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  1. Buying some stuff.

    Hey @Tyrsorry, been real busy with work. I added you, will pm when you're online.
  2. Couple suggestions!

    I know, just takes a little time. And I'm aware of spec tabbing in Edge but I mean in general. And yes, animations would be swell. I think an inferno cave would be awesome tho tbh, I mean it's fun, we have twisted bow already but they'd go up in price if the cave comes out lol.
  3. Couple suggestions!

    Just a couple suggestions I've been thinking of Add an inferno mini-game, BUT make it to where the mini-game (cave whatever) requires 250 kills, and 100k BloodMoney to try. The 1k kill requirement is a little much I feel, but this is just a personal opinion. Mainly because my work schedule limits me to how much pking I can get done, and I'm really wanting that infernal cape. Make spec tabbing COMPLETELY ILLEGAL because this is ridiculous, you get in a fight and 9/10 times the other player will wait, spec and then be gone. That's stupid, and a waste of everyone's time whether it's just a game or not. Defeats the purpose of having fun. Add the animations for infernal cape, infernal max cape, and firecape ffs. Obviously everyone knows the animation, but just look at it. So beautiful opposed to our capes that don't even move lol.
  4. rap the worse mod

    He had valid reason. Why would he abuse powers knowing MGT can easily see why and when he muted?
  5. If you want to laugh.

    That dds spec lol.
  6. I'll never understand why people do this? He claimed to risk more than me, so I even grabbed a little extra "i was risking like 250k" He claims to be risking 160k, when I kill him I grabbed a whopping 36k! bank made. smh good thing he didn't kill me for 250k lol.
  7. RWT Question

    You’re not allowed to buy bloodmoney for 07, you CAN donate 07 to staff members for bloodmoney but that’s it.
  8. Looking to join.

    Looking to join a singles/multi clan. Willing to pay (reasonably) and do tryouts. Message me on here or in game, my username is same as forums name.

  10. Hello bois

    that name was legendary back in the day. dude was rich as balls.
  11. Donator Zone - Community Designed

    I like @MGT Madnessideas but for agility maybe 10% instead of 20? Everyone will be running around maxed out quick and risk getting bored perhaps? just a thought. And my only other observation is the money making etc, I’d hate to see the server get like the other servers and have the same lame ass ::do and whatnot. Dawntained is by far the best server I’ve played, without a doubt. I’ve taken breaks for my work schedule and been like I’ll never have time for this, but I always come back. This server is amazing, i just don’t want to see it have any risks of losing players etc by having the same boring crap you know what i mean?
  12. Buying some stuff.

    I’ll edit the post and add anything if I’ve forgotten anything. 3rd Age Melee Platebody and Platelegs. Ancestral Set ( Robe Top and Robe Bottoms ) Vote Tickets (100 at minimum please ) Arcane Spiritshield. Tentacle Whips. Ahrim Sets (No hoods ) Kodai Wand. Dihn’s Bulwark. Furies. Tsotd ( Multiple if possible ) Torag Sets ( Platebody and Platelegs )
  13. YESSSSS. :)

    This we can my friend.
  14. Garbo Bro

    this wasn’t meant to be any type of actual video, just showing i’m not complete trash lol. so i can try getting into a singles clan.
  15. Garbo Bro

    Just a small clip to show I'm not absolute garbage, so I can get into a singles clan. https://youtu.be/QO5GGGvf-5U
  16. YESSSSS. :)

    Finally, good job @MGT Madness you are a legend.
  17. Hola.

    No problem lol, howdy. Look forward to seeing you around in-game. suhhhhh

    Added you on discord.
  19. Got bored

    Wtf lol.
  20. Hola.

    I'm nowhere near new to the server, but never introduced myself. I go by Og Smoke in-game, I spend most of my time pking, but I like to skill aswell. I've been playing all together over a year, but I took a few months off cause of my crazy work schedule. Hope to see everyone in-game, have a good one!
  21. Recent downtime

    Awesome that we're upgrading etc, instead of paying the scrubs what they want.
  22. Buying D Tokens.

    Buying 1,880 D Tokens 5,500 each. pm me in game IGN- Og Smoke