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  1. Dawntained Revival

    Can u change the pid system back to the old way it was where u can eat while the person specs and the hits don't appear before the animation of the wepeaon
  2. Recruitment for swarm

    Name: Meltdown Experience: Apegang/Impact KDR: 3.07 Discord [MUST]:grim#3388
  3. If im going to give my honest opinion on clark kent hes a helpful dude he'll always to respond to people in need and never failed to help them. I feel he would be a great improvment to the staff team and that the community would love a very active support/mod #clark for mod
  4. KRAKEN is decent money :)

    I might try this with max mage. Like with anscestrals etc. It actually look really good for money. Even tho Im not in need of money , bossing is still fun. Nice video nonetheless.
  5. Recent downtime

    Preach. Im so happy you guys stayed strong and did not give in. And also those are some sick updates.
  6. Pid fix

    Ok, so, I have been playing this game for way more than a year and there has been this one thing that has made me angry almost everytime I stake or risk fight. The pid. I really dont like how both hits go off from each side when the pid is really close. I would love to see that the pids get fixed because I do know that dying like this in a duel can really suck. It would also decrease the amount of ties by a load. The pid should be between the first hit and the second. Not both hits at same time. I would love to see this.