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  1. So, we all know that both the Occult Necklace and the Light/Heavy Ballista are items obtainable at the BM shop. However, they are not used as often as i'd like. I have two suggestions to encourage the use of them: Make the Occult Necklace into a PvM drop (perhaps from Vet'ion or Mage Arena) to increase their circulation (in over a year here i've pked more Amulets of Torture, that including hybriding). Lower the store price of both the Light and Heavy Ballista (Light around 15-20% and Heavy around 30-40%) so that they are used more frequently.
  2. Killing Corp using only recoil

    WTF MAN this is astounding. Best PvM clip in the server by a mile. Congrats.
  3. Tournaments.

    Bump, i mean, please check LMS beta in Oldschool RS, it is amazing and it would be really great to have here
  4. So, i've been pking with Dharoks since i began playing this server. It was really hard for me, and i got really worried when i ended a session with 5-10 sets at the bank. However, i've improved with it, and after all that time i've managed to hit this accomplishment: Two hundred. Two freaking hundred DH sets from being an absolute noob. This doesn't mean that i'm that good. Sometimes, i get really lucky... One of those really lucky kills.
  5. Road too michigan989

    Twenty seven kills, and a sizable chunk of them with your clan/other accounts as support. Nice.
  6. Selling Elysian, Arcane ss @ PM

    Usually logged in as Danieltatis. 1x Elysian 3x Arcane SS
  7. Presets command

    As you may be aware, the Presets button has been moved away from Information, and that means an extra click for gearing up. Suggestion: Add a Presets command ::preset or ::pre so that we save those clicks.
  8. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    Both (Mystery Boxes permanent items, Global Wildy degradeable items). Be careful when programming degradation, so that items won't be extended forever.
  9. Stop Lottery Sniping

    Lottery is supposed to be a way for poor players to become rich. And although lottery sniping is sure a fun deal, it shows the fact that Lottery can actually be used by rich players to either presume or get richer on a system that has better odds than doubler and many others. Suggestion 1: When time until award is below 3 minutes, limit the amount of tickets buyable so that a player can't buy to odds above 25% at winning Lottery. Suggestion 2: Limit the maximum blood money amount usable by a player in Lottery to around 100k-200k blood money.
  10. IGN: Danieltatis Dragon claws starting from 300k bm Arcane spirit shield starting from 630k bm
  11. So this just happened

    That's some insane luck man
  12. Days since you last masterbated by yourself?

    At last, a down to earth owner who cares about its playerbase activities. BTW, around 3 hours.
  13. Sign up to join the staff team!

    IGN: Danieltatis/Danieltatia (two accounts) Country you live in: Colombia (english-español) Which times of the day are you usually on?: 3-4 days a week, mostly weekend nights (1800 - 2100 NYC time) Gameplay time: How many hours can you put in per week?: At least 15, sometimes up to 30. Why do you think you should be promoted?: I am a somewhat humble player who doesn't mind helping others get in their feet, because this is a PvP server and people are what makes it happen. After playing for over a year i've found myself having a great time doing events, "clanning" and getting better at Pking, which makes me wonder how great the server actually is. I consider myself to be demurred in regards to excessive use of force and polite in most situations. Past experiences as staff?: None, however i am sure that inexperience won't be an issue (hope i get a chance to prove it).
  14. Yellow Skull

    I'm sorry, what the actual f*ck was that response? P.D. I also suggest 1 minute server reports of the key's location in Wilderness (so we all can scout easily).
  15. Official - The Global Wilderness Event

    Was going to complain about making staple areas like ::skill dangerous. This is a very great idea guys.
  16. Wilderness Risk Requirement Suggestion And Alternative

    Thanks for the suggestion. I agree completely to suggestion 1. I have something to add: Give combat bracket lockup a timeout of 30 seconds. Doesn't make any sense to have F2P guys at deep wild being practically invincible.
  17. Loot arrow location

