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  1. Yes, yes, the server isn't dead. But nor can one claim that it hasn't been on a decline in recent history. This isn't a shitpost, I am interested in hearing the thoughts of players and staff on what they think the issues might be, and what we can do to help resolve it. Is it lack of updates/caring from the Owner? Is it a corrupt staff team causing issues? Is gambling causing players to lose their bank and rage quit? Is certain wilderness/game mechanics making the game too unbearable to play? Like I said, this isn't a shit post. The concepts I listed are random, I'm genuinely curious to see what people have to say. As someone who enjoys this rsps and having invested a fair amount of time into it, I would like to see it survive, but not only that, grow. There might be topics similar to this, I'm not sure, as I was too lazy to look. Maybe the owners/developers can take some good feedback/ideas from this thread (given people actually read it) and try to put them into consideration.
  2. Target drop table

  3. Let's Talk GOT S8

    love got
  4. Update Issues

    Prayer randomly draining for some, not for others. Attack options bugged. Surge Spells underpowered All of hunter not working no customs recieved dclaws spec timer nonexistent comp cape kill drops 100k dont need 99 hunter for max cape duel arena bugged
  5. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    Once client is fixed^:)
  6. Increase Spellbook swap usage

    I rely on magic cape a lot for solo Pking, would be beneficial.
  7. Truex but just means if someone gets a logout when escaping, they can log back in immediately wotj much lower risk.
  8. Also @MGT Madness, the dragon claws spec timer is bugged and you can tab instantly
  9. Inferno as... a fun pvm event? Or to get the cape? I like the idea of the cape remaining 1k kills, otherwise everyone thats got it that way will have been moot.
  10. So many great changes, the only thing that appeared weird was removing tb on logout
  11. Event Guides?

    Blood Keys are always lost on death, you still keep your +1. Only 1 blood key spawns at a time, they disappear over time. If a player dies with the key and the killer doesn't pick it up, it becomes visible to others after 1 minute.
  12. Clans?

    The main two multi clans are indeed Daniels and thechosenfew.
  13. Event Guides?

    Blood Keys, worth 50k, spawn in multi. The locations are Rogues Castle (a little northwest of ::chaos, Lava Bridge (NorthEast of ::Chaos), Chaos Altar, aka ::elders, bandit camp (northeast of ::west or west of ::gorillas and chaos dwarf spawn, which is east of vetion. Grabbing a key teleblocks a player for 24 hours, and anybody can attack them, regardless of risk. The objective is to “tank” the key by escaping the wild. Resulting in the key value of 50k. skotizo is somewhat similar, but instead of just grabbing the key and running; players must kill skotizo, with the 2 highest dps getting two mini blood keys, worth 25k each, and a chance at dfs and elder maul. 4 skotizo spawns lavadragons - ::lavadragons and north to 38 wild revenants - ::revs and north to 32 wild and 2 mage bank spawns, both at 50+ wild. south mage bank - underneath the mage arena north mage bank - west of the mage arena, east of wilderness agility. Unlike blood keys, skotizo always spawns in singles. let me know if you have any quesions.
  14. Ways to revive the server

    Well preferably DT can make a reSURGEnce in activity... hah... get it.
  15. Clans?

    Are you looking for singles clans, multi clans, casual chat/pvm clans?
  16. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    I was told it should be tomorrow.
  17. V O E R Introduction :D

    Hello there.
  18. bob the builder can we plank em? V2

    proxy planker
  19. In sorry

    King Bean was highest, he had 1200+ and had an alt with 1164? and I think ended up suiciding on his alt to himself lol
  20. Where do people brid?

    ::revs is one, but be wary of people spec tabbing and teleblocking. Sometimes 44s as well, but the same risks. Otherwise edgeville and ;;pvp
  21. Pure Pking Fundamentals

    Getting the knowledge about double and even triple eating into the community is beneficial, given they read it. I still come across people who don't use kawambams or even brews in pure fighting with risk, and it's especially important in pures when the damage income is high.
  22. 5m Giveaway!

    Traveler liked and subbed under Solus89IMO YT
  23. Yeet

    the booting is literally for minutes while server does lag testing...
  24. when Staking goes wrong.

    Staking/Gambling is a sin and should not be practiced. Na i’m JK, i pesonally will never do either. I just hate seeing whem my friends get cleaned and quit cuz of it. Gl in upcoming stakes, share i tbed