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  1. Cartel 3-0

    Why would I wanna fight someone who boost kc at edge, waste of time...
  2. Dawntained - Pure PKing + Giveaway

    Thanks for the support everyone, Will be taking notes for the next video also fixed the quality so hopefully it's more watchable Thanks everyone for commenting on this post you guys have entered the 50k giveaway will pick the winners soon.
  3. Excuse me for the quality, will be fixed within the next couple videos!
  4. Cartel 3-0

    Seen one of their members boosting KC @ edge before so I wouldn't be surprised
  5. Tragic 'Account offers'

    Haven't had an account offer ever, so you're lucky you even got one.
  6. Tekashi69

    He has shit music hope he gets locked up for life imo
  7. In-game Name: Angelus Timezone: EST Do you have a mic?: YES Do you have Teamspeak 3&Discord?(MANDATORY): YES Bank value?(picture):Why does this matter? Lmfao, 200kish Any vouchs from BBE members?:No
  8. christmas discount?

    exactly what I said
  9. Screen Fix?

    And that shit didn't work you can't come out with a client optimized for people with bigger screen (1920 x 1080) Edit: Found a fix just downloaded the windows client and it fixed the screen
  10. Screen Fix?

    Anyone know a way to fix this besides going full screen..(Client is small)