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  1. Increase Price

    i support, skilling on some things does need a little buff, some players come for the player base and pvm not for pking and some enjoy skiling more then pking
  2. Dharok's tournament

    umm. usually what a tourney like this does, they put a buy in + host throws extra cash in. 1st and 2nd takes all but 1st place more obv

    welcome back and nice vid mate,
  4. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Thanks everyone for the opinions, i try my best to be as helpful as i can. and @Harry surprised you don't see me much im always on
  5. remote request :P

    forums rank given, please fill out the format on the YT rank request
  6. Mikki [ WATCH 1080P ]

    he already did his youtube rank befor =p and nice vid again mate
  7. Agility and Farming

    yeah lol same here
  8. dawntainedrsps pking #2

    nice vid mate, was little laggy but can always be fixed for future vids
  9. dawntainedrsps pking #2

    nice videos mate, looking forward to more
  10. Youtuber rank - I slap her

    rank given, nice video mate
  11. Dharok's tournament

    yeah ill also change to 1st and 2nd places i will be adding 500k to the total pot! and there will only be a first and second place winner!
  12. Road to 1k DH Sets

    good luck mate
  13. Dharok's tournament

    Prob going to change time/date till we get more players, and add the 50k per person and also some of my money too for the 3 winners
  14. Just insane RNG

    nice video mate
  15. Tekashi69

    im not sure lol
  16. youtube rank app

    Given nice video mate
  17. Rank request

  18. Firemaking

    Yeah then if it does get re-vamped then people will start botting the skill and we will lose more players.... so... i think its fine how it is... unless they give a small reward for reaching 99,100mxp,200mxp
  19. youtuber application

    Thanks Hatorade for giving rank
  20. Delete Accounts

    Yeap… correct lol
  21. Delete Accounts

    yeah it would cause a big dispute on the topic as Jedzio said " someone hacked me" "forgot my username" "why wont my username work"
  22. youtuber application

    it says you have been promoted recently, so ill leave this open and we will wait till the rank expired to re-new it, have a nice day
  23. ranking up

    nice vid mate
  24. Weekly/Monthly Slapping #2

    nice vid mate, keep em coming

    nice vid mate hope the give away goes great
  26. Dharok's tournament

    We can change the time of the tournament depending on which the most amount of players will be on to take part
  27. Max Hit DH 100

    i thought you could
  28. Small Give away

    Nice vid mate, hope to see you join back
  29. Dharok's tournament