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  1. Why GAMBINOS is the best clan in Dawntained

    Lol rsps team.
  2. trash meme

    Hilarious D U D E!
  3. i paid?

    Who did u pay and it would've been good if you took a pic when u paid.

    Need more of these threads.

    It's 2017 and retards still posting killpics and flaming eachother over who's better on an rng based game xD.
  6. Edge Pvp has arrived! 02-06-2017

    Mgt 10 brews in edge new meta
  7. Show us your desktop.

    Still as retarded as you were before I see.
  8. Show us your desktop.

    You mean ''Predator''.
  9. 30-05-2017 Updates

    Great updates, keep them coming.
  10. ELYSIAN SS Giveaway - Banks

    You do realise that these people only say you have nice vids etc because they think they have an ''extra'' chance at winning that ely? As soon as you pick a winner and it's not them, they'll either unsub and pretend this never happend or just forget about you.
  11. I Hanter I

    Thank you, friends.
  12. Nation tries baiting brodar and fails miserably

    So i had just logged in after a nice walk outside (irrelevant information that doesn't add anything to the story). when i noticed a wild whale (bonus points on wild) but (minus points on whale because it's an overused insult). was attempting to pk at my ;;revs. (Your very cock rsps hybrid). We engage in battle (bonus points for using these kind of words). and it is clear i am the superior pker (going full retard, never go full retard). At just the right moment i go in for my d claw spec (what happends then, you see a unicorn? you win the lottery?). and smoke him for the lot, (you're fucking insane bro). instantly i am tbed and 15 men running (clanmanmode) to avenge their recently harpooned whale. (are you sure you aren't training Fishing?). Using my tactical skills i have mastered over the years (very confident boy) i didn't panic (what a god!) and managed to get a box on the green drags in level 12. (nutty!) Nation attempted to disrupt my box by running over the dragon and taunting me but all their efforts failed. (How can u disrupt a box anyways u just right click the dragon once after u drink like 50 brews and u sit there with negative stats hitting 0s on a dragon why do they run over the dragon as if it's gonna make you stop attacking it.) Nation, have a wonderful day mates and don't get too upset init. (Very well and educated guy, wishes the Nation team a wonderful day). p.s. mr blackhet tries playing the "i dced" card because of how embarrassed he was to die in 2017. (Shame on you!).
  13. I Hanter I

    Yo guys, I'm an rsps vid maker - https://www.Youtube.com/IHanterI (Shameless promotion I know) I've played ALOT of servers and I'm currently working on a video on a different rsps but when I finish the video I'm gonna leave the server because it's really bad so I'm kinda looking for a new server to play. saw MGT have ''pking server dawntained'' in his skype status and that got me a bit interested, Chris aswell gave me a Discord invite so thought I might give it a try. I'll be active on forums first and maybe I'll come ingame, if you have any other questions just drop them in this thread.