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  1. Ultimate starter guide

    @hitpointz best starter guide is u to hook me the set
  2. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Noty and im up 3.5m on you
  3. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    uok? 7-5
  4. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Tyler stfu
  5. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Demote him also
  6. Staff list update

    @Clark hit or miss
  7. Pontus's Signature

    mine loc?
  8. [OPEN] Jedzio's GFX Shop

    Cool shit gief me one?

    sch twi
  10. [Giveaway] Dawntained Package Giveaway

    I really enjoy pking and i havent had the cool stuff yet so i think i shud win, Im kinda new aswell so now u got 2 reasons why i wanna win. GL m8s
  11. My intro boi

    Yo my name is Lune and i'm kinda new to the community some of you guys knows me from other servers etc. Would love to meet some new friends here doe thats why i am making this thread. Happy pking & gambling Bruthas and grills.
  12. Rank request BY LL

    In game name: Lune Screenshot proof of your Donator rank in-game: