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  1. Clan rivalries move things around. Fighting worthy opponents is why i played this so much.
  2. A picture that's worth MORE than a thousand words.
  3. big hits feed

    Freaking 96 against a guy i died 6 times in a row to. Unlucky AGS specs were at last redeemed by Dharok's "robes".
  4. BH/WildySlay/Task items into BM shop

    I don't mean to squander the devs' attempts to make Wilderness/Task pking great again. However, i am worried that ubiquitous items such as the Toxic Staff of the Dead, Spirit shields, Ring imbues and even the Occult necklace can't be obtained by trading with Blood money. This sure does discourage new pkers / donators who wish to pk as soon as possible, and keeps a low playerbase economy distorted as it is. My suggestion is: Bring some BH / Wldy Slayer / PVP Task items into the blood money shop (not taking them away from their current locations), so that a steady flow of items keeps into the game. I'm sure prices could be easily agreed upon between players and devs, and that it would be beneficial to the current server state.
  5. Insane RNG @ Tormented Gorillas

    Back to back to back Zenyte jewellery.
  6. You guys made Ely great again. AYY AYYY AYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Tremendous update, and i appreciate the presets a lot. Now go make Elysian great again, and quit both the lame "You need to risk at least 20000 blood money to attack" and "NPC pj's BH targets" crap.
  8. Ouchie

    I have died to Call Me Prod many times. Mostly because of pking skill, i mean, he's a nice nh pker and stuff. But i've decided to try him after he got a blood key, and...
  9. Good RNG @ Ice Strykewyrms

    Came back because of 3x event. I get this in my first kill.
  10. Good RNG @ Ice Strykewyrms

    In a span of just 5 kills i got these... Did i really take just 5 minutes to do that?
  11. Extra Ancient Statuette per target kill is an awesome addition. Thanks!
  12. cya

    Uhh cya i guess. Gl boxing (either IRL on another RSPS). PD GODDAMN i missed the drop party :'v
  13. 240$ Giveaway winners!

    GZ guys
  14. Danieltatis - A new Clan

    Hello. I've decided to move up and come with a new cc for those interested in: Multicombat PvP. Events like Blood Keys and Skotizo. PvM and skilling assistance. Just join the cc ( Danieltatis ). There's a discord link in the description.
  15. 240$ Giveaway to 6 winners.

    POGGERS First time i've seen this kind of giveaway. Hope that many participate.
  16. Buy back untradeables

    Glad to see new players posting here. Their voices must be heard.
  17. Bounty Hunter times

    As you know, items such as imbued rings and the ACB have been transferred to the Bounty Hunter store. The time between target assignments, and the time to kill (can be large due to targets being at home) is very large. I suggest the following: Lower elegibility time to 5 minutes. Don't give time penalty for skipping a target that has been outside of the Wilderness for over 60 seconds.
  18. Occult Necklace and Light/Heavy Ballista

    Occult requirements have been lowered, however, both Ballistas are still expensive stuff.
  19. Excellent job. Glad to see you guys were online and improving upon our online comments. Hopefully our next updates won't startle the playerbase.
  20. Ok devs. Update is amazing, and i am having a great time with the target system and the new sound. However, there are two three things that surprise me: Glitched animations for Vengeance and Dharok's Greataxe. Look, these are common animations, and it's shocking to realize nobody saw this before the update. Economy fix AKA "It costs 75% of the item's value to purchase it back from the Buy-Back shop." That's a steep penalty for the use of Untradeables (talking from a new player, not an Uber donator standpoint). It also neglects the respect attained by getting the imbued god capes/infernal/max capes. Does it make sense to skill/pk in order to get an item that costs 5k per death? Guess i'm joining the Obby cape team for a while. Lo and behold, 2FA is STILL not enabled.
  21. So, we all know that both the Occult Necklace and the Light/Heavy Ballista are items obtainable at the BM shop. However, they are not used as often as i'd like. I have two suggestions to encourage the use of them: Make the Occult Necklace into a PvM drop (perhaps from Vet'ion or Mage Arena) to increase their circulation (in over a year here i've pked more Amulets of Torture, that including hybriding). Lower the store price of both the Light and Heavy Ballista (Light around 15-20% and Heavy around 30-40%) so that they are used more frequently.
  22. Killing Corp using only recoil

    WTF MAN this is astounding. Best PvM clip in the server by a mile. Congrats.
  23. Tournaments.

    Bump, i mean, please check LMS beta in Oldschool RS, it is amazing and it would be really great to have here
  24. So, i've been pking with Dharoks since i began playing this server. It was really hard for me, and i got really worried when i ended a session with 5-10 sets at the bank. However, i've improved with it, and after all that time i've managed to hit this accomplishment: Two hundred. Two freaking hundred DH sets from being an absolute noob. This doesn't mean that i'm that good. Sometimes, i get really lucky... One of those really lucky kills.
  25. Road too michigan989

    Twenty seven kills, and a sizable chunk of them with your clan/other accounts as support. Nice.
  26. Selling Elysian, Arcane ss @ PM

    Usually logged in as Danieltatis. 1x Elysian 3x Arcane SS
  27. Presets command

    As you may be aware, the Presets button has been moved away from Information, and that means an extra click for gearing up. Suggestion: Add a Presets command ::preset or ::pre so that we save those clicks.
  28. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    Both (Mystery Boxes permanent items, Global Wildy degradeable items). Be careful when programming degradation, so that items won't be extended forever.