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  1. new pk vid up!

    As usual, great vid bro some nasty loots in this hoe
  2. Hi again

    C’mon guey of courseee lmao
  3. Hi again

    Preciate it G, #WS
  4. Hi again

    All fun and games, try not to butcher a brotha
  5. enjoy

    Good shit ma boy
  6. Phucc off whalermens!

    @ me next time lol dude has 1 screen of me and it's a 57 gmaul wowzerssss unavoidable didn't see last one. got fulled after a full fight in welf vs max, lol also unavoidable
  7. I am married and got a daughter

    you're highkey weirdest virgin on this server lmao. (hits 57 with gmaul, spams pic for eternity) meanwhile u get dropped hourly singles & multi
  8. Lmaooooooo who hurt my mans
  9. Who needs $70 anyway? Pfft.

    Ahh, the good ole ::rig. Should’ve known better!
  10. Time to say hello

    Definitely seen you in-game, through our blood key run Happy to see you on forums man. Welcome.
  11. Welp this happened today

    Give me 5m, no balls
  12. Had a fun time

    Sad. Take it easy man.
  13. Community Manager event ideas needed

    Considering not all events have to entertain a PVP concept, I'd suggest that a Hide & Seek event take place. It could go a little something like this, Hide & Seek Event Objective: Very simple and self-explanatory; CM hides in any safe-zone location on the server of their choice, (debatable if safe-zone or not) and the objective is for participants to find him/her -- Rewarded [x] amount of BM upon discovery of CM. Process: Before commencement, CM announces event beginning around 10-15 minutes prior Announcements are made with a special command, i.e. (::event *announcement*) so that announcements are in a different font/color for more attention After commencement, CM reveals subtle clues of their location, given [x] amount of minutes in between each Clues are no longer available after maximum is given, [x] amount Participants rely on clues to discover the location of CM Winner receives [x] amount of BM on the spot Rules: No questions are answered, all discoveries must be relied solely on the clues that were announced CM must have private chat off during event CM cannot move at all during event Participants cannot elaborate hints over ::yell If 2 or more participants find location of CM, and are within the same area -- the first to trade CM wins Extra Ideas: Instead of announcements being made publicly, the announcement for commencement could be made over ::yell and those who wish to participate can join CM clan chat for the time of the event Participants who win multiple Hide & Seek games consecutively can receive bonus awards If CM is found before all [x] clues are announced, the winner will receive a bonus award and the amount of the bonus is dependent on how many clues were issued. (i.e., 1 hint: 100% bonus, 2 hints: 75% bonus, 3 hints: 35% bonus, etc.) CM could wear cow suit, or some other silly cosmetic attire so that participants can be aware that he's easily noticeable in the location given.
  14. Normal Magicks

    Quote wasn’t necessary mate, it’s my topic lol. And yeah, the rune registration has been inefficient for quite some time now. Only for Fire Surge though, as far as i’m aware.
  15. Normal Magicks

    Hi Unaware if this is has been addressed already but I'd like to see if there was a possibility for a change in the God spells animations. As of now, there's no movement delay as far as when the spell is being casted. This is what the animation looks like atm: As opposed to Fire Wave, which looks like this: It's kind of annoying to deal with, and could be for the opponent as well. Being able to cast spells while moving would render a significant advantage. It could also be seen as a disadvantage to the caster, i.e. bridding because the opponent will be able to see your movement direction after casting. Also, the Fire Surge spell has a significant error. The symbol doesn't illuminate when combo runes are being used. Here's a current GIF of what the spellbook looks like when using Smoke runes instead of Fire & Air runes: Unsure if this applies when singular runes are being used. It just makes more sense to use a combo rune than to waste an inventory slot on an unnecessary rune. Anyway, it's more difficult to grab your attention with the darkened cast symbol. Also a disadvantage for hybrids. Would like for these issues to be addressed during Developers Monday meetings -- could encourage players to use normal spellbook more often.
  16. Scamming And Getting Ragged [VID]

    Ngl… I'm confused
  17. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    Agreed. New players are only given a DD to begin with. With the already off chance of actually killing someone given their superior foods and server experience, the gamble of comboing someone with a MSB -> DDS poke is just pathetic. I think it'd be nice to give new players some worthy leverage. Plus, it's not like anyone really uses d2h anyways.
  18. Sounds cool -- basically like a bi-hourly PVP mode for the server. Couple of things, though... What about all of the people who sit AFK for hours? I play at night and it's pretty common for someone to be AFK for hours at a time. Whether they left home, left their PC open, fell asleep, etc. Would players who've been inactive for a certain amount of game-time be excluded from GWE due to their ignorance of commencement announcements? Also, This seems like a pretty crucial method to make money. Would Edgeville rules apply to GWE, as far as far-casting and luring go? Would like to know before I submit a vote.
  19. The staking clips lmaooooooooooooooooo
  20. Is Jaehaerys okay?

    Ooh, amazing display of professionalism and support from our very own server support here at Dawntained. I’d love to see a mod vouch for that statement and openly admit that new punishments were advised to staff before community members were notified via the rule thread.
  21. Is Jaehaerys okay?

    Totally aware. Figured staff members would give the rule thread a visit, especially before applying. Someone laugh?
  22. Is Jaehaerys okay?

    No I’m just confused on the joke lol. cool story bout the chins though. Thank you so much for sharing??
  23. Is Jaehaerys okay?

    ...? Confused lol

    Dope vid man, nice loots.
  25. Is Jaehaerys okay?

    Oh, homophobic slurs in competitive banter isn't allowed? I must've missed that in the server rules. But -- let's say that it is in the rules, (which it isn't,) I believe this is also the rules though, as you can see for yourself here. Banter in small doses is fine. We understand that in the heat of the moment a lot of people can retaliate back. But when it starts to offend and continue on and on that's when it becomes harassment. You will be warned, however if it is an ongoing issue, you will be removed from our community. Punishment: 1st time - Warning, 2nd time - Temporary mute, 3rd time - Permanent mute. Increased the font size so you don't miss it. Where was my explanation, but more importantly, where was my warning? Because that was the only exchange of words I had with that player. Or is it protocol to hop straight to a mute? Did calling that player a faggot hit a personal nerve for you Jae?
  26. Is Jaehaerys okay?

    Guy muted me after asking what ragging was, I rushed with smite. Exactly why everyone challenges staff on this server btw. No explanation for punishment, no answer for my question. Just mute and log. That the standard procedure here at Dawntained? Probably didn't even think I was vidding. Lol @Jaehaerysyou okay bro?
  27. Fix Your Staff & Rules

    Maybe filing a report Here with valid proof of what occurred will attract more serious attention -- followed by an articulate suggestion of how staff members could be monitored and promoted accordingly. As for the actual content of your topic, I agree. A select few of the server faculty is scuffed as shit. I've had my own personal occasions with them.
  28. Price guide

    My point exactly
  29. I agree. personally, I don’t think there should be any wilderness rules. /: It’s the fucking wilderness drop or get dropped. My thoughts exactly.