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  1. The Forum's Goal

    There really buggy lately since new update
  2. There's no team on here anymore , we've all left
  3. You joined the server late, no competition wish you you guys would of been here last 2 months . Was fun and active
  4. Pure Nh Vid #1

    Vid not available?
  5. Inferno Boss

    Much more things to do before that
  6. Server ddos

    Hopefully it gets resolved quick
  7. Donator zone/Dungeon Guide

    Nice guide
  8. Baws Pure - Riskfights [1]

    Nice loots bro
  9. 20 hour rollback due to shop exploit

    Donors got refunded what they donated for ? if they donated 50$ and got the tokens , there tokens were rolled back but there $$ they donated wasn't. So yes of course there tokens were refunded
  10. 20 hour rollback due to shop exploit

    Imagine the guy who won 150m and got rollbacked . "Rare drops" were refunded but stakes from possible duped money will not be . No way to tell what was what.
  11. Buying bulk vote tickets

    I can sell pm me in game
  12. Reckless

    Check our thread feel free to app
  13. Paranormal - Single Dominance.

    Good luck
  14. Reckless

    This team is closed btw
  15. 20 hour rollback due to shop exploit

    Either this or eco reset ?
  16. loot from 200 revenants!

    How long did 200 take
  17. Back in the early days of Dawntained

    Monkey ?
  18. Good stuff man, still think the pvm could use more then 25k /hr. I think 2 hours for an ags is almost insta log out for most players . (A lot of people feel staking is the only way to make money) Which is imo true other then risk fights - Adding demonic gorillas to west of graves and making them best money maker in game (challenging.) unlike how you can afk at revs . Create 2 active single spots. - Maybe some kind of bonecrusher / that auto loots bones and hides from dragons -green dragons drop multi bones and auto loots at easts drags

    Nice vid
  20. few things that need fixing ASAP

    1. It's hits on the same ticks happens all the time . It's because no pkd aswell 2. This usually doesn't happen to me but it has , stay at 121 it helps 3. The following gap you were most like @ revs and there's a lot of objects that obstruct pathing therefore you couldn't freeze
  21. Open cc what do you expect lol
  22. The Crew

    Declined. Feel free to pm me in game for reasons why.
  23. DawnTained Pk Video

    ^^ Cleared
  24. Lots of Suggestions

    10/10 boy hopefully ? gets to work.
  25. The Crew

    Accepted as trial Accepted as trial Accepted as trial Declined
  26. freezing while running needs to be fixed

    Never seen your name at revs before , seems to me like you pk with an open multi cc lol
  27. freezing while running needs to be fixed

    You've obv never single pked on this server
  28. freezing while running needs to be fixed

    You realize you were out of range the whole time ...