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  1. Deep wilderness activity!

    This server is great in almost every other part, but the server has constantly 350 players online and there is legit 2-4 guys in deep wild only ( outside skotizo ). Myself and i know many others who enjoy pking in the magebank/agility course / resource area locations. This server rlly needs a motivator to ppl to go deep. Easy fix, add some good drop table monsters all around deep or something rewarding for Pvmers and pkers both. Thisway we can get some activity outside of edge aswell. I think this has been suggested so many times but no actions are not taken place and the deep count literally sits in 2
  2. Deep wilderness activity!

    @hatorade fuck the revs, place packed with single clans, we need depp action revs are lvl 30. Like magebank area. Add some sick ass monsters there with that drop table!
  3. "Fall" Pure Nh Vid

    Like it bro! <3
  4. Wilderness Suggestions 101.

    Agree with all of this! we need deep wild activeness, boost the table of battle mages , add some shit there legit. Super good ideas!
  5. The Gambino Crime Family

    #Gambinos ayee
  6. Im part of #gambinos now, so focusing on max main pking and vidding but here is 1 more pure nh bid!
  7. I decided to do nh brid video, since my comeback hope you enjoy it!