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  1. Price guide

    My point exactly
  2. I agree. personally, I don’t think there should be any wilderness rules. /: It’s the fucking wilderness drop or get dropped. My thoughts exactly.
  3. Price guide

    Claws show for 80k in trade, lol.
  4. Small DP

    Mad I wasn't online -- reported.
  5. Community Manager event ideas needed

    Seems like a cool idea. Except, would it be too much to suggest that rewards directed towards OSRS compensation are optional? Asking for people who don't play Rs.
  6. Price guide

    Good update. It would be nice if these prices were implemented into the game's trading screen. Too many people getting schemed due to their ignorance of this guide...
  7. Community Manager event ideas needed

    I don't even multi-PK but this sounds cool, hell it kind of even encourages me to try it.
  8. 6x streak at the gambler

    I never won in general @Broy00Sick streak brotha
  9. staff application

    Poorly designed application IMO.
  10. Community Manager event ideas needed

    This -- also, an obby maul tourney would be cool; considering rpg events and slayer's staffs are added...
  11. Dawntained Revival

    I would only hope that updated rules are announced consistently and a pop-up is implemented the first time people log in since updated... Would be a shame to be punished for some bogus new rule because a toxic mod wanted to prove he's big and bad. Overall, I'm excited
  12. I'm Yellow Hat

    Welcome man.
  13. Though I like this and your suggestions -- why couldn't you just formulate your thoughts through a comment on This Post rather than creating your own topic? All of these spread out topics on the same subject... when one topic could gain a lot of support and acknowledgement...
  14. Help the Poor

    Agreed -- money making is solely donating and gambling. Would you mind commenting your thoughts on This Post Here and hopefully it gets some attention?

    2:08 LOOOLLL
  16. Allow these items to be noted

    Combat gloves would be nice... I was cleaning out my bank and it was a pain to repeatedly empty out thousands of mith gloves.
  17. Mystery Boxes?

    Most of these questions are for staff to answer, but what I can tell you is that for question 2; the more expensive boxes hold items of higher rarity and more of those items --- IMO, the boxes are rigged lol. I had a mega mystery box and at the end of the spin, it slowly scrolled over an anc. piece and 2 spirit shields before finally landing on an item of way less expense... I think it was an emaul. Since then, I decided to sell dtokens for an assured price rather than trying my luck with those damned boxes.
  18. Server Activity

    Thanks so much for your feedback! You made several good points, in fact I didn’t even think about buying/selling votes stimulating the economy? I just think if they’re tradeable than people would rather just buy than vote themselves. Thanks for your feedback! what I meant by vouching is to have players with some recognizable game-time prove that whoever’s applying for the position is involved and helpful within the Dawntained community. I was hoping the vouching method could go against the problem with staff having very little people experience. If there’s another way to prove that, I’m all for it! And technically, you are buying the items? I just think that as a donor you should be able to buy whatever cosmetics you want rather than spending around 400k to get a heap of random items with a few cool ones and some incomplete sets of trimmed armor. Clue caskets could still be a way for regular players to obtain those items!
  19. Server Activity

    Sorry. To clarify, I meant game time as in time since the account's been created. I also meant that time spent logged in would be taken into account as well, given an average playing time for someone. So let's say, for example, someone who's applying for mod position (250 days req.) has regular weekly playtime -- about 20-25 hrs./wk. 250 days is about 35 weeks. if someone's playing at 20 hrs./wk., they'd need to have about 30 days of actual activity before applying for the position. And of course I'd expect the same math is applied to other positions. Also, I think it's unfair to say that the server lacks a "bit," considering that early this morning I dropped the same kids repeatedly and didn't get kill count because there's no one else and the PK farming rule is in effect. Care to elaborate? It was well worth the shot lol.
  20. Chatbox?

    Yeah, that’s how I remember lol. When I first started playing, I remember you and Den Applez were a couple of the very few heavily engaged staff members.
  21. Server Activity

