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  1. Oh boy..

    You did see this line right? " For anything else that isn't noted on this list, that doesn't mean that it is allowed. Anything that a staff member considers worthy of a punishment will result in the punishment being decided by said staff member. " So with that being said, if the staff member that did punish you thought it was worthy of a small 1 hour mute, that is why.
  2. Re-Introduction

    Welcome back mate, i Remember you well.
  3. Love the updates, and can't wait to see what is next
  4. Hi

    Welcome to the forums mate
  5. My old Dawntained videos

    Welcome back :D
  6. Instances

    I like the instance idea, it could be used as another money sink > +1 however dont put a limit on an instance, rather pay to have a private instance.
  7. cya

    Do you even lift bro
  8. Wilderness Slayer Guide

    very nice guide, i was actually in the middle of making one, but now there is no need, good job mate :D
  9. Issues starting Dawntained?

    Have you tried deleting the cache and allowing it to re-install again?
  10. cya

    I'm sorry i just seen " wax in wax out " and i died laughing.
  11. Me alone for Blood Key - gg Josh

    nice mate :D
  12. Good RNG @ Ice Strykewyrms

    not bad at all mate, recently got the tormented demon pet on my 81st kill :D
  13. Some people may not like this song, but what are your opinions on it? I Personally Thing the beat is pretty great
  14. Cant wait to see what got taken into consideration or what got yeeted across the decision table :D
  15. Weird Statistics

    Out of pure curiousity, since we know who the most active in the game was, who is the most active on the forum in the last 30 days?
  16. Where ( read )

  17. Behind the Scenes

    Thanks for the information/communication - Really glad about this new update and can't wait for the future ones. In this thread already I can see some things I would be grinding on the daily. Thank you and the rest of the development team for all of your hard work making sure you can bring these updates to us.
  18. Weird Statistics

    Totally off topic. On topic - really awesome stats, They are great and hopefully only increase :D
  19. Nice Update, Really like the price decrease on the imbued rings and especially the changes to the Wilderness Resource area, as players would be in F2P and you would not be able to attack them. Really excited to see what the next update brings.
  20. Where ( read )

    We may never know why @MGT Madness does what he does, mostly in part because we never get an explanation, but besides that, we are never informed, and well you know the rest.
  21. Where ( read )

    This is where you are partially wrong. Yes players might leave if they join right now, however if you think a server is ever " finished " then you are wrong. Patience and trust however, they are losing because of the promises that weren't delivered.
  22. Where ( read )

    According to this photo, I have yet to see the promise. You want a server that was once thriving and now dead, to be thriving again. Put your Effort into it, keep your promises. If you want to say " things take time " think about how long the server has been like this for, and no improvement. enough of the excuses, the server can only change if we all work together. keep the promises, do the updates, and most importantly advertising/bringing players into the server. Every time I log in I see players who need help and staff who don't respond right away or for a while, I understand if they don't respond right away but when there are only 20-60 players, come on. I LOVE this server, but its not only the players job to help with the revive. We need updates. We need the promises to be held. And we also need staff that are willing to do there absolute best. A player spends a few minutes on a server and can already tell whether they like it or not. Lets make sure Dawntained is the server anyone can log onto and like. #players #teamwork PS - if you cannot keep a promise, by all means don't make one. We players rely on them. We trust you, you should also trust us, but with everything being promises + no results. It's Hard.
  23. Danieltatis - A new Clan

    both my alt and I are in, great clan.
  24. 99 Slayer * Picture Update! *

    We are officially a team.
  25. 99 Slayer * Picture Update! *

    even though that it is extremely noticeable that you don't care, I'm going to say thank you!
  26. Wondering ( question )

    still never hurts to ask
  27. Wondering ( question )

    Was wondering if anyone could create me a signature with my name and surroundings based on slayer - would be appreciated just let me know
  28. 99 Slayer * Picture Update! *

    absolutely mate! loving it already, getting some great loot, sadly no larran's key's yet, however i'm hoping that changes when I wake up
  29. 99 Slayer * Picture Update! *

    Thank you mate, as I said I hope to get a couple hours every day to come onto the account and do some slayer! I don't understand why some people don't like the update, I'm loving it! will update it tomorrow with a picture for sure