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  1. i love coming back to dawntained and showing them whats up
  2. boring revs spec tabbing

    currently at revs, its way too easy to spec on ur opponent and tab on their specs without taking any risk because of royal seed pod remove seed pod, ive noticed after the seed pod was introduced the whole tabbing on spec things started. basically a form of ragging. TLDR: remove royal seed pod --> ppl use glories and its more risky to tab on their spec so u would rather try to out eat it.
  3. this is the kdr of henri, its kinda obvious u guys pk on alts because on ur main all u guys do is plank lol hence why both accounts had 0kills 0deaths. ONce our mastermind leader (keytracker) noticed what u guys were "trying" to do, acting as if we fake kills we dropped of the kill and let it go. Stop wasting time with doxing / faking kills and actually give us SOME competition thanks
  4. Bruno got promoted to mod!

  5. Verji Breaks Gambinos

    . Bustdown is a 3man team :leopard mex and kysfam neither of them have died i think
  6. Verji Breaks Gambinos

    Tankzidtian died to bustdown 2x verji members died to gambinos All of this happend this week Yikes yikes yikes
  7. Better then anything u will ever produce retard
  8. Elvy wtf u doing beside planking, corrupt staff much?

    Only got 17 does that work asswell
  9. Magic Axe Hut 23/03 Ft Black Day for Gambinos

    Would be a great video if there wasnt involvment of any clan merges which ruin the fight tbh very unfair Solidtag+darkgang+goofs+bbb
  10. Gambini elvi nooby asf #verji

    This LOL hes a gambino reject dont take him srs
  11. I pay 100k osrs if u zpyman on pissaboyz
  12. Verji Hits Elvy at Revs 1-0'd

    In the clan tony said off for retb lol
  13. Verji Hits Elvy at Revs 1-0'd

  14. Verji Returns to Slap The Competition Ft Elvy/Gambinos

    He died so he isnt with u guys BUT if he killed some1 it wld be a 1-0 kk, he was always in cc pking with u guys stop denying lol
  15. Verji Returns to Slap The Competition Ft Elvy/Gambinos

    Nice to see verji comming back, gl in wildy Idk all if the ppl u killed claiming everyone is a gambino member lol, bannig or w.e died on a half if u werent informed yet. If they say i 0wn wild isnt in elvy, he used to be in their cc all the time same with amay. Just lying i guess Chessgang getting out of raggs sjeessh
  16. Gambinos Part 2: Pizzaboys FT. Audio

    let the spy network begin
  17. Gambinos 7-0ed by BUSTDOWN

    thanks dude
  18. Gambinos 7-0ed by BUSTDOWN

    Cya cya cya cya
  19. Pizzaboys VS Gambinos Standards ft. Audio

    WHAT LOL DID U EVER KILL ME?LOL can u show the full kp im legit confused only person i need is beat #solo makes free loot
  20. Pizzaboys VS Gambinos Standards ft. Audio

    kinda cute how u count me as a clan TEAM BEAT wins again cya cya
  21. what a bigger problem is the elysian spirit shield and the colourd version of it giving the player the benefit to have a strong advantage over ur opponent by not risking shit ely is way too op and way too easy to obtain about the spec and tab stuff i'd say let a mod whos good at nhing and pks regulary at revs, so he can decide if its constant ragging and getting annoying or sometimes ppl risk their hp be4 they spec and tab immediate otherwise they will get fulled/ die to a ko. so the current rule is demotivating for solo pkers/ lowmanned teams

    how do u lose 2 ancestral sets to gambinos lol? nordin carried btw"closed bd"? 😂last time i was on and fought u guys pretty sure one of u died for 500k to me 😂empathy are free loot/ gang bang is empathy member ps y dont u make a decent single video
  23. #Cartel

    stealing clan names nice
  24. Bustdown Back / Singles Dead

    just unfair at this point

    you re gambinos u braindead ass shldnt even be allowed to type retard 2-0 at mb btw
  26. Step up to La cosa nostra

    atleast 10 of u guys die each day but no one is botherd to make a topic/video on u guys

  28. Gambinos Venture to Singles

    😂 i rlly dont care but yh if u wanna take this srs i can asswell and kill ur team 😎