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  1. Mysterious Emblem Upgrades

    this would be very interesting to see buddy
  2. Crazy luck on doubler.

  3. Eggheads RETURNS!!!!

    Yes We have returned!!! The O.G clan that used to work together as a team and supported our members! We are a professional group of people that take care of one another and stick by each others side. We take pride in being eggheads and rock the EH motto till we die! If you join this clan and take pride in being an eggheads member and give it your all you can expect the following! -Friendships - special Bonds - KEYS -Blood money - FAME - AND MUCH MORE! FOUNDERS - Tony,Throne
  4. Hello Guys!!

    Welcome brother I am sure you will enjoy your stay here.
  5. A small achievement! :)

    nice man that is a nice achievement to have right there
  6. Exp lamps

    the amount of time is in place for a reason sir. so people are not snagging 99's left and right and cant just buy their way to max.
  7. Hello everyone of Dawntained I wanted to make a brief message announcing that I am back to Dawntained. I needed a break mostly because of IRL problems. I thank everyone who supported me while I was away and I hope to see everyone out there in Dawntained in the near future. I will be posting a video in the near future explaining things more in depth. thank you for your support. -Throne
  8. Animated Projects.

    very nice id love if you did some graphic work for me
  9. Icy

    I really hope you enjoy your stay my man
  10. I'm Tanner

    Damnnnn that's some nice rng you got there my man
  11. Multiclan Btw

    bye have a great time
  12. Dawtained Warbands

    this would be interesting.
  13. My new video

    nice video man keep it up
  14. Pegasian Crystal Price increase

    I support this idea sir. Not a bad suggestion my kind sir.
  15. First Dawntained Edit!

    not a bad video man
  16. Event Manager

    Id love to be a part of this 100%
  17. OLMET/ (&)

    custom 200m cape would be awesome

    nice man keep it up
  19. Vetern

    Your moderator
  20. Vetern

    you have to have either a years playtime or be ex staff for veteran rank.
  21. Hello Dawntained! just reaching out to you! to see who has made your time on Dawntained the best experience? Feel free to post below
  22. Completions cape-

    Completionist is a supreme donor rank item.
  23. Jad and Jad Pet

    yeah only BM my man. you have to also trade in capes to get pet.
  24. Does Jad drop pet?

    I wouldn't mind if jad dropped pet.
  25. Making BM

    vote/pure pk/corp/Cerberus decent