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  6. Hello everyone! Today i will be hosting a pure pk tournament. The idea is simple, every player will pay an entree fee of 125k, this will add up to the final pots. We start of with 16 players. Every round is 1 vs 1. Your opponent will be picked randomly in the first round. There will be 4 rounds + 1 for the 3rd-4th place You can use any any setup / spec weapon you like but be aware, every item you lose in the tournament will be your loss! Every item you loot from your apponent will be yours to keep. If you signed up but you are late for your fight, it is considered a forfeit and your apponent wins instantly. Prices. first place -1250k second place - 500k third place - 250k Rules: You must be combat level 86 You can't tab/run out, this will be considered a forfeit! Every fight is a deathmatch If you aren't fighting, you stay out of wild ( if not you will be disqualified and jailed till the end of the tournament ). No magic alowed. Comment your ingame name below, the first 16 names will take place in the tournament, pm me ingame to pay the entree fee. The tournament starts in exactly 30 minutes after posting this thread, so make sure you're ready. I will teleport all 16 of you to me when we start. Goodluck everyone and may the odds be ever in your favor. Due the low applications the tournament will be hosted on a later date.