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  1. Fix the Corp safespot.

    a mod saying safespotting corp is allowed... thats enough to want to quit the server right there. basically saying you dont give a fuck about the people abusing a bug.
  2. New clan Known Thugz recruiting

    I'm not much of a group pker, more of an edge pker. Would I still be able to join? I might join group events every so often. Solo pking can get boring somedays.
  3. banned

    probably answered the sandwich lady wrong. just have to wait the time out.
  4. Statuette collection

    you took a screenshot of a snippet. 500 iq right there
  5. Macbook Pro or Gaming Laptop?

    first off, dont but an ACER. 2nd of all, buy a desktop.
  6. Pray N Blood's GFX Shop

    Hello! I'm opening a new GFX shop for everyone on Dawntained! I'm a Graphic Designer for a living so signatures are done in about 1-2 days. Prices very depending on dificulty but the base price is 100k Blood Money for a simple signature with no animations. Animations add 50k to the price and go up from there, again, depending on difficulty. SHOW CASE : (Only Mine for now, more will come!)
  7. Corp Clan

    I'll join the CC tonight! Gonna have to work on getting gear for corp though. Poor atm but working on my come back!
  8. Hello, I've done some looking around on the clan recruitment section and havnt found any clans that accept edge or single zone only pkers. Is anyone aware of a clan that would be interested in recruiting a pker such as myself? 300+ kills total 200+ pure kills ~100 Zerker Kill