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  1. In-Game PM's

    This would be a nice idea to implement, good suggestion.
  2. Name Changes

    Maybe for a specific donator rank as this could be very annoying if people could buy a name changer and are able to use capitals.
  3. Blood money picking item

    Or both ways, BM shop / donator store.
  4. Make pickpocket the first option

    I agree, this would be a big cause of auto-clicking. An annoying and unfortunate situation.
  5. Some Suggestions

    Some decent suggestions, the new orb would be good.
  6. Hello.

    Welcome G, enjoy your time here at Dawntained
  7. Hello :)

    Welcome to Dawntained
  8. For Players applying for staff.

    I understand your point of view and I do agree, sometimes it's good people yell to let people know they're there to help but not every 5 minutes or so. There is a clan chat / ::staff command for this.
  9. 150m+ pked | 5m giveaway

    Nice clips mate, good job

    Nice video mate
  11. Sommer Ray Appreciation Post

    Pull out NFS ^ haha
  12. Blood money picking item

    Maybe it could be a perk you could donate for or purchase via in-game BM, or like extreme's plus get the perk for free too within their rank.
  13. 2 Factor Authentication

    Could be an option but I don't think it should be forced upon us to use it.
  14. Possible Economic/Pking/other ideas

    I like 6,7 the rest aren't a need of an update.
  15. Pking suggestions

    That's the RNG, I think it is consistent but not a high consistency to hit high, with pures my experience is I don't think they should be buffed, mains not so sure. It all depends on your defence armour and so on.
  16. Make SS useful

    This is a reason this role has limited commands, no support.
  17. What a nice pets.

    Grats on the pet mate
  18. what 40k can get you

    Nice lucky win
  19. New player OP Luck?

    congrats nice RNG
  20. ELY PK

    Nice pk man
  21. Hello Dawntained

  22. Nice video mate, do a episode to building a bank.
  23. New Rapper to Dawntained

    Welcome man
  24. hi

    Welcome to Dawntained
  25. introduction

    Welcome to Dawntained
  26. introduction

  27. Pizzaboys ft Gambinos Donating Sets

    Sweet haha, nice clips
  28. Gambinos 7-0ed by BUSTDOWN

    Sweet video mate keep up the good work.
  29. Katee & Bean multi pk vid 1

    Nice video keep them coming