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  1. 5m Giveaway!

  2. 0:33 seconds, rush praying, bet the staff just commented "nice vid" without even watching this guy breaking the rules lmao
  3. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    Does that mean my fucking help thread that has weeks now will be answered? Or are you gonna keep avoiding solving it
  4. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Admins - MGT Madness- Doesn't do shit. More than 1 week on my forum thread and still no answer and have also gotten multiple mods to try and get his attention about it and nothing. Same as old, donations are what matter. (Also, if you hire 4 damn developers, its about time you stop being busy with develop stuff and instead manage the forums and the server itself since you barely give anyone else power to help you do it) Head mod - Subarashii- Sub4Admin, great head mod and great staff overall. Moderators - Clark- Seems good, maybe a bit too hardcore on the whole staff thing but overall a good mod. 1 pk in 22- Don't see him much/interact much, no opinion. Jedzio- Don't see him much/interact much, no opinion. DualBoot- Good mod. Queen Pker- Good mod. Thuggahhh- Thuggahhh4HeadMod, by far my current favourite mod (might also be because i know him for a long time ). Gramatik- Don't see him much/interact much, no opinion. Hatorade- Don't see him much/interact much, no opinion. Supports - Josven- Good Support. Spectral boy- Good Support.

    Good stuff, keep it up
  6. Fix Presets

    Change your stats to pure stats, reequip your gear and resave the preset. It saved you as 126 combat, thats why it is always loading 126 instead of pure stats so just gotta remake it with correct stats
  7. Trash talkers.

    Nice video, gotta brid me sometime
  8. Back in the early days of Dawntained

    Platform as normal player saying "Damn" report for flaming Kappa
  9. [fix?]

    Fixed my guides,thanks for the heads up
  10. is getting help when muted impossible?

    Don't make threads asking to check your appeals,simply wait. Already replied to it.
  11. Sup fellas

  12. just a quick how ya goin

    Welcome fam!
  13. Lots of Suggestions

    Made me proud with this list 11/10, good job fam!
  14. freezing while running needs to be fixed

    That is out of range, he had gap on you,only your friend had gap on him because he was in front of you.
  15. Talked with you yesterday Welcome fam
  16. 0 lamp 0 boost max

    Congratz on max cape and awesome progess!
  17. Hello Community

    Welcome Jordan! Hope you enjoy Dawntained
  18. Small server issues!

    Welcome first of all, and we are aware that the current bank system is not the best but our developers are working towards adding the osrs bank system with bank placeholders in the future but as Groot said, it will come eventually since it is a really big update and requires a lot of testing for bugs and making sure it is ready to go.
  19. The "Random Ban" problem.

    This problem has been fixed. It will no longer ban you from using all accounts and instead will simply ban you from logging into that other players account so that is probably not the reason you both got banned.
  20. Voting Suggestion

    I like and dislike this idea. Making votes more overpowered obviously is very nice because it incentivates people to vote but at the same time if people start exploiting this by vpn voting or other methods then it will contribute to ruining the economy. Also, if these boxes did give all these items then that would mean more item flood into the economy and honestly I feel like that is already a bad idea so maybe if this did go trough, we would give only specific items to try and maintain the prices of the main traded items. But nice suggestion nonetheless!
  21. It's Your Boy...

    Hey there!
  22. Good work hopefully no one is planning a 3 computer heist :3
  23. whats competition?

    This boy popping videos like popcorn! Good stuff fam
  24. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay on the server

    Dope! Keep it up fam
  26. skilling & slayer & stuff

    Thanks a lot for this list! It will for sure improve the server As for the bank placeholders, they have been requested but it is an update that can bring a lot of bugs and dupes into the game so it is a long thing to develop and will eventually be added once it is fully ready!
  27. Laters fams

    Goodluck in everything in life Vippy, i'll miss you BibleThump Always stay strong buddy!