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  1. Sign up to join the staff team!

    In-game name: Icymink Country you live in: United States Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): 5PM - 12AM Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: In Screen Shot How many hours can you put in per week?: 20 Why do you think you should be promoted?: I have been playing DT for almost a year now and I am very knowledgable about what goes on and how to help. I know there is a problem with toxicity and blatant racism and I would like to help fix that. I am knowledgable in the tech world as well, which comes into help with bug reports as well as glitches users are experiencing. I do my best to be involved in a positive way at all times. Past experiences as staff?: Staff and Admin in multiple servers, RS and other, of communities as large as +15,000
  2. My Staff application

    Besides, it's likely that he has been playing for longer than December and just created an account here.
  3. How did this server become like this?

    Uh huh - wrongggg
  4. Instakill's Comeback!

    Welcome back!
  5. owner apply man

    oh no no no
  6. Suggestions

    1. TBH - I do not know what an account offer is. 2. This is sort of happening already - Support 3. This is also confirmed - "Trading Post" - Support 4. I support, I would like to see a change in items - There are some changes coming 5. I think that the money sink of it makes sense - piggybacking off of @Den Applez- I think a scroll could be implemented, if you want to join an "elite" pking clan, you pay the 50k and change it to the clan name only, clans could sign up on and have a list of titles to chose from 6. I support 7. I support, ::removeRS makes sense 8. Support 9. I agree with this, if done correctly. MGT announced that Targets will have a chance to drop boss items, which is cool, maybe a person on a 15+ kill streak will have that same opportunity.
  7. Ten Five W

    Hey Ten! We have ave already met in game - glad to see you are on the forums too. let me know if you have any questions about anything! I also boss - if you ever wanna make some BM let’s go!
  8. dreams introduction

    Hello! Be quiet
  9. owner apply man

    Who r u

    Nice! I dig the stubbornness and fighting instead of running!
  11. I support this. He doesn't carry the same weight without a buff.
  12. I second this. Also - Zulrah is coming I believe
  13. Remove or lower the minimum stake percentage.

    That is true as well. I think that there is a negative any way we look at it, however, which way will impact more players less?
  14. Loot from 100 Zilyana

    That's interesting. I wonder if we could get a price buff for the blades.
  15. Loot from 100 Zilyana

    Nice! Lots of blades, kinda nasty. No hilt
  16. Remove or lower the minimum stake percentage.

    This is tough, as MGT has a good point. If new players get cleaned, they often churn out. However, I think that this is a bit on the restrictive side. Possible solutions: Restrict on bets over ~50k MB Allow players to opt out of this restrict(likely would still result in churn) Set up a 'vault' for players to deposit a certain part of their net - eliminating a clean
  17. Goodbye

    Damn, wish you the best. Will you still be around as a player?
  18. Icy

    Damn! Thats a sick fact - thanks!
  19. If anyone is selling, please add me ingame Icymink NEVERMIND - GOT THE 99's!
  20. Icy

    Will do! Appreciate the welcome! Thanks!
  21. Loot from 100 Cerberus

    Oh nice! Not bad loot tbh. Are you doing another boss next?
  22. A Lucky Antirush

    Damn! Nice job there.
  23. Loot from 100 Cerberus

    Not bad! How long did it take?
  24. Dawtained Warbands

    I agree with this. Also, maybe spruce up blood key?
  25. Pkrz K0 banned from dicing.

    I would recommend reaching out to a mod via PM on discord. This is not the best place to be noticed.
  26. How did this server become like this?

    If this server sucks, why are you here and not playing OSRS? Beats me.
  27. Hello everyone I am back

    Hey @Throne, welcome back! It's great to see you back!
  28. How did this server become like this?

    Yikes, you sound like the problem. Enjoy.
  29. Instakill's Runite Ore Goal

    Great job! Glad to see you back around here.