    As most people would've guessed by now, the server has undergone kind of a drought so to speak in terms of activity; especially within the hours of 8 p.m. CST - 12 p.m. CST. The peak player count usually totals at about 90 players, yet the Edgeville wilderness has (at most) about 10-30 players. As a PK server that's nothing short of pathetic and for newcomers to log into that type of activity mostly just log right back out to search for busier ones. I don't intend to bash staff with this post -- I'm more than understanding of the fact that people have personal lives that are more important than a game, but I'd like to share some thoughts as far as implementing suggestions for a more active and fun experience for everyone here at Dawntained, because I feel inactivity has to do alot with staff, server layout, and benefits. So please read, consider, and share your thoughts. Staff As I'm sure most people would agree -- staff aren't always as helpful as they may try to portray. Regardless of who, it's no doubt that most staff members reply to threads and posts to boost forum count and give positive feedback rather than enforcing rules or helpful information for both experienced and new players. Though I'm sure they try, there's been constant occurrences where questions go unanswered because either staff is uninformed on the situation or feel like they don't need to do anything. In my own opinion I suggest that these changes are implemented immediately. As of now, staff applications are held in the Announcements thread as replies to a "sign up" post. I think that applications should be posted in the Submit A Request thread to make it more obvious to players who are ambitious in taking on that role and responsibility, whilst giving applications an actual platform than just replies to a post. I also think that staff positions should require more than just proof of game time and a time-zone. Staff positions should be offered to people who evidently make the server a fun and non-toxic experience for not only themselves but other players; so requirements should be boosted; e.g. below. Info position: Minimum of 90 days game-time, via ss of ::old Minimum forums post count of 100 Proof of 3 in-game references who vouch for this promotion with at least 30 days of game time, via ss of their vouch + ::old Proof of voting a minimum of 5 days in the same week, via ss of ::claimvote in-game. Moderator position: Minimum of 250 days of game-time, via ss of ::old Minimum forums post count of 200. Proof of 10 in-game references who vouch for this promotion with atleast 30 days of game time, via ss of their vouch + ::old Proof of voting a minimum of 20 days in the same month, via ss of ::claimvote in-game. Along with these requirements, I think it should be expected of staff members to keep up with both in-game activity and forums activity, constantly implementing posts and replies in the Suggestions thread. Donor Zone As most donators already know and suggested, the donator zone is rather bland and nothing much of a boost up from ::home other than a thieving stall and a max dummy. While most donating privileges are held in the donator shop, makeover skins, ::yell and pets, I still think that an improvement to ::dz would be necessary especially since there's donors who've spent hundreds of dollars on the server. I have several suggestions in terms of tweaking up the location to promote the idea that donating would be beneficial to new and existing players, thus increasing the chances of donations, which would also be putting more money towards time and efforts into continuous updates and game developing. Slayer monsters in ::dz -- with a heightened drop rate of 10-30%, depending on donor rank. Cosmetics shop sold for donors only, featuring items that usually would be obtainable through clue caskets in ::shops. (obtainable by regular players) Shop for recolored items, i.e. whips & dark bows, etc. with a fee to recolor item and a choice of colors for the player. (unobtainable by regular players) More thieving stalls with increased loot, depending on donor rank. Voting Voting is a vital part of a server due to the simple fact that the power of promotion is groundbreaking. Opening up opportunities to be visible on server-promotion sites are bound to attract players, thus making Dawntained accessible to more people via ::vote. My ideas to make voting more of a requirement than option are listed below Untradeables, e.g. fire cape, void, barrows gloves & defenders should be transferred to vote shops. Untradeables, e.g. fire cape, void, barrows gloves & defenders should not be able to be traded between players. Vote tickets should be made untradeable, to encourage players to vote themselves & consistently in order to save up for desired items Untradeables sold from vote shop should be lost if player died deeper than lvl 20 wild, making them vote in order to regain items. (unsure if this rule is in effect, but I figured I'd throw it in anyway. These are only a few suggestions that may encourage a more active server & staff, making Dawntained more of a fun experience for everyone. Personally, I think it's unfair to everyone who's spent money and time on here for the server to still hold back on beneficial updates, bug fixes, and a powerful staff team in order to make an experience like that happen. Please feel free to add on as you will to what you think should or shouldn't take place. I'm only trying to help.
  22. Hi

    Thanks! & will do.
  23. Chatbox?

    That's actually kind of sad considering this server used to be pretty active; staff included. Weren't you on the staff team?
  24. After roughly 400+ days, I quit :(

    Take care bud.
  25. Hi

    Hi, yes, I'm a shit pker we all know it but I was so unbelievably bored that I decided to make a pking video. Never done one of these before but I've always wanted to try editing and whatnot so please watch and enjoy Also, forgive me for the first clips little explosion edit lmaooo that shit is so ugly and I totally forgot to delete. SN: I know the intro says pk video 1 but I probably won't do this again lmao not unless I get a more comfortable chair and mouse or something
  26. I'm back! :)

    Well, that's you. Thanks for sharing!
  27. I'm back! :)

    Saves me time. each account has different brid and rng setups for different combat brackets, so it definitely benefits me in terms of saving time for changing stats/gear setups.
  28. Chatbox?

    Been off for a while -- what happened to the forums chatbox? lol
  29. Legendary Rank

    In game name: Phucc Screenshot proof of your Donator rank in-game: