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  1. Donator Zone Improvements

    I would probally donate if it gets updated.
  2. Any Pk/Skill Clans?

    Same here.. For the mean time, join mine

    You only needed to type 17k and that would save you a whole lot of time but nice video anyways :).
  4. [Skill] Farming Guide [Completed] [Stats]

    Use an alt to bank to maximize xp gain.
  5. [Skill] Firemaking Guide [Completed][Stats]

    Bad guide, since you can just use the logs on the range at ::skilling. Note your logs, unnote them by using them on bankbooth, burn logs on range and repeat.
  6. 200 Dagannoth rex

    Exacly since its afking
  7. Farming

    @Broy00 Awesome!
  8. Got bored

    Goes well with your profile avatar.
  9. Hello Dawntained !

    Hi and a warm welcome
  10. Farming

    Add a tree farming patch which grows every 5-10 or 20 minutes to make it less tidious..
  11. Im planning on maxing in 2-3hours.
  12. New Minigame

    I was thinking that it would be fun to have some kind of teambased minigame. Something like a survival game where you got to defend a sertain place or a city from random monsters that are attacking the place. and when a wave of monsters is killed you progress to the next wave etc. etc. The more progression/damage you make, the higher the reward.
  13. Buying Marks of grace

    not needed anymore
  14. Looking for teacher(s).

    That depends on what subject you're reffering to.. Thanks, I've been trying it without blowpipe and managed to make a few kills. I'll keep this in mind thnkas
  15. Hey Dawnt(r)ainers, I'm looking for some one or a clan who has experience killing the Corpereal Beast. I've been trying to kill it for slayer, but not succes yet. Please pm me ingame or reply to this thread if you can and want to help me. Thanks in advance
  16. Remove this

    yeah or people just watch series so they dont watch their screens.
  17. Remove this

    If you misclick on the anti bot random you get banned from doing skilling for 12hours. I was just spam clicking the masterfarmer and than the screen came up that I had to choose a specific skill icon, when you missclick, you get banned..
  18. Remove this

    wtf 12 hour skilling ban? really??????
  19. nice update! Can you consider putting coalbag in to the next update?
  20. Pet loc?

    kree kree is really generous with you..
  21. Crypto

    maybe you should look around on reddit
  22. Couple of suggestions

    that will do the job also.
  23. Couple of suggestions

    Hey, I was doing smithing and i was thinking jeez, only 7 bars per inventory, this is going to take ages! And while painfully plowing trought those levels i had a great idea! What if there was an item that magicly eliminated the problem of needing so much coal to smelt your bars? a ring of coal that gives a unlimited coal supply! or just that it reduces 50% of the coal needed or something like that. it shud be buyable in the bm shop. Also, a couple of minigames would be fun. like zombie waves or something like that.