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  1. 10 min gfx

    looks good
  2. My pet grind so far.

    Haha yes i did lol was so annoying
  3. what is ur job ?

  4. Time to say hello

    sup mate, welcome again
  5. Broadcasts, bug fixes & much more 04-04-2019

    very nice updates also looking forward to them all
  6. Dragon Knives

    Yeap, they are coded the same way as osrs has them coded, they can be nerfed but they wont be for the fact its the same as osrs
  7. Well of Goodwill Ideas needed

    agreed, but instead of raised xp for skilling, maybe give them rewards for 100m/200m xp 100m xp earned you would receive 200k bm 200m xp earned you would receive 400k bm something along them lines. me personally every item a player receives from skilling should be sell able to the skilling shops, and some items should be raised on price pvming maybe a slight increased drop rate for x hours as hat said depending on your donor rank ingame/votes done something along there. will add more once i write down some and think of more and best way for them to be advised out
  8. Zammy Pet Loot

    nice mate, keep on showing progress
  9. Dragon Knives

    they are the same as in osrs,
  10. Hello , looking for a sugar daddy

    But do what?? 🤔🤔 anyways Agreed with hat😂 (jokes) anyways that was yeaaaaaarrs ago
  11. 😢 Revive Dawntained 💖

    Nice vid mate, keep them coming
  12. Yellow Skull

    agreed with hatorade
  13. Dawntained Revival

  14. Bug fixes 22-03-2019

    Thanks for the fixs!
  15. Allow these items to be noted

  16. Price guide

    Okay haha good deal (:
  17. agree with hat and jaehaery convert it back for now and then rework it and re-bring it back to live
  18. Price guide

    ahh, my point then i have had a few come up and say " price guide isn't made by staff i don't trust them" lol
  19. Price guide

    Figured guides should be from current staff, so players are not like "they ain't staff they don't know prices"
  20. Price guide

    Updated again, added some new items, changed some prices
  21. Community Manager event ideas needed

    May mention some that was already said, but some of the events i had in mind would be 1. hp events as said befor 2. Lms (last man standing) aslo mentioned 3. Mb event, (mystery box event) starting with 10 start up food and players would open instant mystery boxes to receive gear/pots/weapons to use them to fight against their opponents, after one fight is over they would receive a new set of boxes/start up food. 1 legendary box/9 super mystery boxes or which ever decided on, 4. Not really a event but maybe add rewards to skilling for 100m/200m completed 5. tournament events like we already have but ones CM can add the prizes in or anyone else that wants to donate a prize, something like my dh tourney i made and still is open on ::thread13185, But it would help by once sent into the tourney area it would give a set gear and invi that players can move around to fit their liking. will edit this to add more ideas
  22. Bug fixes 15-03-2019

    Very nice Thanks a lot Mgt and dev team!
  23. staff dawntained

    whats this for mate?
  24. Vorkath 4 ways

    Nice vid broy i recently did it for the heads,
  25. Chatbox?

    It has been down for a long time,