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  1. Dawntained community PK Video ?

    Really good idea, a bit pissed that you beat me to the idea haha but everyone should definitely enter this, its a great idea.

    trails must be done, what is this 2012. gl anyways
  3. Ban me ... I fuck ur stupid server

    haha, i mean why does the server have to ban you if you hate it that much, just simply leave. 12 year old kids.....
  4. Suggestions

    Thanks for your input, i mean on your first disagree i mean a lot of bm comes into the game regardless of how much account offers, people donate 100$ a week witch is like close to 5m, its all about peoples life choices if they spend there money on a game. thanks for commenting.
  5. Lost 1m+ risk fighting.. +GIVEAWAY

    nice video man.
  6. Suggestions

    No idea if these suggestions below have been suggested so im sorry if i say the suggestions that others have used. 1. The account offers are sometimes good but its really rare, the mostly 31k and i mean i just suggest that they come more often or at least be better as you can go weeks without one. 2. The tournaments at home are selected out of 1/9, what if you added one of the tournaments were people had to pay like 50k to get it and the reward would be much bigger. 3. Player owned shops, now i know that there will be an issue as there a shop that you can buy the in game items with, now to fix that you could remove the shop, replace the npc with the player owned shops npc and that would make things such as pvming worth doing as people would have to go pvming for the items or use the shop, but for things like twisted bow that have not been added to npc you could probably keep the shop for those items. 4. The vote shop: i probably would add items in there that are better than sleds and easter rings that are pretty much a cosmetic and should be added to the caskets. and add things like Halloweens for obviously a lot of vote tickets, and potentially make the tickets untradeable. 5. ::title should be added so that clans can have there clan name at the side of there name, but obviously make it so they have to pay 50k-100k for the title and the higher donators can have it for free just like it is now just without the payment for lower ranks. 6. Now this is just purely because i been hacked before and its shitty, i think the home tutorial should make you put a bank pin on your account or have a authentication to an email set up. 7. Not a major suggestions but you can make the ::redskull command last forever until they go to ::clanwars to remove it, or have a ::removeRS command that only works 20 seconds after being in the safezone 8. i think the highscores that you receive 25k from should be reset every month 9. Killstreaks: how is it that people get more for killing the person whos worked hard on the killstreak than the person who worked hard and gets barely anything, i think you should rethink the killstreak system reward. Feel free to disagree or add your own suggestions below and ill edit it and add them on.
  7. Pk vid

    nice video man.
  8. 10 2nd Tom's Videos

    great videos, keep up the good work.

    You have been accepted. -Although i do understand you left the discord so message me back on final decision.

    Now RECRUITING as of the 17/05/2018

    Hope you guys enjoy the video, took me a while cause i had to rebuild to do the video.
  12. Pure Hybrid | vid

    Nice video, keep it up.
  13. OLMET/ (&)

    Decent suggestions
  14. Dawntained Pure NH #2

    Very nice video man, Keep it up
  15. 1(2) Million Bloodmoney giveaway

    Thanks for the giveaway. Also nice video 50m in 1 day jesus

    Hope you guys enjoy it, i tried making it a lot more better and cut down as possible. should be 720HD so be sure to check that out for better quality

    Hey guys so i just decided to do this video as a bit of fun, hope you guys enjoy it. I am going to be fixing the side bars ect Watch it in 720HD and click the middle screen view on youtube for better experience when watching it.
  18. Placeholders, Skill cape perks & More 27-04-2018

    very nice updates mate.
  19. Revamp on the vote shop?

    i litreally 1000% agree, i was speaking to my brother about this and we was saying it basically may aswell be called cosmetics and a few like other items. the items in there are pointless in my opinion. i do feel we need something in there we would use more often.

    Trust me you was already in it before u asked. Funny cause i remember i created this 4 years ago and i never actually played ikov
  21. Road to 1M bm ep 2 : pure pk vid

    Thanks for the advice I be more careful with the cuts
  22. Hope you guys enjoy ep2, feel free to watch ep 1 before jumping into this video and feel free to give critism and suggestions.
  23. INFORMATION We are a multi clan We use discord only Entry is required (50k) All blood-keys will be shared. RULES -Do not attack any members of the cc -Do not break any of the dawntained rules -Listen to higher ranks HOW TO JOIN? Fill in the format below Layout: In game name: Do you have accessibility to discord? Do you have a mic for discord? Have you been in any dawntained clans? Do you accept all the rules above?

    thanks for the advice, ill implement them next video.

    The video will be in 720p- 1080HD just let it process first and the quality will be great, hope you guys enjoy it and ill do more things like this -Any suggestions are always appreciated.
  26. Hello :)

    Hello, i have been playing for a while its just that i only just signed up to the forums. Hopefully i will be making youtube videos as thats just what i like to do and ill see you guys in game. Feel free to add me Ing: Prizmayt