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  1. youtube rank

    hello guys I have more than 15 vids for dawntained in my yt chanell and there is vids 930+ viws I have pking vids and money minigames and bossing I will play a lot so all I needi is the rank chanell name: nixus11 if u want to see all the vids go to my chanell and roll down to see all vids ry so much have good day:)
  2. request a rank

    I have alot of vids u can chieke u can go and see how many vids I have and how many minutes
  3. request a rank

    hello mgt and all the modes iam and old player and I have like more than 20 videos for dawntained iam super donator and soon extreme donator so I thin I have to get youtube rank that will support me my last vid was good like 300 viws so pls give me youtube rank I have 20 videos and it was great and perfect channel name : nixus11 ingame name : nixus11 thanks
  4. [Giveaway] Dawntained Package Giveaway

    I think I deserve that casue iam 242 old in the game and I dream a lot about thise items and iam poor in almost every thing so please I have to win thise and gl all ty sir pls make my dream cometrue I will save the money