asking in forums chats how long is this gonna take been 2 weeks and alot more and never gets a reply this is donations, recoverys, and etc. what about making a forum mod that can actually go through this and reply to them and help them out so they can actually get helped im having the same problem right now with my support question. its way to much lack of support helping on forums.
  27. Summer of '18 staff feedback.

    Admins - MGT Madness- wish there was more updates Head mod - lovely guy and nice to talk to Tony- Moderators - Mrjustin- havent talked to him so much red- good guy rap: got a lil of rage he is a nice guy, no offence rap i talked to u after this happend and ur a nice guy but dont add people to ignore because they run on fp, if they talk shit feel free to add them, but it shouldnt effect that one day they need your help they cant talk to u because of some bullshit gambling. Broy00- Runite bar- Thirst- very nice guy, but owes me 400k bm Deb applez- Believe- Supports - Hephaestus- Thuggahhh- thuggash the greatest support of all time always helping always there for u. Hat-
  28. bank pin

    hello for people that have ::bank commands can you make it possible that the bank opens and u need to enterpin instead of having to go to the bank and enter it there, or make a bank command for everyone like ::enterpin (4433)
  29. I agree to this but the korasi idea is a nono for me
  30. Dawntained RSPS - Introduction, Guide & Tips

    Nice vis man