    Might have occurred to many of us, we deal a nice amount of damage on someone, then we leave that someone to die and his loot message appears to us. There's just one problem... We don't know where the loot pile is. Just as with targets, it would be great to have an arrow at the minimap, so that we may locate and enjoy the loot.
  18. Increase Spellbook swap usage

    As you know, Fire Surge has been implemented in the game. This allows for balanced Hybriding with the Normal book, and it has made the Normal spellbook quite powerful. This will be detrimental to the Magic cape, which allows the player to Spellbook swap between Normal, Ancient and Lunar spellbooks.
  19. This is a very expected update, and you did almost everything to perfection. However, i believe you guys missed the chance of making Surge spells non-free (5-15 bm per cast), so that Runecrafting isn't as dead as it is now. I also believe that the Brimstone ring is quite cheap, i mean, it is REALLY good for all situations, and a must for hybrids.
  20. Give us an update plz MGT

    This is what happens when devs go for quantity instead of quality: https://new.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/avq5ka/twisted_bow_respawn_bug_with_new_patch/ P.D. Getting 2000 bm per 5 vote tickets is damaging for the Donator Tokens market, and the whole eco.
  21. selling green phat

    Got a green phat, guess topic is dead now. Take care.
  22. selling green phat

    Is this Green Partyhat still for sale? Anyway, i offer 170k bm and dragon claws for one. IGN = Danieltatis Online around 0000 GMT
  23. Being able to pk in singles

    I am surprised that i have to post this. Most of us have experienced the annoyance of being unable to attack a player while said player is in PvM at single combat places (Revenants @ ::revs, Green Dragons @ ::easts). I write because i am sure this is a grave threat to PvP in this server and should be corrected ASAP. PvP activities must have priority over PvM.
  24. Bounty Teleport

    The original game has a spell called "Teleport to Bounty Target", which does not require any further explanation. In order to improve Pking in high wilderness areas, i suggest the following: A similar spell granted to experienced Pkers that teleports them close to (or announces a semi-precise location of) some lucky player in high wilderness. This would avoid the need to scout, making high wilderness PvP a lot easier. Of course, this would need to have limited daily usage in order to prevent ragging of our normal PvMers-Skillers.
  25. Teleport timer after Teleblock

    I am a proud clan member, and i have found my clanmates and myself suffering from a sickening attack strategy called "Tb and tele". Considering the fact that even a half TB is annoying (if not deadly), it gets abused quite heavily. I suggest imposing a 5-10 second timer to TBers such that this won't persist. This will help at Revenants, Venenatis and Tormented Demons.
  26. Revenant Caves suggestions

    Hello. I have four suggestions regarding Revenant Caves: At the eastern revenant spots, there are two Revenant Dragons which normally spawn and move below 30 wilderness. As Revenant Dragons are the best ones to kill, this makes safespotting quite common. I suggest moving them to a higher Wilderness level, so Pkers have a better chance of Teleblocking them. Revenant ether is quite useful for PvM, however the drop rate for it seems to be just barely enough for solo trips, and sometimes it isn't enough. I suggest increasing the drop rate for them, and perhaps ensuring that they are worth more (1 bm per ether at shop is just sad). Revenant Cave teleports are common drops, but pretty worthless because they work just like the free teleport @ Teleport list. I suggest enabling different locations for these teleports, such that these drops give the player an advantage (teleporting directly at the eastern/western spots). I am surprised that the Revenant Caves Revenants (redundant huh?) do not drop Ancestral robes when compared to their non-multicombat counterparts. They should also have these drops in their table because they should be worth the risk of multicombat PvM (obviously with low drop rates to compensate for emblem drops).
  27. Protection Timer after disconnection in Wilderness

    Problem is... When you log back in you are not protecting item, and you are at 30 hp. That means your +1s and other valuables will be at the mercy of whoever sees you log in.
  28. Title says it all, and some of you might have lost your +1 items because of a disconnection in the wilderness. I hope that it gets some attention because it is truly unfair to some of us.
  29. When i got a Kree'arra slayer task, and got both Sigil & Chestplate in the same trip.