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  1. Can I receive my custom? Not in bank or inventory. @Subarashii @MGT Madness
  2. Ancestral Set Giveaway

  3. Ancestral Set Giveaway

    Afternxxn is the winner!
  4. Blue Phat Giveaway!

    Casper you won! Con graduations. Get online and claim your prize!
  5. Buying Avernic Defender

    How much?
  6. lootermen

    That’s pretty legit. So many karambuams on the floor!
  7. yaaah yeet

    Nice video!
  8. Pk Montage #1

    I change it back and forth I like to feel like I am playing 2010 RS
  9. Blue Phat Giveaway!

    Winner: with post #13 Casper’s Dad! Claim your prize when online. All you have to do is comment your ign on this thread for a chance to win!
  10. Can't wait for 40% donation! Super stoked.
  11. Behind the Scenes - Global Wilderness

    Whatever you think is best
  12. Make 100m at ::dice
  13. ideas to help server grow

    A much overlooked problem. It is nearly impossible to get a start in pvp when everyone owns you.
  14. Hello , looking for a sugar daddy

    I ain’t sayin she a gold digger
  15. Behind the Scenes - Global Wilderness

    EP increase 10% per rank rounded down since you are likely using integers. Max it out at 60% for the last two ranks thus the max would be 24EP/30sec. Obvious would be multiplied if in hot zone.
  16. Behind the Scenes - Global Wilderness

    Will donors receive a boost?
  17. Pk Montage #1

    Found this cool feature in windows photos to make custom videos with background music, enjoy
  18. Thanks for the update! I still think players would appreciate a quick write up from an admin or owner. It takes two seconds of your time to write a few paragraphs about status. Overall I have faith in this development team because of @JasonI remember him from rune-server days. @Owainlooks familiar too
  19. Vote Tickets

    Good point I completely missed that fact
  20. 1st PK / Gamble Video Doctor Own + 500k Giveaway!

    Great vid, keep it up!
  21. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    I’m glad you keep it real ❤️
  22. Vote Tickets

    Proposition: Make vote tickets more valuable. Suggestions: Implement new/different/more cosmetic rewards - Introduce items that required 250+ vote tickets Make vote tickets sellable to shop (ex 250 coins each) Let's make Dawntained great again
  23. donor zones

    I second this. Would love to have more functionality / more gp makers for donors. Hope this gets implemented soon :3
  24. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    See what I did there?
  25. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    Chrismas came early!
  26. Bone Crusher

    Quit forgetting about QA time
  27. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    @Jason I support degradable pvp weapons. How would the degradation work; hits or equipped timer?
  28. Sign up to join the staff team!

    In-game name: Akathepro Country you live in: USA Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): Mornings / Afternoons / Evenings depends on how much work I have going on Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: How many hours can you put in per week?: I can commit to at least 8, but most likely near 15. Why do you think you should be promoted?: I am a loyal rule-abiding player. I do not start fights and always try to be friendly to other players. At the end of the day, we are all real people behind the computer screen so I would not tolerate personal attacks/rule breaking. I also have extensive knowledge about the game. I have played 286 hours total and have been a member of dawntained for 378 days. Past experiences as staff?: I have owned multiple small RSPS. The largest peaked at around 50 players online at one time. I wrote code end to end as well as managed staff and the community in game and on the forums.
  29. New PVP weapons

    Would you support new PvP weapons if they were not outrageous or silly?